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  1. I had thought about a Black Swan style ballerina myself, but in my mind, she used the Chicken Suit Guy's arms in black. Yours, of course, is superb. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them.
  2. I was all set to vote for the witch, but then at the last minute I changed my mind and voted for the fairy. Not sure why, but oh well ... Seems like a pretty close race!
  3. Oh *BLEEEEEP* ... this is a tough one ... Ultimately I had to pick the Diner Waitress. She just has so much personality!
  4. Cute Little Devil for me ...
  5. Jungle Boy for me as I love Tarzan and his ilk! Hollywood Starlet was a close second. Pharaoh doesn't do much for me, although I recognize he is a quality figure.
  6. Really? Judging from all the leftovers in the boxes at my local Walmart, the Corn Cob Guy is not very popular around these parts... As I mentioned before, the boxes here were stripped clean of the Elf Maiden and the Highwayman ... Did manage to snag a Retro Spaceman during a second pass of the boxes so I was happy about that.
  7. That is really, really cool! What a great concept!
  8. Skeleton Guy! A cute concept in the midst of a Monsters series.
  9. Wow, this was a tough one! I liked most of them, but I ended up picking Intergalactic Girl.
  10. He gets it from me! I really like that figure! I have put him on wishlists for a long time now, and he looks exactly as I imagined he would!
  11. IT's funny, without his mask and hat, he looks like a fire and brimstone style preacher from, say, the Salem Witch Trials days. Put the Revolutionary Soldier's wig on him and presto change-o ...
  12. Farmer. Minotaur is cool, but I like the farmer best.
  13. I found a couple of boxes in my hometown Walmart last night ... after spending time there last night and this morning, I noticed that the boxes had an inordinate amount of Yuppies and ZERO Elf Maidens, Retro Heroes and Highwaymen. So I am convinced there was a third box that some scalper or army builder picked through, and then consolidated all of the others into the remaining two boxes. So, I have 13 out of the 16 ... the hunt continues!