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  1. At the moment, it says 49 members have voted, but there are only 48 votes (27+21, 15+33)! How is it possible?
  2. What is the 3rd vote? I don't see any info.
  3. Series 7 is my No. 1, it is hard to tell, which comes next. One from 6, 9 or 11. Oh, here comes the Round of the Underdogs :D Let's say Alice, because all the others are rubbish.
  4. Yeah, Series 4 is in my top 3 series as well. Maybe we are the minority with this opinion, or they were unlucky and lost over very-popular figs. Eg Viking lost over Bagpiper, Musketeer over Babysitter, Werewolf over Hazmat Guy.
  5. 1st vote! For Hazmat, of course. And the chance for a non-regular round increased further.
  6. Hazmat Guy already won, before even starting the round?
  7. I give the surfer and Series 4 a chance. One more thing: Random.org, don't you dare running Hazmat guy, Bunny suit guy and the Hun Warrior against each other!
  8. Yet another strong round for me. I voted for the Evil Knight, and either he, the Bandit or the Battle Goddess wins, I will be happy.
  9. Leave it with 64 figs for the next round. Even though a few of my personal favorites were beaten out, I still love them (S4 Carzy Scientist, you are still my No1, no matter what!) and I respect the others' opinion. Let's continue with the winners!
  10. The Gargoyle was the fig, which I saw I thought " How come we had to wait 14 series for that?!?!" I voted for him. Sorry Mariachi, your are a favourite as well!
  11. And my favourite is a 4th, the Samurai!
  12. My vote goes to the one with the most ridiculous name: grandma visitor!
  13. Is the barrista that popular? I never would have thought.