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  1. I seem to remember having something to do with sparking this brick suit debate. Sorry.
  2. I considered that, but if you make the second and third tiers a single piece then you have a slot on the bottom layer for the arms to fit through. The way I described it preserves the full cake look, given I described the body wear piece as matching the torso slope.
  3. What? WalMart gets CMFs? The store near me never has. Target is where I go, but they're inconsistent.
  4. Herr Otto Flick is quoted as saying, "The good news is that there is no more bad news."
  5. I think that the obvious thing should be to have merchants. It is the very thing that the original themes lacked. This would limit the need for Islanders, so that when they are used, they can be done appropriately. It might also be better to refer to them as Native Peoples.
  6. And of course, the chest hair!
  7. An early Nexo-Knights video shows a design for a Lego sheep. I don't have the link myself, but there might be others who could find it and share.
  8. The face looks a little like the CMF Evil Dwarf. The printing, from what we can see, looks nice. The cape, though, is a new design. I expect that the image may get taken down soon. Eurobricks has strict rules about hosting images of unreleased products.
  9. IF we get a Cake Costume fig it should be like this: The bottom layer should be hip wear, and only about half the height if standard legs. The middle should be body wear, and sloped to give good arm movement. The top should be the standard top hat in an appropriate color. For the fig itself, I'd like a female in sparkly leotard.
  10. A Brick Costume fig could be done with a new torso assembly that has a shoulder width of a 1x2 brick, studs on the front, and stud connection points on the back. A few plates could then fill out the fig.
  11. My last trip to Target had a mix of TLBM and Series 16 in near equal numbers. They were on a rack with TLBM cardboard detail. I helped a woman get two copies of the Babysitter, one for her little girl standing there, and one as a gift for a cousin. Her son had no interest in TLBM. The girl was maybe four, the boy about six. I think the TLBM figures just don't appeal too well to the younger demographic, despite the movie's success.
  12. This is such a grand endeavor that I wish I could see it in person. I seriously envy your collection. A couple of the ladies appear to be wearing fashions based on the religious dress of the High Priestesses of the Crahaish neh Triuri. I wonder if Governor Cooke took the opportunity to discuss with the Queen the 'documents' in his strongbox from the uisge bottle returned to Corrington hands by the Eslandolan lady.