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  1. According to wikipedia: So, maybe they might make another one. Hopefully.
  2. Seconded! I like to use vacation as an excuse to buy some new sets. I'm lucky that my vacations spot usually has some discount sets at Target.
  3. Great Build, I loved the movie and this is a pretty accurate representation. Just to be a pretentious nerd here , but the white Aliens in covenant are called neomorphs.
  4. So I've been feeling down lately about my builds lately. No matter what I do I can't seem to make my builds any better. My pirate ships turn out super blocky, my space ships look like flying boxes. I can't make a lab scene for the life of me. And then I see builders like @Bob De Quatre, @Ayrlego, and @Henjin_Quilones who produce absolutely FANTASTIC builds, (sorry to call you out guys, but all of you are great) And I desperately want to be like them. Maybe it's simple envy, but I really admire their work, and wish I could be even half as good as a builder as any of them. So really what I'm asking is how do I become a better builder? Do I order more parts on bricklink so I don't have to scrounge as much? Do I actually learn how to use LDD? Take more time when I build? Use less parts? Any suggestions are welcome
  5. What's the score now between mardier and eslandola? 1 to 2?
  6. Yay! Danny is back! We all missed you for the AG1 finale. I have so many questions, Is Dr. Long still in the vortex thingy? Are you sticking with Octan? What's going on with Odus Dilberg and the listening device? Are you even continuing the story from AG1?
  7. Nice build! The detailing is great, the front of the locomotive is very realistic. I'm just curious, have you been to the train museum in Duluth? Since you built a Duluth and Missabe locomotive, I was wondering if you drew any inspiration from the area.
  8. Hey, is there any chance we could get the rules for AG2? There was talk of doing territory control, where we'd have to build on planets to maintain control, there's the whole Alien thing.... I honestly can't wait to see what you've whipped up for us Bob, though I hope it's not as complicated as BoBS Anyways, I think it would be fun to strategize a little before AG starts, if you'll let us
  9. Great build Sunder. I always like a good microscale build. Have you considered joining AG2? Kawashita could use a builder like you
  10. Great build Bob! I really like the detailing you did all around, but especially the cylinders towards the back, the liquid neon and hydrogen cylinders. I've got a question, what would you recommend for someone who wants to become as a good a builder as you? I've seen all your great creations, that shuttlebay, that bug thing, and I want to be able to do stuff like you. Any suggestions?
  11. Fantastic build! I really like the SNOT technique you used. This is like the third build I've seen today with the "Nexogons" and all of them are great. I need to get some of these...
  12. Great MOC! I agree with the above statement that it resembles the V wing. If I can offer one suggestion, I think it could use some landing gear, just to round it out.
  13. Wow, this is a great build! I like what you did with the hexagon pieces. Can someone link me to them on bricklink? I think I might add them to my next order.
  14. My Ships Icarus Returning, 5T, relicensing as a 5. Suckerfish, 3T relicensing as a 4. Bad Blood 2WR, relicensing as a 3