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  1. Have to agree. I'd be more likely to buy if they had cooked up a pair of stone Scurriers, though
  2. Krakenskull and his cape managed to arrive on the same day, all though they were shipped a day apart. I suspect the rest will trickle in throughout the week.
  3. Just want to confirm for any other Texas EBers that HEBs are a source for the CMFs currently. Just grabbed a few more. Shark Army Angler still proves elusive, though.
  4. I've heard they were seen in a Texas-based supermarket chain, but I haven't checked there yet. Actually, it sounds like Texas Targets are the only ones that have put them out early.
  5. They should have went with triple pin and axle connectors for the "heli" part. I think that would have helped the look.
  6. I reckon we'll be seeing that car and motorcycle on the shelves next year.
  7. Not really a fan. Definitely a step down from the Ghosts and Vermillion.
  8. I'm not sure what happened, other than all the parts filtered in at different times. As long as they all get here eventually I won't be too vexed. Trying to decide what to order next.
  9. I was expecting parts from that new wave to come from B&P today, but I guess it'll be Monday at the earliest.
  10. Yeah, she kind of has a Joker-like rictus going on. I wouldn't mind seeing it slipped into a set next year.
  11. Yeah, looks like the female Shark Army General coming off that windmill after him.
  12. Definitely hope we see young Misako and baby L-loyd in the 2018 sets.
  13. I can't believe I didn't catch that before. A minifig of Superman II General Zod would be fantastic.
  14. '66 Alfred would be a great choice. There's at least four more bat-suits they could do for Barbara Gordon, so I imagine one of those will get in there. Still pulling for El Murcielago, too.