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  1. Wow, I remember back in like 2012, a lot of people talked about how one of those build your own adventure sets with green lantern and a bunch of transparent green pieces would be fitting, and now it's actually a thing, and with John Stuart!
  2. Am I the only one that thinks that the face of the comic Vulture looks somewhat like Michael Keaton, just with white eyebrows and age spots? I know it'd be inaccurate to use for the MCU version and I'd rather have an actual Keaton likeness, but if Lego were to reuse a head I think the comic Vulture would be suitable.
  3. That's what I thought as well! Because I just bought the BvS version like last week, assuming she'd be exactly the same in this set. I still don't know which shades of colors I prefer, but at least the set looks worth it, both Ares and the plane look so nicely built.
  4. Those red and yellow legs could also be combined with a white hip piece and used on Deadshot. Also Shazam if you're one of the lucky few. Booster Gold has yellow pants with blue boots, so an inverse of those legs would be better, although I'm gonna use those blue and yellow legs on classic Thor.
  5. Has anyone tried a different head for marvel's Sandman? I feel like either Kiteman or Philip Swift from pirates of the Caribbean would work well, and I'd love to see either of those combinations if possible.
  6. I think Vulture is completely fine. Scorpion could have used some printing along with darker green dual molded legs, but I feel like Black Panther and Falcon suffered the worst.
  7. Loki' face looks like it has a better likeness of Tom Hiddleston even from these blurry images. I'm glad Bruce is more normal looking, his torso will surely be useful. I can't say that anything else is really catching my eye. It's cool that Thor has a helmet, but i don't think it'd work as well on the comic figure.
  8. Lego, please be involved in this, please! At least something that gets us figures from the first movie! I'm really getting ahead of myself, but the Simpsons theme was because of that show's 25th anniversary as well, and they got two sets and two series of CMFs.
  9. Yeah, I was going to say that maybe either the BvS Superman hair or the spiked up Hawkeye hair in dark grey might work. The Jameson hair is the best option now. We need a new slicked back hair piece that's similar to those of President Business and the LBM Joker, just not as wacky as either of those pieces.
  10. We finally get Goldblum, and I have to say that I do like the face, he's even got those cheek lines sort of like in the Jurassic World game. I think it's the eyebrows that make it look off, they should be slightly longer. The biggest problem is the hairpiece, it's not the best especially when you've got about 3 other options that could've looked better. With some modification, it'd still make for a good Lost World Malcolm custom.
  11. I'm sure it's confirmed that the builds are a giant Ares and a plane...
  12. Now to think of it, only Marion looked normal. Willie's head could pass off as Harleen Quinzel and Elsa looked plain evil. Which reminds me, 2008 Harley had blue eyes as well since she was based off the animated series. Steve's torso looks great, although it looks sand green instead of olive, but that could be just the lighting.
  13. I agree, I think the head could work but the symbol and belt are just too large. I don't know how I feel about Trevor reusing the Captain America face, I had been wondering about what I'd reuse that head for on the DC side yet a new head with different looking cheekbones would have been better. I can't wait to see the torso though, an olive green jacket print sounds great. I remember the good old days of Indiana Jones, where Marion and the other female characters had blue eyes, probably the only time normal humans were given different colored eyes.
  14. More like best example as to why useless speculation should stop. I get it when we have something concrete like Mera and Gordon being in the film and speculating if they'll be in sets, but the hall of justice? That's not even a rumor about the film, just something out of the blue that will cause even more confusion. Sorry if I'm rambling, but this has already gotten on my nerves in the Marvel thread and I don't want to see the DC one get to that point. Anyway, so Ares huh? It'll be cool to see how they pull him off as a brick built figure, seeing as his headgear is more elaborate than Giant-Man's.
  15. I love the signs referencing Anton Furst, Black Canary as another DC hero singer, and the Harvey Dent one as well, that last one is a bit somber. It's so cool to see all these designs! Interesting to see that Penguin had that larger, wider smile with sharp teeth that Joker ended up with, which now that I think of is actually a bit burton art style inspired. I am happy with everyone's final designs, except Man-Bat, I mean really? The design team didn't even bother or see any potential for bigger wings? Reusing the piece that Batman uses in his jet packs would have been perfectly fine.