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  1. That's awful. Maybe the store yo bought it from can exchange it for another one if yo explain to them what happened. I hate LEGO thieves. I was at Walmart yesterday looking for the Batman series minifigres and i found several opened packs with nothing inside. People just steal them. Ugh!
  2. Really nice layout and cool looking cliffs with waterfalls with a tunnel and a train. Jungle will fit perfectly.
  3. Really nice figures, but the ones that stand out to me and are so far my favorites are the Spooky Knight, Egyptian Empress, and Sprite. Also love the printing on the homebound man. His bear slippers are adorable.
  4. That totally went past me. I completely forgot. I guess I'm just ready for the weekend.
  5. Definitely, excited to see more pictures of the sets.
  6. Just noticed that Battle Dwarf has leg printing on the small minifigure legs. Is that the first time we see printing on the legs, not on the feet, just the legs?
  7. Me too. I hope it comes back soon in different colors.
  8. I'm a big an of new hairpieces and I LOVER the Dance Instructor's new hairpiece. it's just wild and big. I aloud really like the butterfly wings they made. I like the colors they went for.
  9. The Rocket Suit kid is just everything. My favorite so far.
  10. OMG some of those concept minifigures are amazing. And those Wig concepts for Harley Quinn are just fantastics. Love how they were going for Marie Antoinette inspired hair. I hope we see some of those wigs in future minifugres. Just wow.
  11. I'm really loving the Jungle sets. I really want that Panther & Jaguar.
  12. So cool. Love all the details.
  13. The ultimate BatMobile looks so good when it's separated into different vehicles.
  14. Indeed. It's a disappointment.