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  1. I like a lot of these CMFs, maybe not all - not convinced we need three versions of Garmadon, for instance - but I will be sure to pick up quite a few of them. I am also surprised there is no bride or groom - I thought for sure considering their prominence in the trailer that they would show up somewhere, at least here if not in a set. But I suppose they could be saving them for a set in a future wave.
  2. Sorry, meant it to be funny, wasn't trying to rub salt in the wounds ... :) OUCH! Pitting Battle Goddess against Shakespeare?!? So not cool ... I guess Karma thought my post about space and weeping was savage, too, and repaid me in kind LOL Anyway, had to vote for Battle Goddess ultimately. Forgive me, Bill.
  3. Luckily, in space no one can hear you weep ...
  4. I have both minifigures, so getting new variations of them isn't a top priority for me ... but who am I kidding? Of course I'm going to get them. Would have been a real sweet deal if they used the baby mold to give them a "cave baby," though. T
  5. Faun and Revolutionary Soldier. I think he's far, far more interesting than the Rogue but to each one's own.
  6. UGH. I can't believe Banshee lost. She is so much better than the rabbit. Another blow to my faith in humanity. :D
  7. Lizard Man, Scarecrow, and Holiday Elf.
  8. With all of the dog love that Lego has shown, I'm going to guess another dog - maybe a bigger dog like a St. Bernard or Burmese Mountain Dog. (Although I'd love a sheep, too - preferably with a Shepherdess minifigure ... and love the turtle suggestion, too!) As for recolor .. maybe a more "minifigured" version of the Friends' seal? I'd like that.
  9. Thanks for the info, Robert!
  10. I just love the Yeti, had to vote for him. Stitch and Spooky Girl was a difficult choice, but ultimately I had to choose Spooky Girl. She was just so interesting. And in the third wave, had to pick the Bandit.
  11. Out of curiosity, has there been any rumors/leaks of the Ninjago CMF series?
  12. Clayface? Nope. Penguin? Not a chance. Ridder? As if. The Joker? No, not even that madman. None of these could beat the Batman. And then along comes William Shakespeare ... Perhaps Bill Shakes can pen a nice sonnet for Bruce after his victory...
  13. Frankly, I don't understand why people prefer the goblin over, in my opinion, the far superior fortune teller. He needs to go down. Hopefully a few more people come in and send him packing back to the shadows.
  14. Ugh, two of my favorite figures up against two I have no strong investment in. I am glad Fortune Teller is still tying with the Goblin and hopefully she'll get a few more supporters for the win, but it looks as though my beloved Forest Maiden is going to fall to the Hazmat suit guy. Bummer.
  15. Battle Goddess is SOOO much better than the hiker. He can get lost ... :D