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  1. He's selling a classic conservative agenda with an anti-war 'twist' to wheel in some Democrats and separate him from pro-war Republicans, even though even most Reps are too smart to attach themselves to it by this point. Just going to his website, he essentially compares immigrants to terrorists. Also, the anti-abortion stance is a dead giveaway for a 'moral' Christian conservative platform, indicating an anti-gay marriage stance and more support for church tax breaks, especially added to his classic Republican tax cut vote-winner stance. In my opinion, he's only popular because all the Christian Republicans need someone to attach to now that Dubya is dried up and mostly everybody realizes it was a bad idea to elect him. So, no thanks. I'm crossing my fingers for Biden.
  2. Anything good on the LEGO end of things near Brussels?
  3. I'll be buying this.
  4. Hey all, First post in a while (been pretty busy with life).
  5. It's a parody of all those really bad snake movies. Absolutely hilarious.
  6. Everyone thought Spongebob would be crap, but it turned out to be good. I'm reserving judgment on the Aqua Raiders, but looking forward to seeing them.
  7. Thanks guys, it was a great one. :)
  8. The French action movie District B-13. Excellent. Best action movie of the year.
  9. A lot of people had doubts about the casting in Batman Begins, but it turned out to be fantastic. I'm not going to judge the movie until it's released.
  10. I like it. I also like that they've started making large NON Star Wars sculptures of vehicles. Maybe in the future, this will lead to more interesting things. And I agree... lighten up, people.
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't think this is going to happen. Batman is a good line for LEGO because there are lots of gagets and vehicles LEGO can make sets out of but Superman has super powers unlike Batman so he doesn't need technology, thus kind of boring to playwith, just one minifig to fight evil. Furthermore, there couldn't be many sets that were recognizably Superman sets that LEGO could make. Anything's possible.
  12. Helmet - Indian. Head - Lando Calrissian backwards, or TIE Pilot. Torso - Chewbacca and others. Neck accessory - brown cape, Blacksmith Shop. Legs - standard brown legs. That's what I see...
  13. I think I heard somewhere that that Space keychain is coming back.
  14. Wow, the nostalgia.
  15. I love LEGO keychains. Right now on my keychain I have a classic Majisto one I got back in '94 or so, the standard 2x4 red brick, and a 1x6 red brick with the Brickjournal logo engraved that Joe Meno gave to me. Looking forward to adding Batman to it soon! (hopefully)