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  1. There are lots of those around. I use a number of Brickarms and Brickforge.
  2. I'm rereading Watchmen and the recent prequel graphic novels Before Watchmen.
  3. I think the phrase you're looking for is, "I dare ya!"
  4. Understood and accepted. I have edited the Consort's Duty class claim and stats plan accordingly.
  5. My HP tablet, along with a mouse, needs an external keyboard to have full LDD function. I have it on my tablet, though, because it can run the rendering program, where my netbook cannot.
  6. One more option for education is an observatory; see my example.
  7. I don't think there is a webform for the intro posting, just the DBs when the name is added to the accounting list. As to ship licensing, the new system isn't in place yet, so waiting on doing so is probably best anyway. Ship income comes from participation in the MRCA, which is still being reworked.
  8. I would dispute this. I think her 5 rating should stand. The Firefly has a longer deck and hull, more sails, and more arms than the Consort's Duty (already classed as a 5). The Consort's Duty only appears longer because of the over-long bowsprit and overhanging sail.
  9. I doubt the word 'mammoth' was being used to describe an actual fig, but to describe the previous hint itself. The hint being something to do with the Fourth of July, plausibly a firework costume.
  10. I've never understood how a Flickr group works, and don't have any interest in bothering. I try to make links to previous builds of mine part of the stories I post, where I can. I also try to use the registration thread the way it was meant to be used. I group links to the builds I post in the same month together, editing the month's post. To advertise, I use the Eslandola faction thread, and when needed the settlement thread. Indexing builds beyond that can get cumbersome. I have some information indexing to do, so that the Crahaish neh Triuri can be understood well enough. Hopefully what I get compiled can be added to the BOBS lore.
  11. The Lego Movie 2 CMF? From what I know about digital animation, the designs will have long been settled. The images look like high quality renders. That series should come before Series19.
  12. Ooh! Doctor Strange reference!
  13. Consort Taliesin the Lightbringer skips through the Trador contingent camp, offering blessings as he goes. He sidles up to Lord Damaximus' tent, and slips inside. "Ah, good," he says quickly, "I have a message for you from High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher." He passes the letter over, and then slips back out. Taliesin returns to skipping as he returns to the Crahaish neh Triuri camp. ------- To Lord Damaximus of Stedor, Trador, and many points in-between, As you should know, the Crahaish neh Triuri will be financing the resettlement in Trador of many Truachesh laborers and craftspersons once the relief work has completed. When this is done, it is my intention to hold in your fair island port a blessing ceremony for all those who contributed to the war relief effort in Nova Malto. Your attendance at such a ceremony would be most welcome. Respectively, Ylsbeth the Starcatcher, High Priestess of the Crahaish neh Triuri
  14. When is the mystery licensed CMF expected to be in stores? Fantastic Beasts 2 is slated for Nov. 18, 2018.