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  1. So if lego can't make a Star Wars cmf series because they could get sued then can someone explain how the c-3po, first order officer, and bwing pilot were made has figures you could buy at toys r us for 5 dollars?
  2. Everyone I really don't think this $ 130 the last few toys r us sets have been $ 90 and even if this is 130 we don't even know how many pieces there are.
  3. That looks so good!
  4. Okay good.
  5. Are you done making these series?
  6. I wish zuckuss would have been in the Battlepack instead of dengar
  7. Wait could I be banned for no reason?
  8. Also I find it kind of funny how the day you said that the may the Fourth figure was coming Is the same day the Lego calander for China came out that showed r2 d2 has the figure
  9. You said this march 15th So you did post false info 3 weeks ago
  10. Is there no a new hope figure coming because I was really looking forward to it. Yea that was really rude of him because the figure i was told about was one we really needed plus you can't start doing a April fool's day joke 3 weeks before it starts I say if it's all made up he should be banned from eurobricks? Hey Christopher Lee right on the first page it says You post fabricated information; you can expect to be banned. It's not worth the fifteen minutes of Internet fame.
  11. the batman minifigure series was in the jan calander.
  12. I don't think these are coming out in may because there not in the Lego store may calander
  13. Plus if they put nein numb it would drive up the demand for the set so it's I win for the fans and Lego cause everyone wants nein numb.
  14. If we are getting a ucs falcon do you think it could be the return of the Jedi Crew lando nein numb the other rebels or maybe even the empire strikes back crew with lando and Leia and damaged Luke? I haven't but I know who it is Christopher Lee told me who it is
  15. Nope but I do know the figure Christopher Lee is talking about and I think you all will really like it