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  1. No, It's a different piece.
  2. 100% agree with this. We need more Marvel D2Cs.
  3. ^in that video Just2good states that TLBM winter 2018 wave will be coming out in December of this year.
  4. I'm not impressed with most of these but I love the subtle references to TLM and TLBM.
  5. In the box art of the Destiny's Bounty you can see a volcano. Maybe it has something to do with the CMF shark's unfortunate appearance.
  6. I wish the treads on Zane's take were a little bit longer but other than that it's one of my favorite sets of the wave! These look ehh. Hopefully seeing those pictures people will stop thinking that the orange-haired lady is Claire. Also we've now gotten civilian Lloyd 3 times so I expect that outfit to be in the majority of the movie. His hood looks great though. The Shark Army General also has a milkshake which looks like a really good print. And did anyone else notice that Lloyd and Garmadon both have a spoon and a bowl and Wu has cereal? Family breakfast???
  7. Ninjago Series comes out in September? I heard somewhere it was releasing in August...
  8. This article also states that there are 18 sets for the Ninjago Movie. If that's including the Ninjago City that means there could be 4 sets released in another wave (perhaps Winter 2018).
  9. It says it on the top of the box.
  10. No. The first image was correct. That is Ivy Walker who is assumed to be Jay's sister.
  11. The top of the box shows that the girl with the brown braided hair (like Misako's in the show) is Ivy Walker and the girl with the orange hair is Misako. Although she looks a lot younger than her show counterpart. The set looks AMAZING. So many creative details like the boomerangs for the sign and the crowbars for the roof. Can't wait to get this set when it comes out.
  12. Marvel - Spider-Gwen (hopefully not) DC - Vixen Batman Movie - Random batsuit Ninjago Movie - Lloyd variant
  13. an old existing theme or a theme that is based off something old? hmmm
  14. Then they should be advertising it so more people find out about it.