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  1. Well, here's everything so far Super Hero wise that I own (excluding big figs and buildable figs - I can't fit these in frames but working on a different display for those, but it's all money as we know!). Obviously a bit behind now but slowly slowly catchy monkey! I'm also working on a Star Wars frame, pretty much completely Stormtroopers but with some others added in like a few clones for pre-stromtrooper times and Jango/Boba!
  2. I agree! I love the look of the orange and green. I saw someone use a hair piece from the CMF line on him which looked brilliant (might have been the dog show winner?). I always wanted to put my own together with a beard look and a gold hook hand too. I think I'm going to get some pictures taken and get posting :D
  3. You've reminded me I STILL need to pick up that damn Juniors Mr. Freeze. Nice collection though @r5-j2! I need to get back to posting a bit more on here :(
  4. Completely agree! At the start of the year I got some of the new releases in the lego store the day they came out, I really do wish I would have waited! My purchases will be from Amazon now generally or places like Tesco etc. I know you don't get any VIP points but hey, those big discounts aren't to be sniffed at. I've seen some Tesco's (sadly not mine - but people sharing pictures) and the Batmobile etc are being knocked out for £10 odd to clear them! Madness.
  5. Yep! What Nsk97 said.
  6. Yeah I've only seen the WW set at the official Lego store down in Brighton so far. Interesting to see the other TLBM sets are out though.. just as I was going to focus on getting some more stormtroopers!
  7. Should have all the figs from TLBM Batcave set arriving to me today not many more to go!
  8. Welcome, and what an excellent name!
  9. I agree with this lol I've got the Kiss Kiss Batman keychain but I've kept it sealed in it's poly as it'll only be collected by my other half and not used. Tiger Suit Batman on the other hand, that came right out of it's polybag and into one of my frames for display
  10. Awesome @julesvincent - nice to see a pic up after you mentioning you managed to bag one for a good price :).
  11. Huge huge huuuuge thank you to @Darkdragon for fixing me up with this minifig for my Stormtrooper collection! Have to add that it's probably the best packaged minifig I've had arrived too!
  12. Nice work! I still need to pick the figs up from that one, along with Penguin and Killer Croc.. oh and Scuttler :(
  13. It's definitely on there - what is 76382? I searched under set number (76042) and the torso, legs and hair for Maria Hill are all still on there.
  14. Perfect to get a cheaper Maria Hill! And for those SHIELD arms to update other SHIELD figs should you be doing that sort of thing.
  15. Would be a nice touch. Hopefully it doesn't end up as an SDCC fig otherwise my other half isn't going to be happy . No worries - it's a good place around here! I lurked for ages before joining, don't know why I didn't do it sooner!