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  1. We got it in the post credits scene along with those lovely yellow gloves
  2. That would be pretty cool, although we do already have the Infinity Gauntlet racer from the Mighty Micros set It better not remain the same, you look at the photo and you can see the classic Dr Strange costume is there
  3. But then you could just use any generic head or hair for Bruce Wayne. Unless you're referring to the BvS/JL Bruce with stubble, in that case there isn't really a great head to match
  4. You could just get the Catwoman set, its only £20, thats real cheap
  5. Poison Ivy at least would have the biggest chance at reappearing I would think, all the others had their own set/s, but Ivy only appeared in the Shuttler, they could still be some hope yet
  6. Looking at the photos of this Ninjago CMF, a couple of ideas for piece usage: GPL Tech torso/legs: Cisco Ramon Gong and Guitar Rocker hair: Apache Chief
  7. The only disappointment is that these figures will likely never see the light of day, can't wait to see whats in store next
  8. Me to my brother the other day; "You know who I want to see as the bad guys in Spider Man 2? Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter. Kravens a pretty big villain, and Mysterio is really badass, out of all the villains we haven't seen in Spideys rogues, I wanna see them pop up next." One day later; "Sony to release solo Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter spin off films" Me: "Well &$?#!"
  9. From what I've seen through the pictures, yeah the design does look pretty good. And out of many of SDCC figures, I would probably want her the most, design wise
  10. Why don't you ask that to people who actually own the official Phoenix figure? Probably 3 or 4 on the forum
  11. At best Manhunter would probably get a general Justice League villain to face if anything. Like the Marvel ones, Iron Man and Hulk have their own villains, but Thanos and Ultron are generally Avengers villains (I get that its different as Manhunter doesn't have a well known rogues gallery)
  12. Swear these intervals get longer and longer No sweat buddy, take your time
  13. Nah SDCC ruins the fun, the idea of these exclusives is practically a joke
  14. DC - Batman Rebirth Marvel - Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider