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  1. Secret Diary The other one is The Book of Spinjitzu as you've already guessed
  2. Its Macy's Bot Drop Dragon. There is a one number (70360) gap between the robo-hood set and the drop bot dragon, but we haven't heard rumors of another exclusive...
  3. 70613 is named garmaddon's shark mech according to brickset It wasn't in the catalogue so its an exclusive in at least some areas. However it is the only exclusive whose name was leaked
  4. Most durable is a mistranslation of "duurste" which means most expensive
  5. It probably means that they were right­čść
  6. This book limits the term minifigures to a character that has at least 2 of the following three elements: Minifigure head, minifigure torso, minifigure legs. By that definition a minifigure with a cakeshaped torso with the brickster-arms would comply if it had a normal head and standard legs
  7. In this case is it was not about leaking the set pic, but about matching the description of some minifigs mentioned with imagery from the film. And because some people don't want to get spoilered, the content was hidden.
  8. To be fair: the image was in spoilertags
  9. Usualy Brickset doesn't list box size and weight for d2c's (this data probably comes either from a specific store inventory database, or from retailer catalogues.) While being a huge set (the Ocean Monument weighs 1.86kg acc to Brickset), this would point to retail (exclusive) availability.
  10. In Germany the Retail Excusives are also in the Brand Catalogue, so the German market treat exclusives differently,that would point towards the 8+3 argument. The missing numbers point to 11+3. Because of the movie release being delayed, other sets in this sequence would have been revealed by now. So how about 8+3 for the summer, plus 3 more for winter =14
  11. That's why I had to have Town Plan.
  12. Sticker on a transclear brick?
  13. Maybe there's more to come. The Friends calendar pic is almost empty and there is more room on this one to. I can't find 24 items either. 16+ are there, but i think it's not complete yet.
  14. More pics on reddit. Friends skilift looks great. All the adventcalendars are there. 4 containers on the cargo truck. The storage shed holds palets that you can put in the containers with the forklifts. You can lift the containers with a small crane vehicle similar to the one in the technic container terminal.
  15. Is the advent calendar prelim also on 4chan?