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  1. That Hood is perfect for Green Arrow! May it be Rebirth or Modern era
  2. That's not the one. What I'm looking for is the one seen in the trailers
  3. Does the hairpiece that the Green Ninjago (I know I'm sorry) has come in black? It would be the perfect Nightwing hair
  4. I'd get any version of the Atom besides that CW one. I don't see J'onn getting a mm set seeing he doesn't have the luxury of villains. Malefic and the White Martians are his only "well known" vilains and I dont see them appearing in Lego anytime soon
  5. Palmer*
  6. I'd like to see Ryan Choi's Atom in Lego. We've gotten the DCTV Atom and it's an exclusive (Good thing I'm not a fan of that interpretation of the atom) Maybe another Ray Plamer but in his comicbook outfit.
  7. I was talking about Lobo
  8. He is a really violent character but lego has made equally violent characters before. Currently he's a member of the Justice League of America and under Batman's watch so he's less murdery but still kinda violent
  9. Most parts stay the same actually. But I really do appreciate lego giving a new mold to the white noise instead of a frakin studshooter
  10. Yeah seeing the White Noise cannon in Lego is great
  11. Hey, I barely check this thread so can someone tell me if there's a release date for the cms? And which characters are we getting besides Silver Age Black Canary
  12. Yeah and I wouldn't complain
  13. Evidence points JL. I know it would've been perfect for Cyborg's battle mode! Shazam being cancelled is just a rumor.
  14. Same here. I'm really hoping for a decent interior "Bandwagon"
  15. I wouldn't say postponed It's just that Matt Reeves still has commitments to the planet of the apes movie