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  1. In this video, go to 17:45 to hear the bit about the large Christmas model that is being designed. He actually says that the model will be out in December. So I don't think he is referring to a Winter Village model. I think it is some other theme that will just happen to be released in December.
  2. It depends on how big those road pieces are. They appear to be equivalent to 32x32 studs (although it's clear they have no studs on them). It also appears that they might match up perfectly with the existing road plates for sale, in terms of the width of the road versus the curb. If that's the case, then I might give them a try. As others have said, if they are cardboard, they won't last long in my house. We had several of the other cardboard play mats (Friends Heartlake City) and it was quickly degraded to rubbage. And finally, I suppose those 2x2 squares in the corner of each road piece is so that actual bricks can be inserted, thus providing some point for Lego bricks and plates to be mated with the road pieces.
  3. We do not have mountain police in the U.S. We have park rangers, but they are mostly interested in safety and code enforcement (I think). Anyhow, they are not a police force, they don't chase bad guys in the traditional Lego City sense. When I lived in Oregon, I had a friend who was a police officer, and he patrolled some areas in the forest where there were lots of campers, etc. But there was no mountain-specific police force. This is probably true everywhere, but in the U.S., you really only find police where there are lots of people. Not in mountains, or swamps, etc.
  4. That cardboard Christmas tree is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in an official Lego set. Wow! That is awful!
  5. This is from the store in Raleigh, NC, USA. Most of the pieces were familiar as being on the wall in other stores for a long time. It was the medium azure 4x6 plates that caught my eye as being new (at least for me).
  6. I think we now know what the term "Modular" means with respect to the new Creator houses. This image just posted to Brickset clearly show the three new Creator homes (31067, 31068, and 31069) combined into one large house.
  7. So what is the deal with the steps? I have seen lots of carousels in my life, but I never saw steps as a feature. Animals and sleighs are common. But steps? Are these supposed to be some sort of 'magical steps'? Has anyone ever seen this on an actual carousel?
  8. The flat side of the base plate that the carousel sits on is 24 studs. That's not counting the width resulting from the diagonal pieces. So I suspect the footprint of this model is about a 32 x 32 baseplate. I think the diagonal pieces are 8x8 wedge plates. So the square footprint of this carousel (including the green grass surrounding it) would be 40x40 studs. I think this thing is bigger than it looks in that photo.
  9. I just noticed something of interest on the boxes of the new Creator houses to be released in summer 2017. If you look at the photos that were taken at the NY Toy Fair (posted on many websites), the boxes reveal more information than what was revealed from the German toy fair. Here are the 3 sets with their titles: 31069 Modular Family Villa 31067 Modular Poolside Holiday 31068 Modular Modern Home What does the term "modular" refer to? Will each of these three homes have interchangeable sections? If you recall, the small Creator train, race car, and air show sets released this year have interchangeable parts (which in my opinion was poorly executed). Or will it be like the Lighthouse released last year in which each section of the lighthouse and roof can be interchanged into many different forms? Has this already been discussed (I couldn't find any discussion on it)? Any thoughts as to how this will work? Can anything be inferred from the photos as to how these homes will be 'modular'? Here's a link to one of the sites with very good NY Toy Fair photos: http://www.brothers-brick.com/2017/02/18/summer-lego-creator-sets-revealed-at-new-york-toy-fair-2017-news/
  10. I believe the designer gets 1% of sales. They interviewed one of the designers a few years ago, I can't remember for which set. He wouldn't say how much money he received in royalties, but did say it was enough to buy a decent new mid-size car. I guessed it was about $25,000.
  11. Go to reddit.com Search "brickheadz potc"
  12. This is really great. These switches are more in line with how traditional O-scale train systems (Lionel, MTH, etc.) construct the curved portion. The "curve adapter you can use with a continuous curve" will be very helpful in layout geometry. Can you make wide radius track? There is another third party company that makes wide radius track, but competition would be a good thing. And thank you for selling on Bricklink. That makes purchasing easier.
  13. So there seems to be 5 new Creator houses this year (2 have been already released, plus 3 more revealed today). That's a lot of houses for one year, right? I'm happy for lots of houses and buildings, the more the better. The blue car looks great. I love space shuttles in general, but I'm not too keen on this one. Perhaps closer photos, when they are released, will change my mind.
  14. I like what you did there Ozark. Since the original blurred photo has been posted, I assumed the ship was broken in half somehow. But looking at your rendering, it seems the ship might just be listing to the side and thus making it appear to be 'bent' in half.
  15. I don't know if it has been discussed. I saw it for the first time on the Lego Shop at Home website about a week ago, and it took me by complete surprise. I never heard anything about a new chess set being developed on any of the blogs or forums. That said, I think this set is brilliant! It has a beautiful and classic design. And as Vorkosigan said, the price per piece is amazingly low.