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  1. Welcome, and what an excellent name!
  2. I agree with this lol I've got the Kiss Kiss Batman keychain but I've kept it sealed in it's poly as it'll only be collected by my other half and not used. Tiger Suit Batman on the other hand, that came right out of it's polybag and into one of my frames for display
  3. Awesome @julesvincent - nice to see a pic up after you mentioning you managed to bag one for a good price :).
  4. Huge huge huuuuge thank you to @Darkdragon for fixing me up with this minifig for my Stormtrooper collection! Have to add that it's probably the best packaged minifig I've had arrived too!
  5. Nice work! I still need to pick the figs up from that one, along with Penguin and Killer Croc.. oh and Scuttler :(
  6. It's definitely on there - what is 76382? I searched under set number (76042) and the torso, legs and hair for Maria Hill are all still on there.
  7. Perfect to get a cheaper Maria Hill! And for those SHIELD arms to update other SHIELD figs should you be doing that sort of thing.
  8. Would be a nice touch. Hopefully it doesn't end up as an SDCC fig otherwise my other half isn't going to be happy . No worries - it's a good place around here! I lurked for ages before joining, don't know why I didn't do it sooner!
  9. As much as I love that to be true I think we'd have known about the polybag by now sadly. Welcome by the way! :).
  10. No link as such.. I'll drop you a DM!
  11. So I've been focusing a bit on Stormtroopers over the last few days rather than Super Heroes (really enjoyed the change actually!) but I couldn't pass up on this guy for £25! I think after another 3/4 Stormtroopers I'll be content and ready to continue back on Superheroes.. because I'm way behind!
  12. Sorry to hear mate. What subreddit is the info on? I can never remember!
  13. Exactly that! I built a tiered stand for some minifigs and even that sucked! . Looks like somebody had kicked a bunch of Lego together and that's what formed.
  14. Absolutely incredible. I'd love to be able to do something like this but I suck at building :(.
  15. No worries, if I don't end up nabbing it I'll let you know and I'm sure Darkdragon will too! But I'm hoping too