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  1. I love the signs referencing Anton Furst, Black Canary as another DC hero singer, and the Harvey Dent one as well, that last one is a bit somber. It's so cool to see all these designs! Interesting to see that Penguin had that larger, wider smile with sharp teeth that Joker ended up with, which now that I think of is actually a bit burton art style inspired. I am happy with everyone's final designs, except Man-Bat, I mean really? The design team didn't even bother or see any potential for bigger wings? Reusing the piece that Batman uses in his jet packs would have been perfectly fine.
  2. You know, I'm actually glad John Stewart isn't the exclusive figure of that book, it makes me more hopeful that he'll appear in an unannounced set, or maybe as a shop@home polybag promo. If that Wonder Woman has some kind of exclusive expression, than she might be desirable, otherwise I'm fine with just the classic and BvS versions.
  3. No, please no, anything but that stud shooter! I looked at the image again and you're right about the placement of the stud, but it doesn't look as if he's holding the handle of a gun or piece. I'm leaning towards a new piece now, maybe even a new arm mold as someone said earlier, if we've just been interpreting the hand wrong.
  4. Except it was barely the second movie, but let's not veer into this topic. I'm just wondering how Cyborg's arm cannon will be handled on the minifigure. It looks like a handheld accessory from the blurry picture, and the closest piece I can think of is that one female ghostbusters cannon in that one dimensions story pack, yet I'm not sure if that piece would look so good.
  5. I don't believe that, It's just that we haven't had a good print on that new mask. We only have the ANAD and mighty micros face prints to go off of so far. We need a perfect, classic, red and yellow Iron man that uses that helmet printed with three rectangles for the eyes and mouth.
  6. I feel like people would like this new one better if it had the classic comic iron man face printed on it, and no I don't count the weird micros version.
  7. Nah, the colors would have to be reversed, as in yellow legs with red boots.
  8. A bit off topic, but the new beach set from the city theme has a pair of blue dual molded legs with yellow boots, which would surely improve the 2014 classic Thor figure.
  9. I just noticed that the cop with the dual mold legs has printing that makes it look like he's wearing a trench coat! I've been wanting an outfit like that for my GCPD since that's similar to how they appeared in the Tim Burton films, now I need that pack!
  10. Yeah, that's what I meant. He wasn't always that dark, he used to be more of a tragic villain really, but if Lego has no problem making Joker, Killer Croc and Tarantula, I dont see them holding back on Mad Hatter.
  11. Hatter? Not so much if the right version is used, which isn't hard at all as he has a family friendly gimmick. Unlike Zsasz and Pyg, who straight up just slice up and kill people .
  12. Nope, sadly. A lot of figures could really use them too, like Green Lantern, Sinestro, Captain Cold, Martian Manhunter, Man-Bat, Deadshot just to name a few. It's so weird especially on the lanterns and in the Lego Batman movie trailers, you see Tarantula having dual molded black legs with yellow boots yet the released figure doesn't have them. Those legs would have been so useful for Sinestro.
  13. These sets aren't terrible but they're not outstanding either. In terms of figures, yeah I guess baby groot looks cool, but they really made a mistake using grey armor suits for star lord and gamora although I blame that on the movie itself. I still think rocket looks weird standing next to other short minifigures, and Yondu's face looks so accurate even from the blurry images we have so far.
  14. My favorite is the 2006 light gray and black Batman, it's such a classic and reminds me of those days. Modifying the spooky boy legs and putting them on that Batman really help the suit look even better.
  15. That does look a bit like Alfred's limo driver outfit, except with the bat logos and mask of course. This will be his second bat outfit if that's him.