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  1. Yay, I've been wanting Terrence Stamp Zod! If it's true at least. Jor-El should be cool too, I'd hope he'd have some robe printing under the armor they put on him for some reason.
  2. I was looking through clips of the movie and now I want Joker's vacation outfit from the end credits because he's got his tropical shirt from the killing joke!
  3. Exactly my thoughts. I'm just hoping this is yet another sign that Xmen stuff isn't that out of the question.
  4. Pffff, im just glad it's another CW figure. Hopefully this trend continues for as long as Lego keeps doing these exclusives.
  5. Same, honestly I'd rather we continue to get inspiration for characters and, like you said, locations in comic/animated based sets rather than getting them directly based on any live action shows.
  6. I doubt it's licensed to solely WB, it was reused in an orangish color on an archer minifigure from the team gb cmf series. Other than that, we can only guess that they simply decided to budget certain pieces to save costs, like they've been doing to Lex Luthor by giving him 2012 Bruce Wayne's head for the third time.
  7. Marvel has been getting at least 9-10 sets since 2014, so unless something changes this year, I think Marvel is safely getting everything, at least movie wise. We've only got Aquaman as a DCEU release in 2018, so there's plenty of room for sets from that movie and the comic sets. As for animated Spider-Man, its a mixed bag for the TV show, as in we'll probably see some inspiration once in a while just like we did for "ultimate" spider sets. But the Miles Morales movie is completely off the table, since it's being made by Sony. I haven't heard about any kind of involvement from Marvel or Disney, and since they hold the merchandise rights, they are not going to promote a film they have no involvement in.
  8. I don't think so, in the clear images we have, it looks like the pieces just sit on top of the minifigure hand like a stud. I feel like the descriptions would mention if they actually shoot, since all they say is that they're included for customization.
  9. Yay, I'm liking all these figures! Although another disappointment for those wanting Flash and Reverse Flash are that the symbols don't match.
  10. I really want to see clearer pictures of Cheetah, Firestorm, Lobo, and Killer Frost's other face. I'm glad they gave Cheetah a tail, but I hope they printed spots on her face since they didn't print on her arms.
  11. I think so, I can't think of any other example.
  12. Actually that's the zombie businessman hair, which is an even better hairpiece now that you mention it.
  13. So I found an image of Rebirth Killer Frost, which is where they based the figure on: Maybe the spooky boy hair would've been better.
  14. Can't help that the main draw of Superhero sets are the figures, the characters. I think it's reasonable, although i can see when it's excessive, like when people thought the 1966 Mr Freeze should've had them.
  15. Welp, looks like I'm gonna have to get some Bart Simpson arms and red+yellow dual molded legs for Firestorm. I'd probably give Killer Frost the Quicksilver hair and Syndrome legs. Cheetah needs a different hairpiece, maybe even different legs from Chima. Flash and Reverse Flash are disappointing without the dual molded legs, but Krypton and Lobo are great! Lex and Wonder Woman are interesting, and it's cool that we have all kinds of new blast pieces!