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  1. Thank you I will try this.
  2. How do I make it so that the wheel doesn't hit the frame?
  3. Here is the chassis for the slammed truck I am making. It has a dif, 2 wheel drive, 2 L motors, a servo motor and is going to have lights. Please comment.
  4. I am going to stop working on the jeep jk8 right now and make a new MOC. Probably a big slammed truck like this:
  5. And thanks.
  6. I don't do that, but when I take it apart I will take some pics so you can reverse engineer it. If you wanted to know, it is going to be a Jeep JKA Independence.
  7. here is pic Thank you and will do.
  8. Maybe you guys can post the ones you find so he can see how they made and reinforced the cars.
  9. I am trying to make Crossover steering drag link to the opposite knuckle I have it mostly made it but it steers good one way but not at all the other way. How do I fix that?
  10. I mostly do small, because if you are good at Legos you can pack a lot of details in.
  11. Yes and have just collected them over the years. I would have more, but some broke.
  12. I reuse parts. My Lego's. Power functions.
  13. I just keep buying.
  14. No and I will do that.