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  1. A backwards-bent AT-AT knee makes me feel sick.
  2. Buy one Garmadon and you get enough arms for Ahsoka and Sabine!
  3. Just wondering - is the orange brown used for Garmadon's clothes the same as the one used for newest Ahsoka? If so these would be a brilliant option for her arms.
  4. I'm not sold on this minifigures to be honest. It just looks a bit like a flame trooper helmet on an older AT-AT pilot torso to me. Loving Smoke, Kylo and all the other figures we've seen so far though.
  5. I did not know this, and I've got that book! Hope to see some nice mocs of this!
  6. The Juno Eclipse is brilliant! Where are the arms from?
  7. Both the head and torso were on Bricks and Pieces (UK) a couple of weeks ago. Stocked up, now just need to get some legs!
  8. Perfect. A couple of useful heads in the pack too. The white policeman would be a good hoth rebel and the black policeman could get put into service for Saw Guerrera!
  9. Anyone know if there have been any blue/black dual molded legs produced that would be suitable for the new First Order Officer from the battlepack? I was sure I had some but I can't find them and don't know where they would have come from!
  10. I'm just super pleased about the imperial officer to be honest, the price should drop.on the secondary market too. I wasn't very excited about the minfigyre section originally, but the closer we get to TLJ, the more happy I am about the ST minifigures. I'll probably just flog Sabine on eBay straight away though.
  11. I know - I'm sorry. Please stop all discussion of my over excited post immediately! I've become the thing I hate!
  12. Yeah, that would make it obvious. However, i didn't see it on reddit, but on Flickr where there's no mention of it being fake.
  13. Top gun is there - zoom in. It has 2 spring loaded shooters on top. But some other people are making good points, particularly the massive Rey minifigure!
  14. So, I'm amazed to see no one discussing CM4Sci's post on Flickr... This is real, right?!?
  15. No! Not brickheads! I think they're brilliant, but it's just going to be another collection I have to complete!