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  1. I think he means because this post is for set discussions only (confirmed sets that is) he doesn't want us discussing something we haven't got in those sets. I'm sure once the SDCC exclusives are revealed we can discuss them too.
  2. I've actually got the Batcave set! It's one of the one sets i haven't sold haha, but I do agree, it's not very nice looking. The vehicles are great, as are the minifigs. Hulk vs Red Hulk is waaaay overpriced. I'm waiting for Argos to do a 3 for 2 deal so I can pick up some of the more expensive sets and feel like it's a little worthwhile. I guess it's the 2 bigfigs that drove the price up? The original Milano was nice, but my cat knocked it off my display so I just threw it all in with a bigger lot I was selling, along with the original Quinjet which was also cool. If only I'd have kept those 2! Ah well.. I've got my Batmobiles!
  3. some of the sets themselves are poor looking yet the figs are top notch! I'm tempted to sell the rest of the Lego Batman Movie sets to be fair as I have nowhere to put them and without figs they are a bit pointless! Although I might keep the Batmobile and Jokers Lowrider I've got a spare Batman & Robin for those.
  4. I'd be really interested in seeing that. It has crossed my mind too as I like all the ones figs edge to edge. Annoyingly all of the pictures in my house seem to have a boarder around them so they match quite nicely now haha. Thank you! Generally just the figs. I have all the TLBM stuff in a box but I generally sold everything else as I went along. I don't collect the mini-dolls (I can't stand them haha thank god though, it would cost me even more money) but I do collect the Mighty Micros stuff. I've got a few Star Wars figs but I've been thinking of letting those go. Other than that I've only got the Disney CMF series, the German Football team series, some star wars figs, and the Ghostbusters and BTTF sets from the Ideas sets.
  5. Yep they are IKEA Ribba frames 50cm x 50cm with just the normal 10701 48 stud x 48 stud baseplate stuck inside, then I've used 2x2 inverted slopes as the bricks.
  6. Mentally draining! Checking the references and then trying to find the figure (I did try and sort them by piles of Supes, Bats, Caps, Iron Mans etc after that first pic lol). Me neither, I do love customs. Some of them are fantastic. It's hard to keep up though. BL number order indeed (apart from the last frame with the 20 CMF's from TLBM). Yeah the spaces are for figs I still need to pick up. See I thought that but he's actually got his own BL reference number annoyingly! Sh352 - Arkham Asylum Statue. And to think I almost sold the set without the figs and would have lost him! The other annoying thing is the armoured Batman from BvS... I've got the one with the cape, but they re-released the set without the cape as I think it had some issues, thus it being another variant, meaning I need to pick the bugger up!
  7. I didn't line them all up.. but.. Cap was my first superhero minifig, so I stuck him at the front as he started all this madness off! Ended up sorting through everything and dropping out all the customs, so these frames are purely official releases now. I'll probably get a separate case or something for those.
  8. He produces custom minifigs, and some pretty amazing ones at that. Robs Zebra Batman in his display pic for example.
  9. Got to be both right? although isn't there 3? Black suit, blue suit and one with a yellow bat symbol? I quite like the original one - blue with large black symbol on the chest (no yellow)
  10. Haha - Batsmen, Christian Bale and Frank Miller? Got to say it's an extremely impressive Batman collection! Think I'm going to sort all of mine out this weekend and re-shuffle after some sales so I'll try and take a group pic of every minifig.
  11. It's a good kind of crowded though . I think @Robianco should do a complete Batman group shot too!
  12. Just a quick friendly heads up - mods don't really like it when people mini mod. Is that the Superman on the Justice League box art we've seen? I can't remember it, going to have to go back and dig it out! I'd welcome another Superman variant, I'm definitely most excited about seeing the new Flash in Lego form though :).
  13. Thanks WhiteFang! Just as I've built 4 different sets over the past week I knew I should have left them aside for a moment! I will be picking more sets up though so I'll read through everything in the Academy in the meantime :).
  14. Looks legit to me - it's got the 'Lego' logo on top of the studs and the piece ID (3308) on the underside which does relate to this piece.
  15. Wasn't it Toys R Us?