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  1. Nice build! I would like to have seen better action shots though.
  2. Very nice build. I like what you were able to do with the modern pieces that didn't exist when Johnny Thunder was Active.
  3. I guess I'm going to be the lone voice of dissent. I don't like the new theme. It's way to light and it feels like someone spilled pepto bismal on my screen.
  4. From what I've heard, the displays are glued together, and separating the pieces is impossible. I knew a guy who worked at Target, and said that they crushed down those displays when they were done with them. I don't know what Toys R Us does, but I'd assume it's similar.
  5. Very neat little ship. I can't wait to see it brick built
  6. I bought a couple of screw storage bins from Menards. For parts that I have a lot of, I use plastic drawers. It's a good system but cleaning up after a project is tiring.
  7. Hey, I think we should create a GBW account to do the scoring. Just to make things easier, like AG has ( @Andromedas Gates ) Sign off with the Mods of course, so they know you have 2 accounts, but I think that would be more dignified and official.
  8. I like your ship. It has a very nice captain's cabin, and I like how the deck is built up. My one criticism is that it's too short. I think it needs like 1 more hull section.
  9. Very nice build! I love how the pistols are used as oars. All around the build is very cute. good luck! And I'm a Knight now!
  10. Haha I love it. Excellent interior build. I really want to see what you do with your story, you were great in AG
  11. I can't find it in any of the databases. Are you sure it's real? The building style looks like it could be someone trying to pass off an MOC.
  12. Great build, and great idea for a build. I like all of the vehicles, they're very well made.
  13. Very nice build! I love how you did the barbed wire. The tank in the background looks interesting, and I wish you would have made that more prominent. The story is pretty good as well. However, it will be a great day for Briolui when we reduce it to rubble.
  14. Wow, this is impressive. I love the angled walls. The interior turned out great too.
  15. Very nice builds. I really like the mad max one.