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  1. You're right about the animal suits. But I should have specified the food costumes. I know that they always get a new big unique mold, but i'd just love to see them come with something else. But maybe soon they will since the new big mold for the Rocket Boy in S17, they give him a flag.
  2. All these themed series have me like
  3. That's one of my biggest turn offs about the costumed characters. They rarely get accessories.
  4. Sigh. I love the costumed minifigures, but an entire series dedicated to them seems like overkill.
  5. So a themed series many ways it could go and so many different costumes to pick. Im guessing a mix of halloween, animal, and food costumes. Only thing that bums me out is that the costumed minifigures rarely come with an accessory that they can hold. Also, I would like to see a someone in a masquerade costume.
  6. I don't see as much advertising on TV about the movie. Did it not do as good the TLM?
  7. I also don't think it's not a new Mr. Gold situation. I think it's a game LEGO has done to keep us all in suspense until we actually get them in our hands.
  8. Never seen them until now. My nephew would love the Batman plush figure too.
  9. It's most likely male. We already know the 5 female minifigures for the series, and 5 is the most they've given us in a series so far. Maybe that'll change someday again.
  10. Those plush minifigures should have been done way earlier. They look great.
  11. That's awful. Maybe the store yo bought it from can exchange it for another one if yo explain to them what happened. I hate LEGO thieves. I was at Walmart yesterday looking for the Batman series minifigres and i found several opened packs with nothing inside. People just steal them. Ugh!
  12. Really nice layout and cool looking cliffs with waterfalls with a tunnel and a train. Jungle will fit perfectly.
  13. Really nice figures, but the ones that stand out to me and are so far my favorites are the Spooky Knight, Egyptian Empress, and Sprite. Also love the printing on the homebound man. His bear slippers are adorable.
  14. That totally went past me. I completely forgot. I guess I'm just ready for the weekend.
  15. Definitely, excited to see more pictures of the sets.