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  1. What happened? A few days ago I checked in and this thread was at 87 pages. Now at 102... lol Who's gonna sell a kidney?
  2. No way. These movie ones are silly to the max. Only Lord Garmadon looks cool.
  3. Then this illusion failed.
  4. If it's a skirt call it a skirt. If that is supposed to be a kimono Lego failed. ;)
  5. That's a skirt on Wu. A kimono would be different... it looks really... Crappy. But Garmadon looks cool! Finally a good figure in the movie line.
  6. Oh my.... ---worst Ninja designs since Ninjago started The faces are daft to the max. The new two part hood looks awkward.
  7. The facial drawings of the Ninja's look really really drab. Disappointing to the max.
  8. Lots and lots of minifigs in these sets. Makes something like city chase worthwhile. The fact the dragon is Mech is the first let down, the actual Lego version compared to the movie one is a triple let down. :( The Bounty seriously needs one dragon head on the prow. Mod time on a 170 set. :)
  9. I've seen a picture of the Bounty and, yes, it has a lower deck. And yes it is big, and yes it does not look really cool. It looks sluggish compared to the previous ones.
  10. Some nitpicking: kids are not allowed to stand on the animals. They must sit down at all times...
  11. Eh, aye. Ninja faces still look neanderthal. Lloyd's dragon looks cool. The boat (bounty?) looks cool. The shark looks funny The rest of vehicles for the Ninja's get to much showtime. It is about Ninja's not their means of transport. In the Lego movie universe the water can be either blue lego bricks or real water. So that is not an issue to moan about.
  12. Although I've only saw the teaser: I know what's wrong with the faces! In the tv-cartoon serie the faces retained Lego minifig features. In this teaser-trailer for the movie the figures are made as real Lego (the stop-motion effect through CGI) but the faces do not look like Lego minifig facial expressions. It is a mismatch! The ninja faces from the movie also look somewhat as neanderthalers... That is just a visual. The movie can still be good or bad.
  13. Nice job! Really well done. I'm driving a Miata for over 15 years now. :) Good to see the front smile. I think the door should have a bit more curve (the upper line) but I guess that is quite hard to pull of in Lego.
  14. I think discussion about the houses should go into the city subforum. If not, the disussion about modular buildings should come into the special themes subforum. Both are flying the creator flag. :)
  15. Excellent job Flandy, I think the instructions posted are enough to copy it. I just miss the extra parts needed to get studs up on the wings. So I'm trying alternatives...