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  1. Oh, I know that, I was trying to tell that to people that thought you were a source. Although I guess Duncan knows things now, I gotta start hunting down what he's said!
  2. But it was Duncan Young that said puns and Numbuh1Nerd that suggested how the Aquaman hair would look good on Lobo
  3. Man, I remember back when lego released the 2008 tumbler set that was straight up just Batman stopping Joker from poisoning people with ice cream made with his toxin, with the stickers listing flavors such as rigor mortis soft ice. None of this steamroller nonsense! Anyway, I like how one comment that made puns just blew up this thread. I'm pretty sure the guy knows nothing, guys.
  4. Wow, I like that they actually gave Aquaman the streaks on his new hairpiece!
  5. Meh, Shocker use gauntlets that still show his hands or fists. Unless the ones he uses in the movie look more accurate that way, of which I'm not aware of since I'm not actively looking at any trailers.
  6. There have been many instances of printing on dual molding, examples being the MCU Spider-Man and every other collectible minifigure. So I don't buy it being a technical difficulty, and there have been far more elaborately detailed prints on dual molded legs before.
  7. Are you kidding me with those legs? I thought we were getting one of the most detailed Batman figures to date, but nope. At least the printed hips can be salvaged and have the dual molded legs placed on them.
  8. Am I the only one who wants a helmet for a classic Cap? Probably because I don't care too much for MCU figures anymore, but i'd really like a bright blue helmet with the white spread out wings. And dual molded blue and white arms while we're at it!
  9. Heh, they did end up reusing the comic Vulture head. It did remind me of Keaton when I saw it for the first time.
  10. Wow, the face is simple yet really resembles Ezra Miller! I never got why people had a problem with the smile, it looked perfectly fine just as it does now. The detailing on the torso and legs looks really great, as well as that cowl!
  11. I rarely get any Bat vehicle sets anymore, so I wasn't looking forward to the flying fox and airship sets anyway. Both at least look pretty cool, I would have especially loved the airship's batmobile drop function as a kid. The Atlantis set interests me, since I've been wanting to build some underwater ruins alongside the ones that came in the Black Manta set. The newer figures are the real draws here, as Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and even the parademons look great so far! Steppenwolf looks promising, much better than groot, but I feel like we need a better look at him, as well as every figure.
  12. The Thor mask would have looked weird, unless it was printed against a different colored head than light nougat, which actually may not be a good idea after all.
  13. Wow, I remember back in like 2012, a lot of people talked about how one of those build your own adventure sets with green lantern and a bunch of transparent green pieces would be fitting, and now it's actually a thing, and with John Stuart!
  14. Am I the only one that thinks that the face of the comic Vulture looks somewhat like Michael Keaton, just with white eyebrows and age spots? I know it'd be inaccurate to use for the MCU version and I'd rather have an actual Keaton likeness, but if Lego were to reuse a head I think the comic Vulture would be suitable.
  15. That's what I thought as well! Because I just bought the BvS version like last week, assuming she'd be exactly the same in this set. I still don't know which shades of colors I prefer, but at least the set looks worth it, both Ares and the plane look so nicely built.