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  1. Wow it looks sweet!
  2. It is the sport version
  3. Cool, I hope so too.
  4. this? THI
  5. So, today my rc car got ran over but a 8000 pound truck. I am very happy with how my rc car held up. It only got the body mount bent and I was able to bend it back.
  6. Looks great, what body will you put on it?
  7. I am mostly done, but I have that one set so I may still make a little.
  8. I was thinking of a contest where you have only one day to build an off roader.
  9. Small update, I may be making some C-models for the mini dump truck. Note, today I became an Eagle Scout.
  10. Can you take a pic?
  11. Love it, it works great and the bodywork is simple but look good.
  12. Man that looks sweet, it is just great! If you can put in a gear box I say HOF.
  13. It Is so fast, I love it. Also, the gun looks cool.
  14. It is 1/16 not 1/10.