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  1. I really want to know why they changed his face print the new one looks nothing like Harrison Ford.
  2. The arrowhead images are primarily
  3. Looks like a new ig-88 to me But when are we gotten get zuckuss he is the only one we need
  4. @VaderFan2187 same has what you said
  5. That means it likely won't be out till October
  6. @ForceGhostSolo I'm not the one who but out false info you are the one don't try to blame me.
  7. I want to know why force ghost solo isn't banned yet because he has been spreading lies for to long.
  8. Hey lier I'm the one who said it's from a new hope and my info came from Christopher Lee I know why your freaking out it's because you said it was a saw minifig
  9. If it is a big fig bantha that would be so awesome
  10. So we now know that the figure is not aunt beru of Leia
  11. Can you please tell us who the figure is?
  12. I don't think the figure is Vader or tarkin since there is nothing to change
  13. Nope that's not the may the Fourth figure.
  14. Well of the figures on this list I know that greedo is not coming which I'm not surprised about but there is one more figure it could be Hologram leia