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  1. Other than the ugly builds, grandmaster does not even look like grandmaster and why not just give him the George stacy hair? Would rather have had a decent heimdal figure than that. Other than grandmaster i Think the figures are good but what is up with thors khatanas? Really? I really do not understand what these designers are doing and why they get to continue... I loved collecting LEGO (mostly Star wars and Marvel) but in these newer Waves in both Lines sets are so underwhelming! At first i bought most sets anyway because that is just what i have always done but now i have lost interest and i am definetaly not going to buy sets anymore unless they are really good.
  2. Okay i Saw something about an at-at and tried to find other posts about it but could not so sorry for asking but are we getting a new at-at or what?
  3. Because i thought it was a nice geture to let you know that they are out there. But on the other hand it was totally not worth it because of people like you. And i do not know if you can read but i clearly wrote that i do not have the pictures and i cannot fint them again therefore i actually do not know if they still are out there. i have described the sets and that is it from me. When the pictures become viral you will see that i was right. It was on my iphone and i am always on private browser there.
  4. If you are so smart why do you not just find them and post them ? Why should i even show them to you when you are such a brick? :)
  5. To be honest i am not actually sure if they are still out there because i did not save them and now i cannot find them again... but trust me just as i wrote On one pic: you can see the tank, 2 White figures and 2 battledroids. on the other pic: transformation chamber (consists mostly of gray and White pieces), 1 old republic Sith trooper (stand in for vader), 2 medical droids and 1 probe droid. when the pics get more viral you will see that i was not lying.
  6. I clearly wrote "the builds" i am not talking about the packaging. You can see the tank in 1 set and the other set is the transformation "room" with 2 medic droids (1 medic droid is build as a human and 1 medic droid is like the droid we Got in the old transformation set) and you can also see that we get one of those flying small ball shaped probe droids. The other figures are just stand in figures. i cannot give you hints where to find them other than that they are out there in respect for the Mods.
  7. New pictures of the summer sets are out there where you can see the builds but not the figs just so you know
  8. Got my order yesterday which i purchased 2 months ago... World minifigures are really pushing it
  9. It is just a 95% copy of the green a-wing from 75150...
  10. Yes they were on sale you should definitely check out the stores
  11. Some stores have them even though it does not say on the internet. Here in Denmark i found the battle packs and the u-wing in a random BR.
  12. No headpiece for the skiff guard? Come on...
  13. How is LEGO stores black friday going to be? Just ekstra VIP points or also some savings?
  14. Wait i am pretty sure i once read that we would get a big fig bane but do not remember if it was for the winter of summer wave. we are gertting a big fig bane right?
  15. Wait i am pretty sure i once read that we would get a big fig bane but do not remember if it was for the winter of summer wave. we are gertting a big fig bane right?