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  1. I wish I won it. I'd like to see how much they are for a good one. Don't know where to start.
  2. Lego quality has been declining at a rapid pace. In my 33 years of collecting I've never come across so many cracked pieces. That being said, LEGO has been good about replacing them. Unfortunately, that has been a frequent occurrence as of late. How many times is too many times? I don't want to get blacklisted by the LEGO return department. I thought that I had read where that had happened to someone before.
  3. Iron Space Bat? Iron Space Bat? Pyro Pyro Ghost Rider mod Ghost Rider mod
  4. That's it. Did you order yours from that store? Decent quality?
  5. Thanks! Can you suggest a good place to get the wolverine with the shoulder pad accessory?
  6. What's the link for the DLP figs?
  7. Incredible series! Lego needs to pay attention and/or hire you!
  8. I've never been able to get free shipping. I always get the same note saying that since it's "handpicked" that they can't ship it free.
  9. Let's say I just won the lottery and wanted to buy a decent printer to start printing my own custom tiles and figures. Where would I go about acquiring one? One similar to OLS.
  10. Looking for the best seller for the Wolverine with the shoulder pads. Is there one out there that is better than the other? I missed out on getting KO's version.
  11. I just started looking for pieces to make the GG as well. I've decided on two things. 1) to replace front grooved bricks with masonry ones. Have you completed yours yet? I'd like to see pics of it. 2) To just use grey bricks for the side walls. There is not point, IMO, to spend the extra money on the sand green ones. Can't see them any way.
  12. Wife and I went on a weekend getaway that happened to have two LEGO store within stones throw of each other (30 minutes). First store yielded a cup full of grass stems (been waiting to see that for a while). Walked into the second store and my eyes lit up. Sitting in the discount section was the Ghostbuster Firehouse (GFH). Both this set and the Ecto 1 set have literally been my "dream come true" LEGO sets. I think I literally did a happy dance when both were announced. I've been putting off getting the GFH for a multiple of reason, mainly the price tag. I've been slowly saving my VIP points and recently got a nice gift card from work (years of service). So I made a beeline to red sticker set that was glowing like a beacon of hope, knocking over three kids in the process, to see what kind of deal was awaiting me. 1000 bonus points... almost triple points!!! Then I observed another set that caught my eye with the same captivating red sticker. It was the new Assembly Square modular set that also had an 1000 bonus points. Between the two sets I earned 2630 points ($130 value). In addition to all that they gave me two of the new Batman polybags instead of one. So when you add it all out.. with my previous points, gift card, and new VIP points I got the Assembly Square set for free. Which set do I get next?
  13. I was a LEGO fanatic as a kid and went into the "dark ages" for almost 20 years. I still had all of my sets and was going to give to a friend who had kids. Once I started looking through them the fire got reignited. That was about 4 years ago and now I'm neck deep in LEGO at 33 yoa. My smoking hot wife tolerates it and even wants to help with build sets. I see it as art using a different medium. I give LEGO all the credit for my ability to follow instructions. LOL
  14. WIP MOC. Waiting on a red visor head. May have to get it custom printed. Inspiration from one of onlinesailin's recent figures. by rivermaster83, on Flickr