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  1. That's why I had to have Town Plan.
  2. Sticker on a transclear brick?
  3. Maybe there's more to come. The Friends calendar pic is almost empty and there is more room on this one to. I can't find 24 items either. 16+ are there, but i think it's not complete yet.
  4. More pics on reddit. Friends skilift looks great. All the adventcalendars are there. 4 containers on the cargo truck. The storage shed holds palets that you can put in the containers with the forklifts. You can lift the containers with a small crane vehicle similar to the one in the technic container terminal.
  5. Is the advent calendar prelim also on 4chan?
  6. 4chan, haven't found the advent calendar though
  7. Busstation set seems to colorful(green, yellow, black, white, lime, red). It also contains 2 bikes and a wheelchair. Cargo terminal comes with truck and trailer, 2 types of forklifts, about six opensided containers, a storage unit for containers and a barrier with a booth
  8. 14 minifigs. 1 of the voleyballplayers is all yellow except for the hip/loin piece. And an Icecreamstand
  9. Hello everybody, I'm John from the Netherlands. I'm mostly into Town (most of my birthday and Sinterklaas presents throughout the eighties where lego). My collection was very vehicle heavy. 4440 Forest Police Station brought me out of my dark Ages. It was pure Twin Peaks. The first pictures of 60026 Town Square and the 60008 Pearl Earring painting closed the case: I was addicted again. Since then I've treated my sons (2008, 2012, 2016) to the things i'd never have gotten (Town Square, Parisian Restaurant, Kwik E Mart, Winter Village Cottage, Fairground Mixer), but they have their own taste (Star Wars, Chima, Ninjago, Nexo Knights) and of course The Lego Movie taught us that we have to respect that ;-) I've been lurking here since 2013 and started posting occasionaly last fall. I'm mainly here to keep up with the news and rumors for upcoming sets. Together with Brickset, Jangbricks and Brickwatch it helps to maximise the amount of desired bricks and figures for my budget (knowing whats next helps to decide what sets to want and when to buy them). My main interest is in arthouse cinema, and running one is my profession. Keep up the good work, my fellow eurobrickians. It's a wellinformed and mostly adultfriendly lego safe-haven...
  11. Maybe a maskless swimring and an ice-cream cart come with the 31067 poolside holiday
  12. So no TLBM style rubberduck swimring?
  13. There is a five number gap between the action suits and the nexo power sets...
  14. A coast guard ambulance perhaps? Legomilk mentioned an ambulance
  15. So, more boats. That means one of the others is an ambulance...