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  1. When you update the steering setup, please also take into account that slanted steering rods make your steering very sensitive to bumps. See this video.
  2. Haha, I can't believe you actually built it . It has one big flaw: Suspension and steering interfere heavily, as you can see in the video, but it seems like fun nevertheless. Thanks!
  3. Maybe a bit off-topic, but it would be interesting to know how much weight they can take before compressing by 25% up to 33%, which is the ideal range under the vehicles own weight in my opinion.
  4. I'm still waiting for the final parts to arrive. In the meantime I designed myself an ugly vehicle to tow. It has four-wheel steering and articulated suspension . EDIT: Btw, what's wrong with the second image (apart from some wheels not touching the ground properly)?
  5. I think what Erik means, is that the complete compression of the shocks translates into 1 stud vertical travel of the wheels, which is quite direct (the shocks themselves also travel 1 stud), but I agree that if the whole model is going to weigh around 2kg it might not be enough. As a reference: For my rugged supercar (1.9kg) I used double hard shocks to gain 2 studs travel for all wheels. For the front this turned out sufficient, but in the back I had to add torsion bars to avoid too much compression under the vehicles own weight.
  6. Great WIP! I like the front suspension a lot. How are the thin 3x5 levers attached to the lower wishbones?
  7. These are indeed great sins! I just recalled I did this to secure a pin properly. I never applied it in any MOC though .
  8. Very nice! I will build it and check the rigidity .
  9. I have to confess, I steel parts from my kids too. I once removed the small bevel gears from the diff of my son's 42037, because I needed them. Sadly enough he found out the pistons no longer moved and made me fix it right away.
  10. That's bad news! I hope this doesn't mean the Porsche rims are going to be a rarity.
  11. Makes me curious! Now that I've got that set, I hereby volunteer for test-driving your instructions . Btw, I'll get back to your message about instructions soon. Thanks! About the color vomit. It's always a matter of taste of course, but I get your point. With this being a 40th anniv. tribute, I decided to use colors for axles and pins etc, that are most common at the present times, so people with relatively new sets - and with the part - need only add relatively few extra parts.
  12. Thanks! I also checked the parts of the 42061 Telehandler, but this can really not be regarded as a 42061 C-model: It has only 9 parts in common out of 141. That could be stretched a little to about 15 by changing colors, but that's it. Sorry @Andy D. I did buy the Telehandler for this project, but mainly for the two new that I needed.
  13. Thanks! Haha, that's nice indeed! I even tend to think about the orientation of the two thin holes in the bushings body ! I studied parts availability a little and I think I will do a blue cabin and a red tow and outriggers in the final model: