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  1. Absolutely incredible. I'd love to be able to do something like this but I suck at building :(.
  2. No worries, if I don't end up nabbing it I'll let you know and I'm sure Darkdragon will too! But I'm hoping too
  3. Thanks Darkdragon, no major rush so if you don't manage today that's not a problem :). When I get home tonight I'll take a pic of what Superheroes I have left too and drop you some more details. I've also sold a few to fund these Stormies so can PayPal also. Appreciate your help.
  4. Right.. These are a handful anyway!{}{}{}{}{} (Printed Legs)&category=[Star Wars][Star Wars Episode 4/5/6]#T=S&O={}{}{} Open chrome is fine, he'd be opened to go in a frame anyway @Darkdragon - what sort of stuff are you looking for to trade? I have a small handful and superhero minifigs but nothing of great excitement sadly (few batmen from TLBM, Batgirl, New 52 Batman, Thor, an Iron Man, Spider-Man and some customs like KO Customs Deathlok).
  5. I was looking for him! That chrome one won't be kind to my wallet either. Someone offered me one on Facebook but the helmet was a bit battered up. No worries! Let me do some linking tonight. I could do with working out exactly what ones I've been buying and already have too so I know exactly what I'm missing. I don't think my other half is enjoying my evenings of staring at Stormtrooper variants!
  6. I'm getting right on it Rob haha. I've got about 15 different minifigs on their way to me - stormtroopers, sandtroopers, tie pilots, scouts etc! Soooo I think I need @Robianco @Darkdragon mainly the older figs really - like the old basic stormtrooper with the small mouth, sandtrooper without pauldron, sandtrooper with black pauldron? old stormies with orange pauldron, chrome stormie, captain phasma, first order flamer, first order stormie with pauldron, scarif trooper, tank trooper from rogue one..
  7. Awesome - let me have a nosey on Bricklink tonight and I'll pick out some ones I'm looking for! Will comment back later :)
  8. Hi all, As the subject says! Anyone got any Stormtroopers they are looking to part with? After various different stormtrooper variants to make a display case with. Ideally UK based so postage is nice and easy. Cheers :)
  9. Dropped you a DM mate.
  10. Makes me want to grow my Stormtrooper collection that's for sure! Now who's got some Stormies they want to part with?!
  11. @Robianco agreed! I think it's a great thread, and love seeing all the different displays people have put together. Although after seeing a couple on Reddit also I now want a Stormtrooper frame!
  12. I did do, it was an awesome custom by Phoenix Customs, but I sold it to another collector recently.
  13. Haha, I'm not sure how most guys do it to be fair - I think it was just a lucky moment that I had some customs I was trying to get rid of, someone wanted them, and this was all he had that I was interested in! I'd love to get one of those finds where people get a box of Lego for like $300 and there's a 10179 Millennium Falcon in there or something lol. It wasn't there I'm afraid. I've actually had no luck there at all! I've done all my sales on Flickr.
  14. I really want to pick up an Atom. I like that little base plate that comes with it too. Maybe someday! Still on the hunt for a new tv.. absolute minefield out there :(
  15. Thanks! Cheers mate! I want Atom next. How many do you have now? Already did would like to get a new clamshell from somewhere. Luckily I traded for it so only paid customs charges.