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  1. Smaller then expect but I'll be picking it up anyway - grand carousel was out of my budget so this will be a great substitute.
  2. YES YES YES!!!! Can't wait for a new fairground set!!!
  3. Has anybody seen these before? Pretty neat! http://Www.bricktees.com
  4. Love it nice work!
  5. Does the Aztec line / figures not count or the Tribal minifigures we have seen in the CMF range?
  6. I just made a flat car that could hold my iPhone. I put that on the front / middle or back of the train depending on the shot I want! https://youtu.be/U9X1wL1cNEA https://youtu.be/9vA9Y8Z9jGg
  7. wow beautiful looking station with nice design! love it!
  8. I'll be grabbing this but making the dragster longer... it just looks way out of proportion - it might work as lower class like modified or something but its definitely not a top fuel dragster
  9. Worldwide shipping - a few conversations on the Kickstarter page about shipping prices which have been addressed and a good response as well. They are doing a great job responding to people and keeping everyone up to date. Looking forward to what the future holds for them!
  10. I think i have already pestered you guys with enough questions via facebook haha
  11. Well it reached its funding goal in 5 days!! Lots of support out there for a lego roller coaster!
  12. I missed out on the Roller Coaster factory hence why I jumped all over this. I'm working in LDD to convert the main pieces to actual lego so I can sub them out once we get the kits next year, I've been searching for years for a Factory set but have never seen them pop on on secondary market. I was one of the 1st backers of the campaign - I couldn't miss out this time haha!
  13. Hopefully ok to post here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nanocoasters/the-cyclone-lego-compatible-roller-coaster-constru New project on kickstarter from the same guys that did the Rollercoaster Factory kit a few years ago. I'm not affiliated at all but I've been chasing a Rollercoaster Factory kit for years so I'm backing this!
  14. While it does look like a caboose the designer actually calls it a passenger car in the video.. Buy 2 of the sets and expand them is probably what I will do
  15. 4-2-0 just looks weird - I'll buy it still or x2 but to me it should at least be a 4-4-0 and seeing as they already have the design I would have thought that would be easier.