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  1. We really have nothing to go on and have spent the day throwing around worthless accusations and idle speculation. Another day at the office. I see no real reason to suspect anyone over anyone else based on what they've said, but ultimately non-participation means a lack of interest in helping us deal with these Burpamount thugs, so I'll go in that direction to satisfy the voting requirement. Vote: Bob Fostudd (PatRat) You never said a word, despite opportunity to do so. You're either scum and scared to reveal yourself by speaking, or don't care enough to help. Either way, that doesn't do us any good, so you need to go.
  2. Stuck here with the rest of you. Dumb as a box or rocks. If she wasn't pretty... Come along, dear, your trailer is over here by the portable toilets. Hope the wind doesn't shift.
  3. There's always the Special Edition.
  4. Seriously. That last guy didn't even make it out of ... training.
  5. CGI, maybe?
  6. I appreciate that, even the talentless hacks have to eat and pay to maintain all that hair they swish around. I kind of wish they wouldn't flirt with dogs, though, not exactly a scandal I want to deal with.
  7. I didn't even know we did those kinds of movies here... Good dog! This is why you get paid the big bucks. The only thing worse than studio executives are critics.
  8. You all know me, Ari Nougat, Agent to the Stars™ (and you third rate wannabes). Enough the pleasantries, I need to get back to lunch work keeping you people gainfully employed while you're still attractive enough for anyone to hire you.
  9. *tap tap tap* Is this thing on? This thing better be on, dammit, I'm only making this announcement once. Someone make sure this thing is on! What? Oh, it is. Well, good. So, I'm here. I'm not answering questions. What do you think this is, a senate hearing? *chuckles* What? Oh, right, I forgot that we're not supposed to mention that. Whatever, you didn't hear it from me. I don't know how much this gig pays, but I could use a few bucks, so sign me up and make those checks payable to cash, we're between banks.
  10. I think we're not your advertising platform to get views on Youtube. If you want to share actual content, do it here, don't just drag people off to a pointless video.
  11. The Great Brick War Begins! Tensions throughout the Brick World have risen to an all time high. Countries on all continents are on edge, preparing for a looming Battle. The Great Brick War is a brand new Eurobricks RPG Style Game. Players will choose a country (fictitious) to represent and then design their main character and team. You will have the opportunity to wage brick combat across the brick globe with naval, air, and ground vehicles! Throughout the game players will meet new people, strategize on a grand scale, learn new building techniques from others, and have fun! Interested? Report to the Great Brick War under the Special Theme Section to learn more!
  12. You'd be surprised how many items that are considered System are actually from Scala, especially in the home and food areas. Here is an example of a service pack that included both the bottle and a number of items you're familiar with from System sets, which will give you an idea of the relative sizes.
  13. Looks great, very definite 1930's feel to it. The only thing missing, for me, is wings. Something like this. Quite fitting, considering that one of the original influences of Bob Kane in creating Batman was The Bat Whispers, where he was, in fact, a villain. It makes this work even better when taken from that perspective.
  14. Here we get a glimpse of the new PotC Brickheadz, 41593 Captain Jack Sparrow and 41594 Captain Armando Salazar, marking #'s 9 and 10 in the series. Join in on the conversation in the PotC topic in our Pirates Forum, starting here.