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  1. Nice build! I really like the handle for the door and the shelf with bottles. The windows are neat to! On the other hand, I don't like the visible blue pins above the door. Perhaps cover them with something?
  2. Thank you! I decided to go for the comic side with this one. The stand on the right is for storage, and the left is meant to be used when cutting planks.
  3. Thanks! I take your comments to my heart for my upcoming build! :)
  4. Amedée's bottles - Small factory - License active Ragtag barrels - Small factory - License active
  5. Amedée's bottles | robinnilsson403 | Oleon Ragtag barrels | robinnilsson403 | Oleon
  6. Once more the increase of the wine production made he mayor tear his hair. First it was all the refugees needing work, so the unemployment and development plan was created, and now it turned into this... He had a hard time thinking in his office because of all of the noise... Well, he thought, they DO create jobs. But why here? Could I make factorization in public places punishable with death? I need to ask my advisor... Outside, a band of ragtags had come up with a brilliant plan: Make barrels! Of what? Whatever we find! The need is for quantity, not quality, so that does a little mould matter? But where do we start our operation? The square in front of the city hall will do just fine!
  7. Amedée, one of the many refugees seeking shelter in Breshaun has found a safe haven. After a dramatic escape from pirates he arrived to the island of Le Bellan with nothing. At first he had a hard time earning any money, and he lived as a beggar in the towns sewers for a period of time. When the production of wine on Le Bellan increased he could finally make his voice heard. Before escaping his mysterious homeland he was working as a bottle maker, and the need for bottles was enormous. An investor in Breshaun took him under his wing, and now Amedée has his own little factory, built in the style of his homeland, and the investor only requested 10% of the profit. Once again Amedée can dress properly! Amedée has recently began the training of a new employee, under the Breshaun unemployment and development program. Although, he doesn't look so happy.
  8. I decided to try out, as I've been kept away from my new build room today, and the result is a small prospecting scene in Île d'Or.
  9. That was exactly what I had in mind to build! Rats! Good job sir!
  10. To me this sounds like a good idea, to take at least some more work of Ska. Perhaps "The Investigator" could be another thing, in the middle of each month, filled with rumors from the threads and flickr feeds? :-p
  11. Exactly! Gawyn only drank a sip!
  12. Wine bar | Medium commerce | Licence active
  13. Challenge 3A - The return of the cup Challange 3B - The secret of the cup
  14. It was a very warm day in Breshaun. Gawyn was thirsty, so he stopped at a newly opened establishment to get a cup of water. "I'd like a cup of water, please" he said to the girl serving the customers. "A bottle of wine coming up!" "No, water. I don't drink alcohol." "Oh, just a glass of wine then." "No, just plain water." "We don't have that." "Well, according to local law, you should have." She turned around and went inside. "It's so hard to get good service these days" Gawyn said, looking straight into the camera. Worst actor ever... A few moments later she returned with a beaten up, old cup. With water. "That'll be 5 dubloons." Very expensive for a cup of water, but as you may know, wine is cheaper that water. "It'll have to be very good..." He took a sip. It was VERY good! He felt much happier and more alive that later. Without knowing it he had drank water out of the same cup as the fountain of youth, and some of the magical powers had transferred from the fountain to the cup! So, my idea is that the fountain of youth transferred its powers to the cup, and the cup anded up at a wine bar a few years later. A few more pictures: