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  1. Thank you for clearing it up. @badbob001 @J4ck thank you guys too for sharing what you guys had.
  2. My vote for #13 & #7. Goodluck everyone.
  3. A Masquerade Ball costumer would be cool too see.
  4. Here is what LEGO responded when someone asked about fitting the Ninjago City into the other modulars on their official Facebook page. "Hi everyone! The set does not have the pins to connect it to other modular buildings, but you can definitely fit it into the modular collection with some creativity. 😉" I also agree with many of you guys that the minifigures seem repetitive since the CMF don't have any exclusive prints and can get them in the sets. They aren't bad, and one of them that really stands out to me is "N Pop Girl," everything about her is perfect, and "Jay Walker" too. Really well done.
  5. I didn't see pin connectors. My friend also showed me on LEGO Facebook page that someone asked the same question & they replied back saying that it can't connect to other modulars. It needs to be modified is what they wrote back.
  6. Looking at it more closely it doesn't seem like it does connect to other modulars unless some modifications are done. I want them too also. They should have done a modular set for the LEGO Batman Move & the TLM.
  7. Ugh, thats disappointing. Hmmm...
  8. Are you serious? OMG! A M A Z I N G !!! I really hope we see a designer video soon.
  9. Right, i let out a big sigh. I'm kind of hoping they bring out more of the Batman Movie series so i can pick up a few more. But i really want the new series.
  10. Still none in my local Target, though they did bring out a bunch of S16.
  11. Oh no, I was under the impression that all LEGO Idea sets had zero stickers and were al printed pieces.
  12. The set looks amazing, and all of those printed pieces
  13. Love the color scheme and detail.
  14. I would love to see the Wonder Twins in a future set.
  15. A sloth would be amazing. I'd love to see some Inca sets. My goodness! The Jungle Air Drop Helicopter is everything I imagined it would be. Its perfect.