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  1. I'm guessing that the cockpit is so high to allow for the compartment to stow the droid body and legs in.
  2. I like the look of the 4th one.
  3. Wait - were there actually set box images up on here before they got removed??? If so did anyone save them?
  4. I'm sceptical about the b-wing. I think the rumours of this started when BTS photos showed the b-wing style cockpit. After seeing the trailer, the cockpit clearly belonged to one of the Crait speeders. I don't think we're going to see b-wings - in the film or in lego.
  5. Amazing - thanks so much!
  6. Anyone have a good source of images of the scarif landing pad and doorway to the terminal? The excellent Visuka Guide is a bit lacking here and there don't seem to be any official images about.
  7. Firstly, thanks @Forresto for starting this thread - as you say the AT-ST thread last year was a brilliant source of inspiration. I've had a little tinker with the "hovertank" myself , mainly to address the top hatch. My main source of info has been the RO visual guide - some great images here. My first attempt back in September last year was to make a separate top hatch which folded to the rear which after seeing the film was obviously wrong so this week a quick play resulted in this. I also decided to remove the roof-mounted gun. I'm sure it's a nice play feature, but not screen accurate. I also added a 5th fin to the front - screen accurate and makes the tank look a but more substantial. The next job is to lengthen the tank by 4-6 studs to allow for 3 cargo crates. This is going to have to wait though as we're in the middle of decorating and all my lego has been sent to the loft! I look forward to the firat person actually installing tracks as seen here. Here are some reference images for those that don't have the book.
  8. After watching the new 'Battlefront II' trailer, I'm wondering if we might see new lego sets based on the content like we did with last winters battlepacks. Could be interesting as the new game now covers Clone Wars, OT, post-ROTJ and sequel trilogy eras.
  9. Cheers, sounds pretty easy. Main issue is I don't have anything that I can run LDD on! I'm chrome and iOS only. Still checking back on this thread regularly today - wonder how long before someone has this built. I haven't got time today but I'm fairly certain I've got everything I need 'in stock' already.
  10. Brilliant- thank you! I can see me making it but modding it so much as I go along that it'll bear little resemblance to the original build. Is the LDD to HTML conversion a simple thing to do? (Sorry, I know this isn't the place for this sort of question).
  11. Is there anyway of converting LDD files to pdf or other file type that doesn't need LDD to open. I use a Chromebook and iOS so can't ever open these files. The one Windows laptop I have I am unable to install programs on. Any advice would be great.
  12. Lol - that wasn't even the one I meant - in the built set the brick-built lighting at that back is wrong. I hadn't even seem that plate.
  13. Check this out! Can't believe it's a star Wars Celebration exclusive and I can't buy it! Looks easily bricklinkable though. Images from Also - note the mistake in the actual built set!
  14. I don't get it - there's a thread which exists purposefully for the discussion of what minifigures people wish for in the future that literally sits directly below this thread. People in that thread actively want to talk about figures they'd love to see in the future. Why post that sort of comment to this thread - maybe people just don't check other threads?
  15. There definitely seems to be a lot of spare pin/hole connections on the rathtar escape. Maybe there are just a few ways to reconfigure the layout as it seems a bit blatant if it's a "you need to buy more than on of these" type ploy. Looks like a fairly cheap wave for me as I'm not interested in the freemakers and not that fussed on the TFA sets. The amount of stud shooters to be replaced will also drain my stocks of proper blasters!