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  1. From TLG : Build ON!
  2. Manatee C & D was released into the wild today !
  3. There should be parts for two versions of a certain Dr V - one slimed, one not slimed, could that be what you mean?
  4. This question was asked by another Ambassador over at the Ambassador forum: And the answer from Jan Beyer:
  5. - Need reservation at Kirchenbauerhof: yes/no -> YES - Apartment sharing: yes/no -> YES - Number of persons and length of stay? One (1) for the whole thing! - Are you member of a registered LUG? YES - Anything else we need to know? (help needed in flying/transport ...) I will land in Münich at 2.25 PM, flight SK2659, need transport to the hotel. Event ON!
  6. Update: Due to a very big work load on our beloved company the last figs won´t arrive to me until mid february! And I really won´t know what exactly will be the prize pool until then so now I have time to print the adress labels and prepare for sorting & packing! To be continued!
  7. You should send it as soon as you see that you won, that way I can do a couple of adresses every few days instead of all at the same time.
  8. Well built Lasse, it looks great!
  9. Well built everyone and lots of great stuff! I'm still waiting for a delivery from Santa so I'll be back with who gets which manatee ! Happy Xmas to all of you!
  10. Great review as always Fangy!!! I just love these figs and I already pre-ordered a full box from a shop in Sweden, it breaks down to $3 each. What - haven´t you´ve been watching the Classic Batman series ;-)?
  11. Santa just swung by and dropped of some friends, and then he went back to the North Pole to pick up some more :
  12. 21 reviews so far - that's a lucky number! Well done WhiteFang! Informative and great pics as always. I like these kind of special releases even if they're harder to come by. Shop@Home did have then up a couple of times but they sold out very quickly! Keep up the hard CMF-review job my friend!