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  1. Great review WhiteFang :-)! After reading each one of your new reviews with all the comparison picture with older series it really shows how well done the CMF line is. Keep up the good work and now have a well earned break! I'll be getting a bunch of Rouges to be the Wolfpack up!
  2. So go here to find out more and to maybe make a difference!
  3. [img][/img] From [b]TLG[/b]: [quote]Dear RLUG Ambassadors, This is a unique chance to provide feedback to the team who develops special brick LEGO products. Melody Caddick - LEGO designer in the LEGO Group Licensing & Extended Line Products division (whom many of you know already) – asks for your feedback on some of the projects that is in their current portfolio. The goal is to let the design team know how we are doing with the existing special LEGO brick products. For this feedback session we are not taking input on products you would like to see in the future. What to do: Please find five individual briefings (attached). You can choose to answer as many briefings you like. Please keep comments straight to the point and please elaborate your answers so the design team will know the motivations and thoughts behind your answers. There is no need to answer every question, only what is relevant to you! How to share your feedback: Kindly email straight to Melody: [color=#0000cd][b][/b][/color]. You can send either Word documents, PDFs, or simply copy the questions/answers into the mail. Timing: The design team needs your feedback [color=#ff0000]no later than end of day September 23rd, 2016[/color]. Who can participate: RLUG Ambassadors and RLUG members. The questions asked are not confidential, thus we greatly appreciate if your would share the briefings with your RLUGs. Follow-up: Melody will join us on LAN end October/beginning November to provide an update on what happened with the feedback you provided. Kind regards, Yun Mi Community Strategist[/quote] So here´s your chance to give valuable input on the stuff we love! I´ve made five documents into one, where you can give your opinion & answers and then mail Melody! Get the document [url=""]here[/url]!
  4. Stuff to read! Bricks issue 16 scales the castle walls, wonders at the world of steam punk and how to accessorise the VW beetle and camper. Want to see some more preview? Click away to the General LEGO Discussion forum and have a look!
  5. [quote]Raising the standard Bricks issue 16 scales the castle walls, wonders at the world of steam punk and how to accessorise the VW beetle and camper. Be they fantastical or historical, castles have long been of interest in the LEGO world. That is probably why they continue play a prominent role in the ever growing portfolio of LEGO products. We have seen everything from pink sparkling homes for princesses to haunted vampire retreats, classic fortresses and even futuristic castles mounted on caterpillar tracks. We have been spoilt for choice, with every taste catered for. 71040 The Disney Castle is the latest offering, and arguably the most iconic of all castles. Bricks delves inside these magical walls to discover all the secrets and nods to the Disney franchise. Every room and brick is explored to discover how this mammoth set captures all that is wonderful in the world of Disney. Lucy Boughton catches up with our favourite dragon, Miku, for the concluding part of the Elves dragon search which includes a dangerous encounter at Ragna’s Shadow castle, will she make it back safely! There’s a visit to the Mad Hatter’s house a detailed exposé of Michael Kalkwarfs modular castle system before James Pegrum illustrates how to build circular towers. This month we also look at the highly fantastical genre of Steampunk. We speak with expert builder Rod Gillies as he talks us through this Victorian-inspired alternate universe. We meet some amazing steampunk-style Ultra Agents before looking at the LEGO offerings that have been inspired by this style. In addition to all this we get up close with the new Volkswagen Beetle set and explore some aftermarket kits specifically designed for it. As always, there’s also set reviews, loads of amazing MOCs from around the world and much more to discover. Enjoy the issue and keep building. 124 pages packed full of inspirational models and exclusive features![/quote] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
  6. [media][/media]
  7. Nice there my friend, someone is moving up in the world! Good mix of builds! I hope there will be a lot of amazed people! And your legs look fast ;-)!
  8. Hi Abou and sincerely welcome to Eurobricks! I second -zenn question and would also like your view on things!
  9. From the Ambassador forum for your information: [quote][size=5][b]Guidelines for the Use of LEGO Group Intellectual Property Assets by Recognized LEGO® User Groups ("RLUGs")[/b][/size] The LEGO Group owns exclusive rights to its intellectual property ("IP") assets, including its trademarks and copyrighted images, and uses these symbols and images to identify to the public goods and services that come directly from the LEGO Group. It is of vital importance to us that the public associate these IP assets with the LEGO Group alone. The Adult Fan of LEGO® ("AFOL") community contributes to the success of the LEGO brand, not only because AFOLs tend to be high-level consumers of LEGO products, but also because they promote the LEGO brand through their activities, such as through public displays of their own creations made of LEGO bricks and elements. In order to support the needs of the AFOL community, while preserving the integrity of LEGO Group IP assets, we have developed these guidelines, so that Recognized LEGO® User Groups ("RLUGs") may know what is and is not acceptable use of LEGO Group IP assets in connection with RLUG organized events. [u][b]Approvals/Inquiries:[/b][/u] All inquiries from RLUGs concerning these guidelines must be forwarded LEGO Community Engagement - AFOL Relations & Programs represented by Community Managers Jan Beyer (Europe and Pacific), Kim Ellekjr Thomsen (Online), Jacky Chen (Asia) or Paul Striefler (Americas). Other LEGO Group employees, or dealers of LEGO products, are not authorized to deal with these inquiries, nor may they grant permission for use of any LEGO IP assets. [u][b]1. LEGO® Characters printed on RLUG organized AFOL fan event t-shirts:[/b][/u] LEGO characters, primarily LEGO Minifigures, but also LEGO® DUPLO® figures, and the figurines included in LEGO Friends and LEGO Elves sets, are protected by a variety of trademark, copyright, design patent and other IP rights laws. The LEGO Group allows, as a rule, Recognized LEGO® User Groups to use images of Minifigures and other LEGO characters on T-shirts, subject to the following limitations: • T-shirts bearing LEGO IP assets may be produced to promote or commemorate an RLUG organized AFOL event, but must be distributed only in connection with the event — there can be no sales to the general public through websites or retail outlets unconnected with an RLUG organized event. • The quantity of t-shirts produced for a given RLUG organized event must be limited to the number reasonably expected to be used at the event. Any stock remaining after an event may be offered for sale by the RLUG towards their members for not more than 90 days after the conclusion of the event. No subsequent production runs may be made. • Images bearing LEGO Minifigure figurines may not be registered or claimed as a trademark for any group or individual. • The LEGO logo may not be used on RLUG organized event t-shirts. • The overall impression of a t-shirt design must not imply LEGO Group affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship. • Designs must include a trademark and copyright legal line/disclaimer:[list] [*]LEGO, the LEGO Minifigure, and the Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group. © 20__ The LEGO Group. [/list] • Designs must be “family-friendly,” and appropriate for all ages. • All inquiries from RLUGs concerning the above must be forwarded to LEGO Community Engagement - AFOL Relations & Programs, represented by Community Managers Jan Beyer (Europe and Pacific), Kim Ellekjaer Thomsen (Online), Jacky Chen (Asia) or Paul Striefler (Americas) for prior approval. Other LEGO Group employees, or dealers of LEGO products, are not authorized to deal with these inquiries, nor may they grant permission for use of any LEGO IP assets. • NOTE: This policy applies only to the use of LEGO Characters on AFOL fan event t-shirts. It does not give permission for other uses of LEGO Minifigures and other LEGO characters. LEGO characters may not be printed on posters, banners, signs, or other promotional materials for RLUG organized events. • The LEGO Group may terminate this policy at any time. [u][b]2. Use of the LEGO® trademark in RLUG names and RLUG organized event names prohibited.[/b][/u] [u]RLUG name[/u]: You may not include the LEGO® name in an RLUG name, nor may the LEGO trademark be used as part of a website domain name. [u]RLUG organized event name[/u]: You may not include the LEGO name in a fan event name, nor in the domain name of a RLUG organized event web site. Use of the LEGO name is permitted in a sub-heading for a RLUG organized event, but must be confined to “descriptive use” (e.g.: “Brickfair: a LEGO® Fan Event”). Note that the red square LEGO® logo is for the exclusive use of the LEGO Group. The provision of material support by the LEGO Community Engagement Team does not constitute sponsorship by the LEGO Group, and does not entitle the RLUG to use the LEGO logo in connection with an RLUG event. [u][b]3. Use of LEGO IP in RLUG logo, trademark registration or incorporation of RLUG names[/b][/u] RLUGs may refer to themselves as “Recognized LEGO® User Groups” [u]in addition[/u] to their own RLUG name, provided that their RLUG name is the prominent part of the name. RLUGs may use depictions of LEGO bricks, and LEGO knobs (or “studs”) in their logos. This provision applies only to RLUGs that are non-commercial in nature. [u]The LEGO logo. LEGO Minifigures or other LEGO characters. or anlparts thereof can never be used in [/u][u]RLUG logos.[/u] When an RLUG wants to become incorporated or wants to seek trademark registration of their RLUG name or logo, then the guidelines in the first two sentences of this Section 3 no longer apply. RLUGs seeking to incorporate should choose a new name and logo that does not include the “LEGO” name and, if there is to be a logo, the new entity’s logo should not feature LEGO Group trademarks such as LEGO bricks, the LEGO knob (or “stud”), or the LEGO Minifigure. [/quote] We're fine!
  10. The first named is settled - the café in LEGO House will be called “Brickaccino”! So now we need to get our brains going again! Here´s the info from [b]Jan Bayer[/b]: [quote]Hi all, I got a message from my LEGO House colleagues and they call for more input from your side with a quite short deadline. "Thank you very much to every RLUG that has contributed with handing in suggestions on how the Food & Beverage areas in LEGO House should be named. Out of the input we have already found the first name: We will name the café in LEGO House “Brickaccino”! Now we would like to get your additional input. Having a café named “Brickaccino”, how could our other 2 areas be called? To remind you: LEGO House will have three areas for Food & Beverages. The working title for the three areas are Café, Family restaurant and The Mezzanine. Each area has its own concept. The Café - Brickaccino The Café is a trendy food & beverage area providing easy to pick refreshments to the LEGO House guests. You will spend approx. 15 min in the Café to enjoy a good coffee, lemonade or a glass of beer or wine while you are having a snack, sandwich or a piece of cake. You can order from a display of prepared food. The Family restaurant The Family restaurant is the place to eat lunch or dinner for families visiting the LEGO House. You are building your meal with bricks and your build is scanned to the kitchen. The delivery of your meal will be a true and amazing LEGO experience never seen before. You will spend approx. 45-60 min in the Family restaurant. The Mezzanine The Mezzanine is the place to go for an evening out with business partners or friends. It provides fine dining with a fun and subtle LEGO twist. You spend +90 min in this culinary gastronomy to enjoy high-level food and spend quality time with your network. We are looking for names that align with the “Brickaccino” and are easily understandable also outside the LEGO Fan community. I am looking forward to recieve very creative and cool input from many of you! Thank you very much in advance. Jan[/quote]
  11. [quote name='KyleG666' timestamp='1471980786' post='2643002'] I have been using peeron or similar sites to find out which sets I have. Most sets that ive come across so far have fairly unique parts so its fairly easy to pinpoint exactly which set the part is lies the issue...what ever this thing is, has no unique parts so im unsure if it is a set or just creation of the previous owner etc. [/quote] So just look up a part on Bricklink, like this one that you can see in the picture: [img][/img] [url=""]Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with 1 Stud (Jumper)[/url] Check on the right side under Known Colors. Only 7 sets! Click [url=""]Sand Green[/url] and you´ll see the sets. From there you can miss which one you´re holding! And please use capital letters when starting a new sentence and so on.
  12. [img][/img] Rebrick is running a new fun competition. Head over to the [url=""]Embassy[/url] forum and get more details!
  13. From [b]Mette Hansen[/b], TLG: [quote]Hi all, We’re excited to kick-off the weekend with another new contest on LEGO Rebrick, this one focusing on the 31051 Lighthouse Point and the LEGO Creator app! Lighthouse Point is made up of module sections, which can be rearranged and rebuilt to create countless unique models. We invite you to design your own module for the Lighthouse Point, or rebuild of an existing module, and show us 360 degrees of it using the LEGO Creator app! The grand prize for this contest is all 2016 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets, included a lighthouse point set signed by the LEGO designer. The contest ends October 7th, please let your RLUG members know! Visit the URL for more information: [url=""][/url] As always please let us know if you have any questions:-) Best, Mette [/quote] So you might want to join in the fun? Make a cool model, post it in our [url=""]Town forum[/url] and head over to Rebrick! [u]Q&A[/u] Q - are digital entries ok? A - digital entries are welcome. The submission has to be a 360 turn around view video of your build so you will need to find a solution for the digital model.
  14. Done!