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  1. Apparently the Kiss Kiss Batman key chain is still available in store at Argos but they've bumped the price up to £4.99! That's what I've read elsewhere anyway. Agreed with not getting stuff upon release anymore too. I've got all the outstanding sets on Amazon put into a list so I can see how much % each one has dropped by.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me - half of the sets got heavily discounted here in the UK in places like Tesco. I saw people picking up the Batmobile and Jokers Lowrider for £10! I only need Killer Crocs set from that wave and it's currently sat at £46 on Amazon so I might pull the trigger on pay day. Not TLBM related, but the Captain America jet also got heavily discounted recently too - £5 instead of £20 in ASDA!
  3. Hi all, Posted this in the The Lego Batman Movie thread, but for those of you in the UK who may not have seen it the Kiss Kiss keychain polybag 5004928 is currently £2.99 at Argos and they seem to have an absolute load of stock. Happy shopping!
  4. Ended up going back to Sainsbury's to get it haha now to sell the DVD...
  5. Is it literally only the DVD version? Bit bummed out when I went into Sainsbury's just now wanting to get the Bluray. Left empty handed!
  6. Batman Kiss Kiss polybags are in stock at Argos guys for £2.99 each for those who haven't got one yet (UK only). It's also caused the price to plummet from £20 odd to £9 on eBay for those who haven't got an Argos.. I'd assume it'll drop further too.
  7. Reaaaaaaaally like that Mysterio and what you've done with the swirl going around him!
  8. Yeah that's a steep mark up lol. There's a guy on a Facebook group I'm part of who has a few of them and is selling them out for £9 a pop + postage which is a little easier to swallow. I'll still wait for the set itself though.
  9. I used to lol I need to get back on it as it's now out of date.
  10. Haha, nah I highly doubt it. I'll probably be sticking to one large frame of general stormtroopers with the odd one like Phasma, Shadow Troopers etc thrown in for a mix up, and then have some smaller satellite frames around it with say Vader, Boba & the Bounty Hunters in, plus some other characters from memorable scenes. Do you have Stormtrooper Finn? Sorry - I shouldn't be using this thread for this!
  11. Haha, sounds good, and slightly expensive.
  12. Yondu for me too! Love the design for him and glad to finally have him released :). I can see why you picked Jor-El, I ended up opting for Brainiac as I love the colours needs some leg printing though.
  13. Sooooo, how many First Order stormies would you say you have?
  14. That MIDAS armour is
  15. They've printed onto chrome before though so I guess they could have gone down that route. Assuming it's expensive though and those pieces scratch up easily.