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  1. The Master Builders shall bless your name!
  2. My 1st thought was the Forest Maiden, but those are good guesses as well. And a personal note: My everlasting favorite series is the 7th and I am glad 3 of them made to the next stage. I wonder how many more will join them? (Actually I don't know how many of them fell out already.).
  3. Zombie cheerleader is such an idiotic idea, she has to win! Wait, Series 3 Fisherman already eliminiated at Round 4!
  4. Ah, this is more convinient than voting on a separate page. Go vikingess!
  5. Arrgh, 3 girls AND the mine in the same round! A voted for the Viking, I hope she or the mime wins. By the way, can you change the name of the Thread by yourself? I never figured it out how. Since the name says "round 16", it has to be changed constantly.
  6. Still only one lady :( I have a few guesses which ones have a chance to win a round, I just hope they won't run against the Spartan or something.
  7. I voted for the dwarf because a roman soldier already won.
  8. For me, it looks more tan then white. White is something that is _completely_ white, like snow. But it can be always a field of debate. :)
  9. It is more thrilling than all the episodes of The X-files together! :) I hope it will be the case for many rounds now, and even more frequent in the next stage with 64 figs. By the way, how will the next stage go? 8 rounds with 8-8 figs, 16 rounds with 4-4 figs?
  10. I think there should be a specific time period for the vote. Why wait for +n points for a minifig? This is not a tennis match. :)
  11. A very difficult round, with the Bagpiper, Forestman and the Viking. My vote went to the Bagpiper, it is the most unique out of them - we have many "warriors" already.
  12. Shieldmaiden it is then! (I watched Vikings, how come I didn't think of that name?) And I wanted to make a modern Space Police minifig.
  13. A custom CMF series, all are from different ages of history, or from a non-existing world. Many of them were inspired by ideas from the CMF 18 guessing game, so thanks for them! Hope you enjoy! Forest Fairy Frightening King Harpy Merman Soldier Hired Gun Hunter God Mob Boss Mummy Warrior Retiarius Sand Demon Space Police Viking Shieldmaiden Ice Warrior Pirate Lass Frontiersman Gargoyle
  14. It looks like a great fight between two great figs :) My vote went to the Clockwork Robot, but I love the Yeti as well. I just have a soft spot for the earlier series. Itaria, don't you want to make a topic where all the winners so far are listed?
  15. The "war of the titans" in the next round will be terrific! How many days until then?