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  1. With both WTC ships anchored off the coast of Argentia, Count Mesabi, and his loyal WTC marines rowed their way to the Isle. Landing by North White, on Flickr "Today, Men, is a great day," Said the Count. Landing by North White, on Flickr "Today is the day that we found the city of Mesabi Landing, home of the Wayfarer Trading Company, soon to be..." Mesabi was cut off. "Wait, you're naming the town after yourself?" Asked Darby "Well, not myself, after the Mesabi line." answered Count Mesabi "Same Difference." Replied Darby "Look, Arlinsport, Elyzabethville, Hussar's Isle, King's Harbour, Mooreton Bay, Port Raleigh, Stormhaven, and Quinsville all were named after people, why shouldn't I partake in the fun? After all, I am a count." Said Count Mesabi "Oh for Zeus's sake, would you stop bringing that up? and I don't think Stormhaven is named after a person." said Darby "Oh course it was, Stormhaven was once a haven for a person named Storm, that's why it's called that!" "I really don't think..." "I mean, who would want a haven for literal storms, that place would be awful." "No, it's a haven from storms." "Oh." The boats crashed against the surf and Count Mesabi leaped out. Landing by North White, on Flickr The wreckage of a ship and several corpses sat on the beach. "Huh, no crabs with hats. I'm a little disappointed." Muttered Count Mesabi The Troops set off into the interior of the Island, wondering exactly what might be on the mysterious isle. Landing by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for reading my little build, just another story update before I can really start putting properties in Mesabi Landing. Hope you all enjoyed, C&C appreciated
  2. Very nice ship! And you've really come along way. I hope I do to. Do you have any more pictures, especially of the interior?
  3. Thank You! I'll probably use Count Mesabi as long as Corrington doesn't hang him for treason Ha Ha Ha Ha, No. Lady Mesabi is just as much of a rabble rouser as her husband. If anything she'll probably make things worse. Thank you! That was probably Captain Mesabi's army battalion's Motto. Glad you liked it! You have my sympathies as well Thaum.
  4. Look guys, we can all admit their are a lot of rules that need to be updated/changed (Corrington Bonuses, Fort usage, Royal properties to big) But they are currently working on Era II rules revisions. Let's see what they put out, then we can complain.
  5. Alright, here's mine. Not sure if this is where to post it, if not, I'll just copy and paste it wherever you need it. Count Mesabi by North White, on Flickr Count Mesabi is a veteran of the Juniper Wars and a former Queen's Guardsmen. Hoping to have a fresh start in the new world, he created the Wayfarer Trading Company, to help further Corrington's interests in the colonies. And here are some WTC troops. Not exactly Vanilla Corrington, but I'm proud of them. WTC marines by North White, on Flickr
  6. The WTC Beacon Rocked Heavily as it sailed towards Argentia. Heavily laden with goods taken from Nova Malto, the ship was low in the water. En route by North White, on Flickr "Ship Ahoy!" Yelled a WTC Marine En route by North White, on Flickr "Oy! Man the guns! I don't care what flag she's flying, we'll blow them to the bottom if they get to close!" Yelled Captain Mesabi from his cabin "You sure sir? She's flying our colours! It's the WTC Icarus Returning!"" The Marine hollared back "Oh." The two ships pulled along side each other En route by North White, on Flickr Captain Mesabi got over to the other ship, so he could talk to the crew personally En route by North White, on Flickr "Agnes?" Captain Mesabi asked "Well if it isn't my befated husband, Captain Mesabi, out on another one of his follies." Lady Mesabi said Shrilly. "Daddy!" the Mesabi children exclaimed. "Hello children. How are you?" Captain Mesabi asked "Did you bring us something?" They exclaimed En route by North White, on Flickr "What? No, your mother didn't tell me me you were coming!" Captain Mesabi said earnestly "Aw, you're a terrible daddy." Said Their Daughter "Yeah! I'm going to break something!" Said their Son "No, don't, uh, you can each have something we stole from Nova Malto." Captain Mesabi said "Yay!" They Exclaimed "Nova Malto was it? Do you know how I heard that you were on some Eslandolan Isle, doing gods know what? A royal messenger came to our house in Belson, and told us you were being made a Count for your actions there. Was Arlinsport not good enough for you? Just like Belson was?" Lady Mesabi asked angrily "Um..." "And do you know what it's like being the newest countess in Belson? It's awful, all the other nobility treat you like your a mega blok. So I said enough! I'm tired of raising these kids with tons of servants in Belson, and I'm coming out here to make you deal with it." Continued Lady Mesabi, "Uh, wait, I'm a count?" Asked Count Mesabi, confused "And it's the first half decent thing you've done for this family. Quitting your job as a queen's guard just to flee to Arlinsport wasn't great for our finances! Just because I have family money doesn't mean you can leave this family to the wolves." "Can we at least acknowledge We're now royalty?" Asked Count Mesabi "Once you understand just how mad I am at you." Said Lady Mesabi. Their was a certain fire in her eyes that led Count Mesabi to believe that this lecture would last a while And as the ships continued their voyage to Argentia, he found he was right. FIN Thanks for reading my story build for Captain Mesabi becoming a Count. I thought I'd introduce the Mesabi family while I'm at it. Everything is reused, and I really need to work on getting a bigger background, so I can fit more stuff in. Oh! and here's a video summing up my situation
  7. Great build! Nobody tell the health inspector
  8. I was always under the impression that so much of the milky way was settled that we needed to go to andromeda
  9. I know, I'm just looking for a central index so I don't have to dig through 4 faction threads with 2 years worth of posts. And I'm not a fan of individually finding people's flickr either.
  10. Ah, don't listen to Bregir about the Chaos part. You can cause plenty of chaos within the ranks of Corrington I'd say pick whatever interests you. Corrington is based off of England, so if that interests you, we'd love to have you!
  11. I would like for the creation of some indexes, One for people's Flickr/photohosting site, One for trade corporations, and one for people's sigfigs. If they do exist, it would be great if they could be added to the master index.
  12. Peace talks by North White, on Flickr Darby and Captain Mesabi stood on the ramparts of the fort. "Well, we've had some fun, but I think it's time to leave." Said Captain Mesabi "I'm glad to leave, but what about the saboteur?" Asked Darby "Eh, we can deal with it from somewhere else. Peace talks are over, it's time to go!" He replied They walked into the fort. Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Alright, we need to take everything we can, and I mean everything!" Said Captain Mesabi "Uh, won't the Eslandolans be mad?" Asked Darby "We sold them a fort, not a fully furnished fort, now let's get looting!" Captain Mesabi replied They began packing up everything into wagons. WTC Marines stood proudly in their new uniforms Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Alright! Let's Go! We have more to pick up in the city!" Yelled Captain Mesabi Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr Later, 2 Eslandolan soldiers came in to inspect their fort. Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Aw man, they took everything! We're going to need cannons if we want to defend this place." Said one They went inside Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Zeus! Everything is gone!" Exclaimed one. "Is it just me, or do you smell vomit." Said the other ______________ MEANWHILE _____________ Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr "Open the Gates!" Yelled a voice from behind the wall "Only one more day of this, then we're off this rock." Grumbled the Corrington Soldier Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *CRASH* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr *RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE* Leaving Nova Malto by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my conclusion to my part of the Nova Malto saga. Captain Mesabi still hasn't been given his count status IC, but I plan to do this next. All builds are reused, except for the wagon train. C&C appreciated!
  13. Hey, since I'm newish here, I had a question about torsos Has anyone used the Tusken Raider torsos for anything in game yet? I'm thinking of using them for my WTC marines
  14. Can you quote that for me? I don't see that anywhere on the announcement. Maybe I'm being an idiot... Found it! That is really small print....