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  1. I am quite sure there was actually a statue, in that pose, in Ariel's hideaway. I think King Triton destroys it early in the film. A minidoll can't stand in that pose, so a sticker to show it makes sense. I hope the set includes the fork. Both of these would be good parts packs for me. I could use that hood for BOBS, and I have some ideas for the dresses.
  2. That mold is way oversized to the minifigure. Jack, the monkey, is a capuchin.
  3. Both of you were talking about what Lego didn't do.
  4. I postulated the polybag theory days ago. We'll have to wait and see. That side view does help make the ship seem more full. In any event, if I do get the set it will be for the parts. If I do somehow end up acquiring that shark, I will see to it that it finds a home in someone else's collection.
  5. A lot from my last list, but with some updates. 1) Green Man/Forest Lord: Male figure in various shades of green. Headgear from the CMF Ocean King in dark green w/ dark brown "crown", possibly sand green base torso with dark green leaf patterns all over, ghost legs in swirled sand green and dark green, staff in dark brown (Pharaohs Quest/Loki staff?), and some kind of vine-like neck-wear. 2) Ring Bearer: A small boy dressed up, nice hair(Superman?). Pillow mold that can hold two of the rings. They have already been used outside of LOTR/Hobbit. 3) Birthday Girl: Friends style hair with pin hole, one of the 2016 party hats in pearl silver, existing cloth skirt, birthday cake slice (new mold), dual face happy and crying "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to." 4) Lady Farmer: Cloth overdress, dual mold legs for boots, beehive hairdo from TLM CMF Velma Staplebot, and black chicken. 5) Terracotta Warrior: New armor piece, Sumo Wrestler hair, and the Elven Warrior sword (has been used out side of LOTR/Hobbit), all in dark orange 6) Heroic Shepherd: Headdress from Egyptian Warrior in medium dark flesh, with brown printing, new 'shepherd's bow' type sling, round shield 7) Anime Fan-girl: Zombie Cheerleader's hair in pink or purple, 'Sailor uniform' printing with skirt mold, backpack, this part in pink. 8) Lumber-Jill: tree climbing gear - rope (from Mountain climber) in reddish brown, hard hat/hair blue with bright yellow hair, and shoe spikes (similar to the skates), two toned arms, printed like rolled up sleeves, hatchet. 9) Firefighter: Fully decked out in protective gear, with body wear, and a tank that goes over it. Dual molded legs black with yellow feet, for boots. A more realistic helmet design, with a molded firehouse badge. A claw pick with the head points perpendicular to each other. 10) Bear suit guy: exactly how it sounds. 11) Organ Grinder: little box with a rotating handle (brick built) and a new minifig scale capuchin monkey (the old version is way out of scale). 12) Postal Carrier (could be female): blue or dark blue hat with hair (black), a new cross body satchel capable of holding two 2x2 tiles, a 2x2 plate and a 2x2 tile in the same color with the tile printed like a package or maybe a Lego set. 13) Outback Hero: Crocodile Dundee look, with updated version of the Johnny Thunder hat in dark orange with printing detail. Iguana ('goana). 14) Sandwich Suit Girl: Just like it sounds. "The sandwich saved me." 15) Exterminator: Using the sprayer piece from the bio-hazard guy, wine bottle in pearl grey with poison symbol printed on it, the new spider in medium azure. 16) Monster's Bride: Classic movie look, angry, mouth open hissing face, and a rolling pin.
  6. I'm pretty sure @Itaria No Shintaku has gotten 2019 correct, because The Lego Movie Sequel is slated for release on Feb. 8, 2019.
  7. Creating voids in existing molds is not all that difficult. Creating an insert piece that fits into the mold to create a cavity in the ABS, whether it is filled with a different color, or left empty (which is easier), has been done for a while. Will Chapman, of Brickarms fame, has been doing it on his home machines for years. Yes, there is an order of magnitude in scaling this up, but the underlying principle is the same. That being said, the level of production from the leak suggests we are going to get it somewhere. I'm done speculating on where. The rollout suggests, though, that someone in the decision chain (probably Disney marketing) didn't want the broader public to know about the shark. Yes, we know, but think about the buying public that doesn't come to this site (and the other places where the pic showed up). We are only a percentage of he intended market for the merchandise being developed. Fans who see early images can sometimes forget that not everyone gets to see, or gets told about what has been seen. We who are invested in Lego, and POTC, need to remember that marketing departments have to consider the wider populace.
  8. Star Wars, like many other heroic tales, is the modern equivalent of folklore. There was a very fine television special that covered a lot of why Star Wars is the phenomenon that it is, but I cannot remember what it was titled. I think it was produced by either The History Channel, or A&E. It covers the literary traditions Star Wars draws from, and does a far better job at explaining the roots of the story. Superheroes follow a similar vein. For me it is about the possibility of the fantastic. Living beyond the ordinary, especially for the characters who have no 'abilities'. But it all stems from story for me. I don't need all the visuals, though. The printed word can be enough, but then I was a bibliophile before I regularly read comic books. I read Norman Mailer and Robert Silverberg before I started reading the various comics I enjoy now. The Watchmen is worthy of the name graphic novel (the movie loses too much for me).
  9. My point about the trailer wasn't about the shark(s). It was about the rowboat and the Silent Mary. All our speculation will eventually be moot, so I try to refrain from further attempts until more accurate information surfaces.
  10. The shield looks to be too high, and too close to her body, in the image for the straight on angle. I'm reasonably certain that it is the large triangular shield.
  11. I speculated in the General POTC thread that the shark might be a polybag giveaway. Things like that have been known to happen. My point about the box art was that Disney holds a tight reign on what can and cannot be revealed (and when) with regards to upcoming movies. Disney lawyers hold property rights very close. Why do you think we haven't seen the baldric mold outside of POTC and The Lone Ranger? I'm betting someone got in hot water over the early picks of that shark.
  12. What else in the set is grey? Figs? Could some of the ghostly crew be swimming after the boat? The trailer doesn't really give a clue to the scene, because the Silent Mary isn't attacking a rowboat there, and the sea is calm in the trailer. Could the box art show a scene that may not be shown until a trailer depicting the scene comes out? Disney can really obsessive about controlling information rollout. Or it's just a trick of water design, compounded by the blur. We need real box images. Pity Disney makes official Lego reviewers wait so long before they can share. Those who followed it remember how Whitefang's review of the Disney CMF line got held up so long that regular purchasers were making their own reviews. Disney can be very un-nice about some things.
  13. Is the new Colonial Governor of the Southern Isles, Captain Jonathan Cooke, RN, finally going to do something about those 'Corrington documents' that got locked in his strongbox months ago?
  14. It's not printing, the legs are dual molded. This has been around for a while now.
  15. It is really looking like the unveil was poorly executed, and rushed. If the zombie shark is supposed to be in the set, then its absence lends credence to this idea.