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  1. Looking better now, but you should still add a bull bar with lights, a sand plate, or maybe a brushguard as well.
  2. Never look a gift camel in the mouth! Nice build overall, the rock looks great!
  3. That is great. It has a futuristic, bio-mechanical, alien feel. And your lighting is epic!
  4. This is cool. The ruined archway looks great.
  5. @Saberwing40k Well said. However, for me, a cheap ebay/Bricklink find of this set would be nice to use as a parts/wheels pack, otherwise I am not buying it. The extreme Adventure set is looking better and better, IMO. It would have been nice to a video of its functions, just to know what it does, but if I get any of these, it would be this one. Most likely.
  6. Thanks! They are supposed to be more arms/legs, other parts just looked to bulky or were too out-of-scale.
  7. That is really neat, the border of the land is cool.
  8. Well, I'm new at this, so here goes... Intro for my sig-fig Angmeroth the Beast-rider, son of Agmenth the Elder, and of the Reneshkit Clan, is here. IMG_0151 And my first freebuild is here. Final Words 2
  9. Thanks a lot! Glad to start my journey in GoH.
  10. Well, my Jeep will now be put on the back burner... This is gonna be epic! Thanks Jim!
  11. Thanks! Thank you! The story was fun to write. Thank you! On the back, since all the tiles are at different heights, it looked better if they were angled, otherwise they wouldn't all fit. Thanks! I have some plans for this story... Concerning the fire, well, dehydration takes a while to set in. However, I guess it could have been smaller.
  12. The Reneshkit Clan traveled annually to a small cove on the edge of the Great Southern Sea. For here, the water was shallow, and the fish were plentiful. But the journey was hard, crossing miles of barren rock and shifting dunes. Still 3 days travel from the sea, smoke was spotted by a scout. Angmeroth was sent ahead with the man, for he, aside from the elders, was most fluent in the trader's tongue. The source of the smoke was a small fire built in the hearth of an abandoned inn, the only remnant of this waypoint. Near the hearth lay a hooded man, tattooed and dressed in unfamiliar clothes. He was alive, but only just. Angmeroth offered him water, which he took, and in a croaking whisper, he told his tale... "I have... c... come from... from beyond the south.... Two weeks by...by ship... Mar...marvelous land.... A storm ca...came and... the mast... mast was broke.... Swept away... and...and washed...ashore.... Traveled far....*cough*... So...thirsty...Here...you must...must see...know...know the...the truth." He offered Angmeroth a strange piece of fabric. It glittered, as if it was woven from glowing metal. Final Words 2 "What is this?" asked Angmeroth, awed by the fabric in his hand. "I...do not kn... know. *cough* It was...given to... to me.... Take my...journal.... It has the...*cough*...the answers...that you seek.... Follow...*cough*...the Trident... s...south." *cough* He reached weakly for one of his many pouches,trying to grab the book. "What is the Trident?" asked Angmeroth, "How do I find it?" "Look...*cough* to the...sky.... At the...*cough*...hor...horiz...*cough*... the horizon...*cough*.... Search for...for the bri...the brightest...." *death gasp* The tattooed stranger settled limply on the sand. Angmeroth reached out and took the small,weathered journal. He turned to the scout, "I will take this fabric and journal to my father. Stay and guard him from the buzzards. He will be buried according to our customs." Final Words 1 Well, this is my first freebuild for GoH, so give C&C. I will be developing this storyline for the "A Safe Haven" Challenge, I will also be adding to my character's background. He was introduced here. Also, here are some bonus photos: Final Words 4 From the back. Final Words 5 Without minifigs.
  13. Wow. The two comparison photos look almost identical. The steering is excellent, great work!
  14. Beautiful trees! You don't mind if I steal the technique for future use, do you? The path and irregular snowy base are great.
  15. This is great! The dark green with purple definitely looks Nocturnus. Like the "mailbox" idea.