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  1. Lots of excitement, but no new news. Not waste this post I will discuss the figs. If I can, I would like to get at least four of the chefs. I hope I can find the right face to make Suki. That Female Elf's dress might work for Liz's work clothes. The Retarius' face is perfect for Luke. Those of you who know what I mean, enjoy the thought of it, but don't tell.
  2. I just did a count, and the previous sixteen posts on this thread really belong on the Future Series thread. I have been giving the Cake Suit Guy idea some thought, and if they do it, it could have printing celebrating the minifigs' 40th.
  3. A cake costume could have the top hat in white printed with a colored frosting detail.
  4. The battle axe is from BrickArms.
  5. Always glad to be appreciated for my skill at naming things. She earns the name, and her front page.
  6. Bricklink inventories can take some time. There are a number of this year's Ninjago sets that haven't had inventory lists made out. Adding new parts to the listings often requires having the parts photographed individually. I counsel patience.
  7. So I could sacrifice it by fire on the mid-terms election day?
  8. The Captains and crew in the Eslandola Navy of the Triuri faith, most of them Truachesh, have never trusted this 'Bishop' and his men. The fact that he had been a Mardier ally before their attacks on his ships made them question the granting of the Letters of Marque. Word of this has spread to the fleet, and such treatment of our officials shall likely be returned in kind.
  9. Nine months was back in November. There is the matter of those 'documents' found in the uisge bottle with the Corrington Royal Seal stashed away in King's Harbour.
  10. I'd say she's the Valiant Harbinger.
  11. For bicorn decorations I think that accent stickers designed for fingernails may be good as badges. Full coverage ones could would work if you are good with a craft knife, but that would depend on the design. Scrapbooking stickers are another option. Cotton pads, not balls, are good for fur edging, to simulate ermine.
  12. Re the crate: weight and cost. Less actual material, and a single part instead of two.
  13. You should see him on Mad About You as Uncle 'Phil', aka Deuteronomy.
  14. That's one horn-y chicken!
  15. That is why I use the Brickarms rapier. I have it in a number of colors.