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  1. Safety regulators told me I couldn't deliver gifts on snowy rooftops, so I sent this poor idiot hero instead. I hope he doesn't fall off and break his neck, that might damage the Quantum Tunneling Device! Merry Christmas from Aperture Science Laboratories! Love, Cave
  2. As Stash said, we don't discuss the details of bans. This discussion is over.
  3. Invision has a nasty habit of associating multiple types of text in a single setting. In this case, there are a number of things that are controlled together, so changing that in one place, would change them all. The simple solution is to take control of the situation yourself and edit your sig to specifically set the text colours as you wish them (not using the automatic colour, but the actual one).
  4. This is the one you've been waiting for, and now it's here! The one and only WhiteFang, master of the Collectable Minifigs, brings you his in depth review of one of the most anticipated sets in the series, the very first offering from Disney! Go check it out now!
  5. Do you know how much it costs to frontpage an item? Let me tell you, the money we spend on frontpaging is astronomical, but hey, that's a problem for the bean counters, I can't do everything around here. The real issue is space! We love space. Space is where the best science happens. In this case, not so much, as we don't actually do science on the frontpage, but you get my meaning. Or you don't. What I'm saying here is that if we frontpaged every worthy MOC, we'd run out of space and we need that space to properly showcase the best creations of the whole site, not just one area. You tried to upset the natural order of things by making a fuss about something not being frontpaged. You monster. Don't do it again. TL;DR: Go back and read it. People these days.
  6. Barely had time, but couldn't miss out on a tradition! Thanks for hosting another year of this!
  7. That was back in the days when being on my team meant winning, now I'm just a metagamed liability. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. You may have been. It was so delightfully evil, and then he turned out to be an undercover cop or something. Just perfect on so many levels.
  8. I've kicked around the same feeling before, it doesn't matter if I'm scum or town, I'm pretty much going to get slammed early. In this case, I knew that even switching my vote would look scummy at that point, so I sort of just resigned myself to it. If I had even suspected that the town would magically hit a scum every day, I might have fought a bit harder to stir up some confusion first. There's something about you and sweeps, Bob. Speaking of which ... Quarry was the best lynch we forced, based on him having a bottle of wine in the pictures in a game about prohibition. "He has booze, he must be scum!" That was an awesome game, everyone was reporting to me, I was using their info to convince others that I was town, they were going along with everything we said. And, of course, two words ... National Guard! Love ya Bob, thanks for always hosting Bob games, don't ever let that change.
  9. Fun as always, Bob, thanks for having me.
  10. I'm stumped at how that could work. Anything but that ...
  11. Oddly enough, I'll be completely free tomorrow.
  12. The problem is less the number of hours and more the time they fall in. I won't be around for much longer tonight and it's likely I won't get back in time to review whatever develops after this and then vote accordingly. I do think you could be faking the role, it's a very easy one for a scum to fake, as a matter of fact, I think I did exactly that in a past life. In this town. I'm going to leave my vote where it is and hope to manage to get back in time to see if I should change it. I still think it's the best of what we have right now, which is admittedly very little. I don't know how anything he has said makes him any more town looking, nor do I know how anything I've said makes me scummy, especially given that it is day 1, so I have no real idea how to respond to what doesn't even amount to an accusation. We're a fickle bunch today, but at least we're talking and that will pay off later, so carry on. As I said before, I hope to get back before the day ends, but can't guarantee it because of the timing.
  13. A questionable logic, but at least from my memory of this town and its past, such a role usually exists. That would be easily learned with a little research. It's a convenient claim and given the lateness of the day, changing our votes now will guarantee no lynch for the day, which will hurt us, so I can't do it. If you are serious about unvoting this late in the day and reducing the odds of a lynch, you may want to redo yours, I'm not sure that format would be considered acceptable. You may also want to reconsider the vote for me since it was clearly unfounded and I'm not going to make an impossible to verify role claim at the last minute to save myself. I'm town, but not particularly valuable to it except for actually participating, which could be considered the most valuable trait of all.
  14. Too many posts to respond individually, so I'll just state my whole position for the day. A vote was started. It had no real basis, it was designed to see who jumped on the bandwagon, who needlessly defended the accused and what the accused themselves would say. It was a conversation starter. It clearly did that. I thought that was fairly obvious and said I would sit back and see how it went before committing, thus encouraging that conversation. That said, at the end of the day, we need someone to get 10 votes, and if that means joining a bandwagon to achieve that goal, so be it, it's day 1, we're not going to make a brilliant decision, but making one is better than not and will hopefully help us on day 2. Many of you don't seem to understand these concepts and have used the course of the discussion to throw around a lot of random accusations based on how people have reacted. That's excellent, to be honest, because it means that in your confusion, you're helping give us things to look at as the days progress. This will be a day 1 to remember as a source of subtle clues, a lot better than most. Going back to the need for 10 votes, I have no problem with a day 1 bandwagon, but in this case I actually feel pretty decent jumping on. Al, an experienced member of this town, jumped on the original vote far too quickly. I even hinted at that when I posted what I did, making it clear that while I might support such a vote later, I would like to hear from the accused. That was the reasonable response and one I would have expected from Al but didn't get. Therefore ... Vote: Al Cooper (TinyPiesRUs)
  15. It's triggering more useful conversation than the morning donut vs meat talk, which allows people to actually do their own analysis and form their own suspicions. See how that works? This is the first time in recent memory that you've played. It's also true that my towniest of town game is pretty damn scummy looking, so there's that.