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  1. Awesome build! I would love to see a video, even if it does not showcase every function of this model. Great replica, it looks just like the real thing, down to nearly every detail!
  2. Wow! I love the modular design, even with the separate components, everything works perfectly!
  3. I would use the CV joints for steering, as it will allow better travel for the suspension because it can slide over the axle. I am stupid. The red 8-tooth gear does the same thing. But I would still use the U-joint for the drivetrain, as it will be fixed in place. Here is one example and my motorized MOD. I am partial to shock absorbers, mostly because I don't have the flex axles needed for leaf springs. It also depends on how much space you have. Shocks require a lot more vertical room to be used, while leaf springs require more horizontal room. However, if you use linkages, you can mount shock absorbers horizontally, which might be a good solution, as you can then adjust the hardness of the suspension system, while keeping it relatively compact. Hope this helps!
  4. Just posted these photos yesterday in this topic. Someone said @Jim has a rival... I disagree, but feel free to critique my skills. What should I/do I need to improve? More is on Flickr. Monster Truck Monster Truck This shot of the front grille of my Monster Truck is my favorite Lego photo to date. Monster Truck
  5. Feel free to MOD my Monster in any way! I would love to see what you change.
  6. Yes, it is indeed 4x4x4 model. Drives great, one of my favorite builds ever. I do enjoy photography, and I am trying to improve with every chance I get. But my camera sucks for nighttime photos.
  7. High praise indeed! But I am NOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY near Jim's level! As the following photos prove... Nah, just a chunk of river-smoothed granite. But on that note... Monster Truck Monster Truck
  8. Thanks! That photo is my favorite view. The front, with all its components, took more time than the rest of the entire body, probably around 8 hours or so total. I don't think I could have done better. Update: Instructions Are Ready!!! The Body: As I have stated previously, the body is completely separate from the chassis. It simply slides on top and is then locked in place by four pins. Instructions are here. Monster Truck The Chassis: Again, it is totally independent from the body. The only constraints it places on the body are: 1. Room for the battery box, and 2. Space for the IR receiver. Or S-Brick, if I had one... The chassis instructions are available here. Monster Truck Have fun with the build! Photos: Had some time tonight for a long photo shoot. See these photos and a whole lot more on Flickr! Monster Truck Monster Truck Monster Truck Monster Truck Monster Truck Monster Truck Monster Truck Monster Truck @I_Igor This is for you, my friend: The Potato Special! Monster Truck Monster Truck Monster Truck Hope everyone enjoys this build, I will be making a video this week, so watch for that coming soon! Thanks for looking! - Leonardo da Bricki
  9. @Aventador2004: I was talking about the price of procuring parts for the model. I know Lamborghini = ludicrous price.
  10. *comment coming after I pick my jaw up off the floor* And find the right words... Cannot believe you made this car in Lego, this is mind-blowing! Amazing job, I really love how you did the lights! Why was it so expensive?
  11. Thanks! And no, not a potato, just a smooth brown rock. I will have the finalized LDD instructions for both chassis and body available later tonight! Along with more photos!
  12. A cool idea, but is it possible for you you to post a horizontal video? It is hard to see what is happening with the vertical formatting.
  13. Impressive build! It looks amazing, and I love the interior!
  14. I prefer the all-black version. It looks great and seems to work pretty well. I like the front suspension.
  15. Tonight's Update: It has been about three weeks since I updated this thread, and I am sorry for that, but I have accomplished very little in that time because of Independence Day celebrations and travel, changing hours for my job, and then some family stuff... But I have finally had the time to sit down again and continue building, so... ON TO THE UPDATE! 1. The body: It is finished! All the parts are in place, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It even has a fake fake engine. (Not a typo, more on this later) 2. The LDD: Coming along well, it will be available either tomorrow or Sunday! 3. A VIDEO! One (or more) will (hopefully) be ready by the end of next week! Why? Because I have never tried to make an edited video before... 4. NOW.... BEHOLD THE BEAST!!! Monster Truck 1 If you don't care for stats, just skip down a ways to the other photos, this part is for the nerds! Drive: All-wheel drive by two hard-coupled L-motors initially geared 1:1, then geared down 1.4:1 with a differential. Steering: All-wheel steering by a central Servo-motor, connected with U-joints and the sliding Cardan joints to each axle. Unfortunately there is a large amount of slack because of the joints and the steering needing to be geared down 3:5. Even so, it has a very tight turning radius and is still quite fun to drive. It just needs to be corrected every three seconds... Suspension: Live axles with 5 links and reasonable travel. It is pretty stiff with two hard shocks per axle, but the model is too heavy for softer shocks. Power: Delivered by 1 AA battery box using rechargeable batteries, to a V2 receiver. The battery box can be replaced easily by removing the body, and then four pins which anchor it to the chassis. Interior: Virtually nonexistent, it consists of a dashboard with a fake steering wheel, and most of a chair. But you CAN adjust the headrest! The body is entirely separate from the chassis and can be detached at any time by removing four pins hidden in the wheel wells. Any custom body of the same size could be put on this chassis. I did mange to make the hood open, and I was able to squeeze a fake fake V4 engine inside. No, that is not typo. It is a fake engine, which is made even more fake by the fact that it is not connected to any motor to make it run, simply because I ran out of space. So it is a fake, fake engine. As you can probably tell, I have actually taken the time to edit my photos... Here are more! Monster Truck This is probably my favorite photo of all the ones I took... It just looks so awesome and intimidating! Monster Truck Side view... Yes, I know the sticker reads "Arocs," but I hope you will ignore that.... There was no other good way to add a door handle. And I liked the way this looked. Monster Truck Monster Truck These photos show some of the suspension flex. It works for this model, but is not quite as good as I was hoping for... It's a bit too stiff. Monster Truck Lastly, here my shamefully doubly fake engine. Thanks to everyone for all your patience while I worked on this project, more photos will come tomorrow, a video will come sometime next week, and you can see more (and bigger) photos of my monster truck in this Flickr album. Please feel free to provide comments and criticism, regardless of your opinion. - Leonardo da Bricki