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  1. Top-notch model! The functions are great, McPherson strut, trailing arms, working door, hood, tailgate. However, I think the doors and roof need work, because they do not flow together very well, and there is a big gap between them. But overall, this is an excellent car!
  2. Another excellent model! (Gee, what a surprise. ) Love the blue, it makes a nice change from red/white/black. I think it looks better with the Claas tires, and I must say that the front shaping is great! I doubt the great Madoca would be interested, but I started designing a front axle with a diff lock only 15 studs wide. Link
  3. Nice house, I like the different styles of buildings combined, with the big door, and the bricks. However, I think the road could use a bit more detail, rather than being plain black space. add some cracks, weeds, random junk, etc. But a good build overall.
  4. This is a great build, very compact, it looks good, and has excellent functions! The front especially is awesome, great job on those angles.
  5. This is awesome! The function incorporated are cool, and the scale is great. Would you be willing to share the cab LDD? I am interested the construction of the integrated front winch and bumper.
  6. Excellent build, the catapult is great. I really like the little walkway as well.
  7. This is cool, I like the front canards a lot.
  8. This is a great model, the use of the pneumatic tubing is great. Did you have to paint the wheels, or are they available in black?
  9. So, I just posted a declaration of war in the Brick of Nations, does this build need to be posted elsewhere, like under the media category? Also, does this build go in the AAR?
  10. Toohati Ambassador to the Brick of Nations, Victoria Wilson Declaring War "Counselors of the Brick of Nations, I say to you that we have reached a low point in our shared history. My nation has been peaceful in our relations and negotiations with the nation of Filace, but I stand here today, acknowledging their declaration of war upon Toohati and upon Briolui. I deeply regret that Filace did not first seek peaceful resolutions to their issues, but we seek an alliance with Briolui, and together, we will stand against the forces of the nation of Filace. Members of the COAC, you know that for years, we have been a neutral nation, advocating for peace in all situations. I ask that you leave Filace to fight her own foolish battles, do not smear yourselves in the filth of her accusations and deceptions against my country, our ally, Briolui, and the Republic of Nations. Let it be known that Toohati is formally declaring war upon Filace! Our country will not be bullied by such an insolent nation! We shall fight against the tyranny they have perpetuated! Our nation is strong, our people are one, and we will stand against the nations of Filace and her allies! If Filace will not seek peace, then she must prepare for war! May God protect us."
  11. This is really cool, I didn't think of building siege weapons in microscale.
  12. An alarm wailed, and red lights began flashing in the corridors. A loudspeaker screeched, then sounded a warning. "All personnel are to evacuate Level 12 immediately, repeat, all personnel are to evacuate Level 12 immediately, then report to the Medical Center on Level 10 for screening." Comm. Net 1: "All units reporting to Level 12, be advised there are reports of a lab accident. Unknown what threat... *static* ...possible hostiles, probable biological agent. Pressure suits advised." Level 12-A Here are my five Survivors, (left to right) Captain Michael, Guard Eli, Sergeant Grace, Scientist (Bio-RDT&E) Joey, and Spec. Ops. Commander William. To the judges: If this needs to be changed or corrected in some way, let me know, and I will revise my build. The weapons used in this MOC are available on the BrickArms website. Bonus photos in the spoiler, or see more at my Flickr. Thanks for looking! - Leonardo da Bricki
  13. This an excellent build, looks great, and I like the various actions of construction shown. I love the ground, is that dark flesh and dark orange?
  14. Great introduction, welcome to Eurobricks! That is one impressive machine so far. I can't believe it only uses one motor... Will be watching your progress with great interest.
  15. Excellent tribute, I think this is what Lego should have done.