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  1. Go here to continue talking about this awesome set!
  2. Great set, great review, surprisingly light on the wallet !
  3. Hi! In the Eurobricks Günzburg event building challenge that you can see the pics here, I built the famous swedish childrens character Pippi Longstocking: I´m glad I could use the carrot part as part of the hair also! And yes, it´s up on Ideas if you want to have a "closer" look !
  4. And it's gone! Can't find him or his other projects either.
  5. Thanks! And if you can - spread the word!
  6. Great pics ! Thanks for a great event together, I really had a good time and it´s always a pleasure to meet other members!
  7. Peppy and I have arrived at Günzburg station - were is the limo ?
  8. No, use runestones !
  9. Nice! Some info about the character, maybe a small picture!?
  10. I land 14.55, I guess that's to long of a wait!
  11. Finished! Lots of orange & yellow in my character !
  12. 9 to go !
  13. Easter update - feel free to support !