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  1. Hi guys I;ve been away for some time give me few links to get into the story and new challenges and stuf that will follow, so I can get in with builds tnx ;) --- On a special note, there is something cooking in the Drow kithen, something interesting ;)
  2. And Drow will be joining you The real Drow, not those puppies we see waving Drow banners trough skirmishes - the real primordially Drow power ...we just need to make a party first. More info to come :)
  3. is there a list of Wild West mocs somewhere?
  4. Hi guys I am not sure what is a proper name for those small pictures under the nick and avatar, and I don't mean these: (btw, I think my ambassador badge is on the wronge place:) but the ones on the bottom, like: "These are examples of special tags " My question: is there a complete list (or partial) with all those special tags and what they are awarded for?
  5. the hand of the baby stucks in the minifig hand? genious :)
  6. lovely work, friend, great mocs :)
  7. great suggestion, thanx guys :)
  8. found it:
  9. hi guys, what is this part of? Iz it Lego? If yes, what is it? Tnx
  10. I dreamt I stole a bunch of minifig parts from a kid. My racionalisation was that the kid had full floor of Lego parts, he wouldn't even miss it, let alone be aware of I was so ashamed when I woke up...
  11. Hi guys, I have some duplo animals, and I would like to put them on basic bricks (studs). As the baseplate has only few plates, how is it easire to put them? if nothing goes I will put tiles and just one stud, and gravity will holde them, but I would like fot them to be firm grip, or as firm as we can do it :) Ideas?
  12. little teaser: link to the movie
  13. Hi guys Mihai Marius Mihu and me met one day on exhibit, and made Draconic Chicken during one day, during exhibit, with spare parts. Year later we met on the same event, and we made our chicken into a real dragon, Faerie Dragon also with scraps, during one day :) Easy to transport, very sturdy, it can fall from 40cm and only few things would break It survived plain ride to Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend :) It is completely Lego, it has lights, and she is a mother, look at the eggs hidden in the grass :)
  14. yup, a lot of response from the crowd - the Tony's part of the build, big Blacktrone base, I haven;t displayed, as it is his half - here is one preview: