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  1. Higher res images of the Justice League sets.
  2. I went for GCPD officer and Kraven the hunter. Would have gone for Pheonix but she doesn't deserve a vote since she's a SDCC exclusive Also keep up the great work @VaderFan2187 being loving it so far!
  3. What if the SDCC figures weren't completely exclusive, for example they gave out Reverse Flash at CC this year but then next year they release the same figure in a regular set to the public. Therefore the SDCC can still have there exclusives- but just not forever. I think that would be a much better way to run this, well at least for the people that can't get there hands on the figs.
  4. Marvel: Ego the living planet (human form) DC: Wally West or Jay Garrick (CW)
  5. Is there an online version of the new catalogue or only a physical copy?
  6. Amazing build I am truly in awe of this
  7. Nevermind, I was referring to this one but I realise I was wrong, the pattern is different and Batman has stubble.
  8. Yeah, only new figures are Flash and Aquaman, also fairly certain Batman is using Electros legs. But an awesome photo none the less can't wait till the Justice League sets come out
  9. Wow! This is really great keep it up!
  10. The winking face is very cool and unique.
  11. This looks great!! I can't wait to see the model in actual LEGO.
  12. Here's my wishlist of what a third wave of Batman sets would include, obviously I know nill of what the actual sets will include so this is just what I would personally like to see made. Also keep in mind there are major SPOILERS!! for the end of the movie. Also the prices are in Australian Dollars
  13. This is really cool and awesome! The only thing that could make this better is if they had different accessories well done!
  14. Who is the guy on the left of Alfred?
  15. Here's a closer look at the Justice League LEGO sets- I'm fairly certain Supes is wearing the newer style (Thor Racnorock) cape and maybe Batman too. I cannot wait too see these guys!