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  1. Can you try the links again please? maybe there was something with the lego webpage, i tried them earlier and they didn´t work, but now they should work hopefully
  2. oh yeah, sorry forgot about that here they are i got two. Courage or Insanity?! (I think this one is better actually) Crux Stunts
  3. guys, could you do me a favour? i participated in the action screenshot contest could you please rate my pics? especially the one me fighting a dragon without gear thanks a lot IRON1MAN
  4. OMG Japan....
  5. thanks for the info ill get game time in the next two days, and yeah, i got full daredevil, maybe i can help for the advertising thing, i think it isnt the last pr-action for lego in this game
  6. is the skeleton dragon pet also in? cause i saw some videos and i never saw the pet...
  7. and, for everbody to know, gems are now tradeable! so if anybody hasnt the gem achievement, lets trade gems! @cb: its not only the inventor, its all of the other sets too: inventor, space ranger, adventurer and shinobi seeya
  8. cool ill try to collect the bot gear as soon as possible, if anybody has something for sale
  9. so faction gear becomes underdeveloped? i mean compared to good shirts and stuff
  10. im out of game time, wil get some on tuesday just to ask, i havent played in crux yet but WHERE do you get hats and stuff which restore 42 IMAGINATION?!?! i mean, i cant even store everything! feeling like a real noob without experience on crux please tell me something about the world
  11. i think many have heard about the new, bigger prop (yay ), just wanted to let you all know, that (as soon ill get game time) ill transfer all my models on the current club prop to the bigger one if thats okay
  12. Ok, finally managed to upload at least one pic of cb and me (look at him, he´s above the statue )
  13. thanks for the prop comments (no, i already had all the bricks ), and im looking forward to the new prop size. and for the battle thing: thats how assembly can fight If anybody got ideas for the prop, just tell me!
  14. yeah, thanks for the comments on my prop we are a bunch of pro´s, arent we? :) its going to be cool with the team feature. Good luck for the new competition Jebidiahs!
  15. Hi just wanted to give some updates on our club prop (its still under construction, but i think you can already visit it [the club code, which is needed for the platfor is club code] ) added some photos my game time is running out tomorrow IRONMAN