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  1. The end of this week is approaching rapidly, how are you guys doing with this weeks update release? As I mentioned before me and three of my friends are attending to LEGO World. This events starts next monday, could you please send us as you wrote yourself the "before going public" app?
  2. For me there is a difference between direct copying a specific idea and being inspired by an idea. I can not recall I ever used an idea directly, but I'm most likely inspired by others, but aren't we all? With other words I find it hard to state where the line is drawn... Personally I wound't mind to credit or even praise people if I use there idea. Actually I would love to, why not... This should be the case not only using ideas but using complete or parts of a designs too.
  3. Yes the tire in it self is cool. What would be cool is to have a larger more off-road tire for the 62mm wheels. A new rim would be cool for sure, curious what you will come up with... ;-)
  4. I did report my issues as you asked, so I used the link. Lets hope this helps you guys to get the App fixed!
  5. To start with, well noticed @nerdsforprez and even though it is a "small" discussion I do like to add... ;-) Most of the times I start with the 3/4 pins because of there purpose but find myself ending up with 1/2 pins instead. The later cause of there added stability. I know wishing for parts doesn't add anything, but I really hoped LEGO would have 3/4 pins with frictions too...haha...
  6. Yeah, again you did a really great job! For me there are of no interest, because of the wrong size though...
  7. Well I have to look closely then...
  8. Did also check the KS video from SBrick and I really love the new options. Your review sure adds to it...thanks Jim for this review and for your support to have the SBrick team listening to us, it's very much appreciated! After all that's what a community is about, right? :-)
  9. I am unable to update FirmWare with older iPhone/iOS with latest SBrick App, so for me that unfortunately is no option. Even an Android phone can not update the FirmWare whenever an iOS device connected to the SBrick... ...not even a brand new SBrick! For me it is pretty sure it is a FirmWare issue, but as long as I'm unable to update it I'm out of options. You are so right about this. Asked for replacement yesterday, did not get any reply yet... I all understand about KS project, but I can not support a project of the same company that does not solve current issues, you have to understand this... In the last couple of weeks I have reported many times my issues to two of your co-workers. The issues are known for weeks if not months now. Really looking forward to the update. Your co-workers I wrote about do know that I'm attending to this event. So I guess whenever you have the Apple API ready I will receive it, but also my buddies @jaaptechnic and @Davekuhh who attend to this same show. As I wrote your co-workers an event with about 90000 visitors in 7 days...imagine the exposure... I'm pretty sure I'm driving your co-workers (probably you too by now) nuts... ...I can be a pain in the bud I know, but after all it is for a good cause...the SBrick cause!!! And to be honest currently I'm not that excited about SBrick anymore, the waiting takes way to long! Exactly same issue here, if there only was a way to force a FirmWare update issues would be solved @pasztorl I don't have the lag experience because it all just crashes...
  10. That is indeed exactly what happens here too. And now with iOS 10 it is even worse... Yes, it is for sure in there interest too that is why I don't get it, I pointed that out several times now. You know, the thing is that I might be excited about SBrick Plus, but if the current SBrick is just abandoned there is no reason for a party... So many people do have SBricks and maybe only 5% are using iOS devices... Mark told in there SBrick Plus campaign there are 20000 customers so we can do the math... Thanks for the effort Jim, it is very much appreciated! Looking forward to what you can achieve... I'm close to being desperate... You stated it exactly as it is...thanks buddy!
  11. Having the latest App installed, which BTW really looks amazing, I notice directly I have slider issues. Reaching 100% and it just stops. Light buttons do not work at all, basically they are at 100% immediately, so that makes sense. After I realized that setting the sliders and buttons at 99% solves the issue Apple released iOS 10. For me this results in having an SBrick App that crashes all the time. I don't even have to control a vehicle, just activating a profile is enough to make the App crash within seconds... Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure the guys at SBrick are working on this issue and doing there very best. The thing is that the App is released last June, bugs were reported almost immediately and it is October now and still no update... Plus next week I attend to LEGO World and together with three other guys we are close to being unable to demonstrate. We really need a solution, and we need it fast...
  12. For a moment I thought Bricksonwheels has changed his name here at EB, but no it is someone else who has studies his Harleys closely... Very cool build, and to me it is pretty obvious who inspired you!
  13. O cool, well come over to our display and say hello as well...it has been a while since I talked to you in person...
  14. @pasztorl For you guys I think it is cool to have this SBrick + thing going on. What bothers me is that I still have no proper iOS app running. Two of your coworkers know about it, but still nothing is happening. The app has been released in June, some major bugs submerged only within a couple of days. It is now October and still nothing has happened... Apple releasing iOS 10 only made things worse... Makes me wonder why I should back up you guys...
  15. I find it important to set the scale you want to build it in early in the design process. That probably would be one of the first things to establish!