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  1. I prefer the Temple of Airjitzu - this one looks too disjointed for me - although I acknowledge that there are some interesting build techniques and I do like the lower level with the canal.
  2. Snoke looks like he just stepped out of a long bath and slapped on his robe - he makes Palpatine look like an ad for anti-wrinkle treatment. New Kylo looks nice but not sure I need an updated version of the one I already have.
  3. I suspect any Battlefront II sets we get will either be Clone Trooper/Battle Droid battlepacks (neither have featured in a battlepack for a while) or possibly based on the single player campaign. The classic stormies look the best IMO, but if I want mass ranks of stormies, I don't feel having Rebels' ones in the background messes things up too much. Stormies have already gone through a lot of redesigns over the years so having them all looking identical is a pipedream anyway if you've been collecting for a while.
  4. Don't tell GRR Martin but apparently a vertically challenged group has taken objection to a dwarf being characterized as "evil" despite this being a dwarf of the beardy fantasy type rather than someone affected by dwarfism: http://www.brickfanatics.co.uk/charity-saddened-by-the-lego-groups-evil-dwarf-minifigure/ The figure is also from series 5 which came out years ago... This is about on the same level as Muslims complaining about Jabba's Palace being a Mosque full of gangsters.
  5. At first glance Snoke reminds me of the Sauron/Necromancer figure from 79014...a huge letdown. However the image isn't that great and I guess it would be nice to see the movie for context. Resistance Bomber does nothing for me but there are some nice figures in the other sets (walker driver, a shuttle pilot) but not really anything to get me really excited.
  6. Once again people forget that the core audience for Lego is kids, and my kids certainly like the Freemakers. Not sure if making the largest sets Freemakers' ones is a great idea though as that's would seem to be restricting sales to birthday/Christmas presents rather than pocket money purchases as their appeal to AFOLs is limited.
  7. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise...
  8. Is that Jango the same as the last one? It looks pretty much identical to me but there might be some minor changes - maybe the belt is new? EDIT: Another image of the Bounty Hunter battlkepack here: http://www.brickfanatics.co.uk/new-lego-star-wars-bounty-hunters-officially-showcased/
  9. Have to admit this trailer didn't give us much...I felt the brief first Force Awakens trailer was better as it made you ask a lot of questions. This...not so much. The first Rogue One Trailer was also better but even though the final film was very good I was disappointed about a lot of the great trailer scenes not being in the final product.
  10. I agree. The first series was very tight with only 13 episodes + the pilot, so I think 15 episodes is good. Hopefully no more space whales...
  11. Agreed - I'm a definite for the Battlepacks and maybe the Tank and Vader Transformation. Nothing else is even of vague interest.
  12. Back to actual set news...final images of the Bounty Hunter Battlepack to be found here: https://www.sinqel.com/lego-bounty-hunter-speeder-bike-battle-pack-lego.html
  13. Thrawn the military genius fails again, He puts himself in harm's way twice in this finale, first by confronting Kallus and needlessly engaging in hand to hand combat and then by going down to the planet surface instead of staying where he was sorely needed - managing his fleet. He also foolishly entrusts a key asset (Interdictor) to Admiral Konstantine who has consistently proved himself a buffoon over the course of the series and who he has personally denigrated in the past. End result is they manage to destroy a few rebel ships but the vast majority of the leadership escapes. Kallus also escapes despite being handcuffed and under armed guard. The Empire is basically a Mickey Mouse outfit at this stage.
  14. You mean the wave that sold out its run completely and never had a chance to hit the bargain bin? I'm pretty sure Lego felt the 2015 line was successful given they didn't exactly invest a lot of resources into it and it was a fairly limited release.
  15. I'm almost glad when TLG release UCS sets like this because I know I'll save money. I'm mainly into bad guy stuff (Imperials, Bounty Hunters etc) and the only UCS sets I own are playsets anyway (Death Star, Ewok Village). This looks nice enough I guess but like everyone else I already have a minifig scale Snowspeeder and feel no need for a giant version.