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  1. The brick built animals just make this set amazing. Very well designed.
  2. An Alien Costume minifigure would be perfect. More so now, that the X Files is coming back for a new season later 2017 early 2018.
  3. I second that. More fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi please.
  4. A 16 wide starter set would be an interesting idea.
  5. Love the idea. Seeing a minifigure with their native outfit would be awesome. There would be so many countries to pick from to narrow it down to just 16 minifigures.
  6. What are the chances that the next modular is also 48 studs wide like the AS?
  7. The Popsicle suit minifigure is just too funny. Love it.
  8. So cool. The angle and the cars are just incredible.
  9. YES please. I want those minifigures.
  10. In the silhouette the Highway Man seems to have some kind of shoulder accessory. But the minifig doesn't have it. I do like the printing on him. A new tricorne hat would have been a nice added touch. I really do believe that LEGO decided to keep this a mystery as a game for the small kids who collect CMFs. It might be annoying for us AFOLs, but I see it as a nice fussing game for children.
  11. Thanks. I wish one of them would have told them we need more living spaces for minifigures for a next modular.
  12. Great review as always WhiteFang. The Dance Instructors hair is so 80s to me as is her colorful outfit that has so many 80s style prints. The more I look at yuppie I can see how some think he looks like a dealer from the 80s . Love the retro vibe they went with some of the minifigures.
  13. One of the designers mentioned somethingq about a Train Station modular as what he would like to see. Is that a clue for an upcoming modular? Anybody else catch that?
  14. LEGO is trying to keep us guessing for as long as they can but Wow, All of the details in the minorities are cool. The detail of the dance instructors hair piece is great. And now Elf Girl is my favorite.