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  1. Completed just in time for the Brick Live exhibition in Birmingham was my latest MOC based on Dublin's Davenport Hotel. That particular building was chosen because Scooby Doo needed to check out something more than just the haunting ghouls on the roof and scary lanterns awaiting those who entered, namely the 'illegal' gambling on the first floor between the centre columns. This particular feature is a fully functioning Mindstorms powered 'push-button' operated 'slot machine' that releases gold 2x2 coins out the front right door once the three barrels line up with the same colour. Reloading is through the roof. At the weekend the colour sensors worked very well once the rechargeable battery wasn't depleted. The photos below show an overview of the model, its rear (pre-swimming pool), roof swimming pool and close-up of the spinning barrels. Enjoy. A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr
  2. And we had one of the shortest transfers we've ever done. Its no fun running through Amsterdam airport to the furthest possible gate. Luckily there was no queue at passport control. I've never before had the crew come through the cabin asking the passengers to identify a piece of baggage like they did at Billund! Its also remarkable how the baggage seems to get to the plane before the passengers at these large airports. Thanks to Holodoc, Bonaparte and our friends in LEGO for making the event so memorable. I will certainly be robbing some of Holodoc's ideas for our own events. Hope to see everyone again in Gunzburg where of course the fabulous Fabrik awaits.
  3. I am interested in 21101. I will pm you to see what you want for it.
  4. @Holodoc That train is on special offer at the moment in Smyths so no promises as to the price post event.
  5. Peppermint_M, I'd be interested in a pair of bumper cars. What would you like for them?
  6. Not sure what a reasonable price is for 60098 but they are available in Smyths here in Ireland for €127.99 http://www.smythstoys.com/ie/en-ie/toys/lego-bricks/c-768/lego-city/p-13715/lego-city-heavy-haul-train-60098/?cmp=cel&trigger=ac Any chance they might be available in Billund?
  7. Quarryman, I have two of those boat hulls but they have the CityLine stickers on them. One is in perfect condition as it was mine and built once whereas the other was acquired used. If this is any help to you please let me know.
  8. Holodoc The list of eventees is here http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=117808 Both Bricktect and Puvel are on the list.
  9. The curvature and angles were planned carefully in that the curve needed to be consistent all the way up and the angle match the 1x2x2 slope bricks on the inside where the weight is. On the outside, the tan tiles slot into a groove made by the 2x2 grey tiles with the tan tiles extending by one stud every so often towards the top. This is facilitated by using 1x2 tiles as the 'bricks' in the building.
  10. I've uploaded some pictures of my recently completed Dublin Convention Centre to my Flickr page. Its a 50,000 plus model which was displayed as part of the brick.ie layout at Brick2015 that included the Irish-built HM Theatre. It took about 9 months. It has 6 floors, a complex curved and sloped atrium with (non-moving) escalators, two floors of conference rooms and bars at one side and at top floor level, aswell as WC facilities. The angled auditorium can hold almost 300 visitors, this time as part of a Star Wars convention. On stage is a 'debate' with the podium shaped like the building and a 'Hoth' backset. There is lighting throughout - including remote controlled lights at the front, under-floor lights, emergency exits and a fully equipped control room. There are three revolving front doors leading from the front canopy, motorised air-conditioning units and rear loading bay facilities. Enjoy Dublin convention centre at brick2015 by Dfenz, on Flickr Rear overview by Dfenz, on Flickr Star wars convention at the convention centre Dublin by Dfenz, on Flickr Window cleaners at the convention centre by Dfenz, on Flickr The full selection can be see here https://www.flickr.c...157661730682099
  11. The Fenz's chalet is now booked.
  12. Not sure where you got that impression from. Its normally Billund every 2nd year and Gunzburg and Windsor every 4 years. As it was in Windsor this year, if this cycle continues it will be in Gunzburg again in 2017..
  13. We participate in multiple displays each year and I think the table sizes are different at each location. The most common sizes range between 5 and 6ft long and between 2 and 3ft wide. You will just about get 3 32x32 baseplates on a 30 inch wide table, so personally I like 5 x 2.5ft. We adapt our layout for each location and need to know the table sizes and numbers of tables available to design the layouts to fit. Tables of the same type can be important especially as you will want to ensure the tables are of a similar height. Personally if the width of the table is too narrow this can be annoying especially as water themed layouts eat up space. As a simple practical measure, as suggested above clamping smaller tables together can be a good idea as it allows you to set up one part of the display before moving more tables into position to work on them. This can be useful in tight spaces where you cannot access your layout from all sides or where the model is tall on one side and thus acts as a barrier to reaching things in the middle of the table from behind the tall piece. I hate climbing onto larger tables to fix track connections etc.
  14. Please sign up myself, Bfenz and Amfenz = 3 people. We will take care of one chalet for ourselves.
  15. As regards AFOLs getting time to look around, this is probably what the AFOLCON day on Thursday (London show) is designed for.