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  1. My favorite is the 2006 light gray and black Batman, it's such a classic and reminds me of those days. Modifying the spooky boy legs and putting them on that Batman really help the suit look even better.
  2. That does look a bit like Alfred's limo driver outfit, except with the bat logos and mask of course. This will be his second bat outfit if that's him.
  3. Man, I have all of those but only half of them are in the greatest condition. Especially the robins and Alfred's head did not survive my way of storing figures when I was younger, just sticking them all in a plastic basket.
  4. That's got to be one of the best minifigure packs I've ever seen! Ive been looking to change my GCPD from the old black City uniforms, and the arm printing and new pair of dual molded legs are great.
  5. The best I could find is this one by LordAllo on Flickr, which also shows the original minifigure. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/141220843@N07/31956969585/
  6. i was never big on all these suits in the first place except for the lobster/robes and the rubber duck variants. I remember when this movie was announced, they talked about how they'd acknowledge the different eras of Batman, and that got me excited for the possibility of stuff based on the 1966, Tim Burton, Schumacher, and maybe even the Mask of the Phantasm films. The ridiculous suits are funny for the movie but not something I'd actually want physically, especially when half of them are tuxedos. I'll even bet that all these suits only appear in the movie for that one batcave scene they keep showing in the trailers.
  7. Yeah, it's getting quite irritating when people start acting like they are entitled to information/news/leaks or new sets when they aren't available within the first day they're released, like seriously? Anyway, I am curious about Drax's color because he looks light gray to me yet some are saying that he's sand green.
  8. Toys r us in my area has already filled their shelves with every set of the first wave, although I'm not sure if they raise prices there as a lot of people say they do.
  9. I honestly don't get the hype for baby groot, I mean I guess he's cute if not kind of forced...I dunno. I'd rather they'd make a regular, minifig sized adult groot. Anyway, I'm thinking they'll use the baby body mold with a new head mold.
  10. We never see any movie sets in the catalogue, huh? I think the only exception was the wave of Ultron sets.
  11. Guys, I think Tears of Batman is the first figure to have yellow hips in such a long time. That gives me hope for Hawkgirl and other characters that would need them.
  12. the thing with the super jumpers is that you're not supposed to jam the legs in, but rather press down on the super jumper BEFORE fitting in the legs of the minifigure, that's how they slip in and then stay on tight. I still wouldn't use them at all since their point is to throw the figure at something and nobody wants cracks or print damage in their figures. Anyway, it does look like the blaster feature would cause arms to crack, especially white, tan, flesh and brown arms. Those colors I always see cracks on.
  13. i think he meant the pricing, it does get annoying when all everyone is doing is the talking about pricing.
  14. Oh, that makes even better sense then.
  15. I agree with you, it seems that they've been using comic, movie and tv show influences under the Avnegers Assemble brand, which is so great, and this also shows in the Spider-Man sets too. The best example; the Red Skull tank set seemed like Lego based it off The First Avenger. I do think it makes sense that they gave Hammer the Detroit Steel armor, as I do remember him being surrounded by American flag imagery in IM2.