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  1. I have and use linear actuators as well as pneumatics, and I must say there are pros and cons to both. Pneumatics require tubing, and though there are two tubes per cylinder (most of the time) they are much easier to route than a drive shaft. You can fit a LOT more tubes than axles through a turntable. Linear actuators are dead simple and can be directly motorized, without the need of a complex pump/airtank/switch assembly. They are better for internal uses, where tubing is difficult to route, pneumatics work best externally, where the flexible tubing has the advantage over a drive shaft. Just my $0.02, I'll say its a draw between the two... But combining both makes a great model, I have started modifying the UGLY Xerion crane arm to use pneumatics for improved performance...
  2. Sad to see your selling...But I would happily purchase a few select items from you. I live in Washington State. PM me if you're interested. And personally, I would keep about 50% of that excellent collection. Just in case.
  3. I have modeled the remote I used in LDD for you, file is here. Hope this helps.
  4. Depending on where each component is located, the setup will vary, but the ideal setup would be: 1st battery box with 1 receiver connected to 2 XLs and 1 servo 2nd battery box with 1 receiver connected to 2 XLs and 1 M-motor This way, the power drain is about even on both battery boxes.
  5. Why?! What a sad thing to do... Impressive crash, but still. WHY?! I can't even afford this set and they just broke it like that! Kinda like the Drop-Test of the UCS Millennium Falcon...
  6. Awesome! The design is excellent, I like how all the bodywork comes off, and there is a frame underneath. And these tires look great together.
  7. The front looks cool, but I am not sure if the V2 engine is strong enough for drifting. And I think the gears will need to be braced since the double bevel gear can slide at the moment.
  8. Wow... Never thought I'd see this... Very nice work, this is a great spin on Star Wars!
  9. Really nice, I like how the rear lights are done, even if so large, as they are very distinctive.
  10. Welcome to EuroBricks! This is a cool model to introduce yourself with. How well do the tracks stay on? In the underside photo, they seem to be sagging a bit.
  11. Nice model, though, like you said, a smoother drive might be better. The eyes look great. @allanp Perfect background!
  12. Such a beautiful model... One of the best Lego models. I WILL HAVE IT!!!
  13. Too bad you cannot do the full scale model. I vote option 2, make another monster!
  14. Looks great! I really like the blue. Impressive shaping with just 4 different panels.
  15. Use them to open doors, hoods. In suspension, they are good as a secondary shock for strength or additional stiffness.