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  1. Well nice to have you join us hope you enjoy
  2. I'm glad I didn't fall for that loser
  3. Okay just to conclude how do we ban forceghostsolo?
  4. I'm going to post because it is not real because where is the b wing and tie bomber Here's what FGS posted. He edited a bunch of them later to remove names. 75176: Finn's Escape 75177: Karp's Airspeeder 75179: Siege On Mar R'havar 75187: Kylo Ren's Advanced TIE Fighter 75188: (TBC Official Name) Resistance Fighter 75189: First Order Star Destroyer 75190: Luke's Jedi Temple (Ach-To) EVERYONE THIS IS 100% FAKE DON'T FOLLOW THE LIES OF FORCE GHOST SOLO
  5. Just post the list here
  6. In my view it should be Biggs dark lighter in xwing outfit or normal outfit from the deleted scenes
  7. What was the full set list?
  8. On reddit because that where he mainly posts now
  9. Can someone message cm4sci and see if he is lying or not
  10. Also he refused to say if a last Jedi b wing was coming which it was revealed months ago that a b wing was coming and he would not share details about the new bossk even so he said it looked great
  11. I knew he was faking it time to ban him
  12. You just said there on a unknown site and I'm going to ask this again is there a bwing
  13. Bossk does not matter though because he is not in episode 8
  14. Exactly how I feel I really find it odd he won't tell us what site the images are on
  15. Is there a bwing or not and I want to see the bossk minifig or at least give me info on how bossk Looks