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  1. Brickshow posted an official press release confirming SM:H and Thor Ragnarok sets being revealed in NYTF.
  2. Hello! Are the dimensions minifigs (robin and batgirl) any different from the normal set figs?
  3. And Captain Boomerang pls
  4. Thanks just2good for clarifying!
  5. Still not allowed? It is posted on other sites already.
  6. can't wait to have both as part of my collection! nice review, as always @WhiteFang
  7. Hello! We are both from the Philippines. :) Got it from a PBS seller :)
  8. Lucky me! Two Ms. Marvel torsos!
  9. The same way the Quinjet was downgraded in its succeeding releases. We see a trend here haha!
  10. Finally completed the vintage Batman minifigs! Can you believe these were from 10 years ago?
  11. The Brick Fan site pulled out the article containing the photo of the GotG2 sets, Lego must have asked to remove it. Hopefully we get higher resolution photos soon. Cannot wait to see some minifigure close-ups!
  12. Agree! Though thinking about it, has Lego ever had a minifig exclusive in keychain form? I suppose that will be released as a regular minifig.
  13. Awww, why a keychain?!