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  1. Black clothes Skywalker :) Vader
  2. I would say yes but I was ( seemingly ) wrong last time but anyway I still will say yes anyway cause it is, it really is, isn't it. I think Volcano Garmadon is my favorite of these, but I wonder how the back ridges will look in person.
  3. It didn't everywhere. But It's still kind of licensed so Maybe.
  4. Everyone in this round has an inaccurate skin tone (Possibly except Dave the Fo snowtrooper) .But I'll go with Ezra
  5. I submit, It just looked like it went to thin at the right (her left) Also, GIT on the scientist really lego couldn't they do it in the Ninjago alphabet at least, I get that it's the Gotham Institute of technology but still...
  6. It's not, but I see the resemblance. maybe idk
  7. Agent Kallus (What a surprise )
  8. nice Bionicle reference on the roof :D I love this set so much, the hd picture on the brickset page is so massive so you can spot small details Looks like that Ronin poster is exchangeable, any idea on what the 'tired of walking/' one will look like? I see new NPU every time I look at at this masterpiece like the jump packs and the train pART. Also, I'm sure this is a lego logo in this image but I can't place it Also, I'm pretty sure that the sushi conveyer goes round, by turning the orange light as a knob.
  9. TIE Fighter Pilot (arm printing) shamelessly copied from the option list.
  10. Npu with the book part as Lloyd's monitor. Also, Jay seems to be the rarest ninja so I expect that he will be in one or more of the unseen sets (looking at these at least- )
  11. I don't watch DBZ but Exo-force has good spiky hair for Anime characters, I was looking at this part for Ash from Pokemon (~ for example but none of them are in the Goku style.