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  1. The winking face is very cool and unique.
  2. This looks great!! I can't wait to see the model in actual LEGO.
  3. Here's my wishlist of what a third wave of Batman sets would include, obviously I know nill of what the actual sets will include so this is just what I would personally like to see made. Also keep in mind there are major SPOILERS!! for the end of the movie. Also the prices are in Australian Dollars
  4. This is really cool and awesome! The only thing that could make this better is if they had different accessories well done!
  5. Who is the guy on the left of Alfred?
  6. Here's a closer look at the Justice League LEGO sets- I'm fairly certain Supes is wearing the newer style (Thor Racnorock) cape and maybe Batman too. I cannot wait too see these guys!
  7. Figs look pretty great can't wait to see the giant headpiece on Hela also does anyone else think Bruce Banner looks like the X-men movies Quicksilver?
  8. The sandblue hair peice shown here > will work great for grandmasters hair, not sure if anyone else has suggested it.
  9. I'm not saying that your wrong (cause you might have sources on this) but it did get wrecked in the last movie and they built a new one. So the same thing could happen here.
  10. Can you share pics of that Milano MOD? I'd be interested seeing what it looks like.
  11. Looks great! Though do you have to take apart the hammer hand to built it?
  12. Pretty sure he's refuring to the price per peice rice ratio, batcave is 17c per peice, and arkham is roughly 16c per peice, which may not seem like that big a deal but if we were to use the batcaves price logic we'd end up with a $280 set insead of $260, plus alot of the the pieces in Arkham are quite, big so yeah I think thats what you mean. Also this is done in AUS dollars.
  13. That size difference is insane!
  14. So did you get the figs?
  15. Does anyone know the prices for the Guardians sets in AUS? I assume they will be around $40, $50 and $80 judging by their box and peice count.