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  1. Thanks! I wonder if this part is used in any of the other 2017 summer sets. If so I hope it will be used in other colors, such as orange or white. This year definitely has some good new pieces.
  2. Hello. Very excited to get some close photos of some of the new jungle sets. I hope that we can get some more pictures soon on that city display, I can't wait to see more of the coast guard and jungle sets. However, while I was looking through them and noticed a new roof piece on some of the large vehicles, it looks like it will fit in perfectly with the existing 6-wide roof piece. I don't think anyone mentioned it yet, so I figured I'd say something. Over all this summer wave is looking like it's going to be a good one.
  3. Hello, first post and all. I must say that I see a lot of potential in a jungle theme. All I can see are large trees with zip-lines, cliff faces, tents with bunk-beds and tables, abandoned ruins, and off-road jeeps and trucks. I see tons of real life inspiration that could make very nice and livid sets. However, I can't see the future and have no idea what this theme has in store. I just hope that they can keep up the nice line of City Explorers for another year.