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  1. Im okay with lloyd being in the series as i dont collect this line generally so im not getting any set over 30$
  2. Are the figures going to be same price as batman series, cause series 17 went back down to old price, at least in canada
  3. Also explains the afro wedding guy and the fig in the kai mech, i think their legs are melted into the ground, kinda dark... IN other news, im getting the full cmf series, the spinjizu training, city chase, master falls, manta ray bomber, the jelly thing. Will have all 6 ninjas in two variations, wu, garmadon, and misako, thats all i need
  4. Didn't someone mention lukebeing in a poly as well as a set or was that the troll, honestly can't remember
  5. A walmart in canada, sorry if that doesn't help, it was one store
  6. Krennics shuttle - clearence
  7. Thanks Cap :) Really amazed with that resistance fighter, except the price per piece ratio
  8. If klaue appears, they could reuse cyborgs new arm om the other side for his cannon
  9. Free with 40$ purchase
  10. The battle pod is coming to tru canada next week
  11. Im working on a ego figure but i need to see how a combo works before i get the right parts, can someone please post a pic of the current old ben kenobi head, with TLBM commissioner gordon hair, and the zombie pirate CMF beard piece. Thanks
  12. Saw ww last night, definitely my favorite of the dceu, ranking for me right now 1- wonder woman 2- batman v superman 3- man of steel 4- suicide squad Imo
  13. When do we expect out of box hd pics of justice league sets?
  14. He says probably guardians as if he isnt sure they will still be available a year later, i doubt a 2 year old civil war set will still be out next may... :) hopefully he can clear this up