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  1. Did you manage to attach the bottom plating? How long till it will be completed? Really looking forward to see it. Also i see that the stand is inside the build. Can it be removable at all?
  2. Luke will look like just like the Force Awakens videogame unless in the Last Jedi is wearing something different.
  3. Just wish the hair were less "bubbley"
  4. Fair enough lol Hopefully not too long till we see more.
  5. A new picture of Snoke and a close up of the Heavy Assault Walker Pilot are online. Really sold on Snoke now.
  6. Really like the Snoke minifig. I just wish they would leak all the pics already, the hype is real!
  7. What arms did you use for Juno? Summer Vacation Batman with logos removed? Anyone knows what arms are them?
  8. That's sick!
  9. My Imperial Star Destroyer Crew. From the middle left: ISB Colonel Yularen, Moff Tarkin, Gilad Pellaeon and Admiral Piett. Still trying to find some heads for the other officers to match real characters. Shall I give Yularen the white legs with black boots?
  10. Ordered torso hat and head. Just need the arms! Even though she wore also long sleeves..
  11. Can you post a better pic of Juno's head please? Really love it.
  12. Can't wait to get a couple of them for my Special Forces Tie Fighter. So weird that Lego decided to put regular Tie pilots in a Special Forces Tie set.
  13. Can't find it on Reddit.
  14. Ordered one pair for Tarkin and one for Imperial Officer. Thanks for the lead!
  15. From what minifigs are the tan legs?