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  1. Thanks for this great review showing the potential of the PFx Brick! It looks to me like a must have for most truck MOC + I had not imagined so many possibilities with the LEDs.
  2. I see that @Sariel is listed as tester of the PFx brick. If his review is in time and positive, it could bring the necessary publicity for this Kickstarter campaign.
  3. Maybe have an article on the front page?
  4. Thanks! I will follow the posts here with much interest. I have always found the scale model posts the icing on the cake of the Technic forum, but let's see how it works out ...
  5. Fascinating! Looking forward to the instructions and your next creations... ;-)
  6. Is there a way to stay informed of the Technic and the Scale Modeling sub forum at the same time? I have found the daily digest mail not to be very reliable ... Personally I think it is a shame to split the Technic forum into two fora. The distinction between Technic models and scale models will often be arbitrary in my opinion and there is a risk of diluting the discussions. On the positive side, logically there will be less activity in this sub forum and the great contributions will be better visible ... Just my two cents ...
  7. I like the fact that you are using old school Lego Technic tyres. It is just the finishing touch for me ...
  8. Another smart brick is in the making. Jason Alleman is one of the persons behind this initiative. This time the emphasis is on sound and lights. More info on Kickstarter: PFx Brick More info on: http://fxbricks.com/
  9. Thanks for the tip! Hesitated because I'm not really convinced by the model, but ordered it nevertheless. @Sariel's review convinced me that the building experience is worth it. Let's see ...
  10. Thanks for the instructions! :-) Really looking forward to building this. Looking forward to your next creations ...
  11. Wow! Impressed as always with your creations and I hope to build this one day. Question: Have you considered changing the back of the cabine from red to white. I'm not an expert on trucks, but I think esthetically it would give a bit more of width to the truck cabine.
  12. I saw it on Rebrickable this morning. Nice! I like how you solved the issue of the drum wheels.
  13. Another impressive motorcycle from you. I prefer your rendition much more than Lego's official model. I know the approach is different, but nevertheless... I like in particular the boxer motor (very realistic) and the seat. The whole shape is very well achieved. It is instantly recognisable. I'm less convinced by the chrome parts. I think they do not suit the bike. Have you thought of alternatives for the glass wind shield? Keep up the good work!
  14. I would nevertheless recommend this set. I don't know your reason for zero interest in this set, but I think from a building and parts perspective it is more interesting than the two sets you are citing. There are also some interesting C-models including a GBC module.
  15. This really is a classic and I'm glad to see you are still tweaking it. Building it is on my to-do list. I am interested in instructions for the sbrick version, but I will probably stick to the red (or blue) version. Out of curiosity: although the standard battery pack fits greatly in the design, have you considered using the smaller battery pack? Would this not give you a bit more flexibility and potentially hide the battery pack completely?