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  1. Which part of canada though? I had to wait a month past release for them to get the tanker truck last year in nova Scotia
  2. Yeah, i got every movie set suit, including centurion, i am missing the 3 avengers assemble ones, and of course that convention one... And iron patriot :(
  3. Any one make mcu ego yet?
  4. Any one ever make fast and furious minifigs?
  5. We need delta to solve this...
  6. So what is the discount in canada?
  7. I think it still is the sizes he told us, back in 2015 the quinjet was 76032, avengers tower was 76038, it was cheaper
  8. According to brickset the ragnarok sets are named 76084 - the ultimate battle for asgard 76088 - thor vs hulk: arena clash
  9. I think it looks clear like it is controlled by AI LIKE in iron man 3
  10. Thats good to hear. I was thinking that his hair style is pretty buzzed, the finn hair piece is coming in dark brown in series 17, anyone else think it would look good?
  11. Is there a back of box pic for the vulture set
  12. I agree
  13. Yep, i just didn't want to start an argument
  14. Even if hela isn't accurate, shes my favourite of the new marvel villain figs this year Also loki will most likely rreturn next march in infinity war sets
  15. Alfred pilots the flying fox, according to sources