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  1. Very cool design, I really love how you "closed" the body work. It's hard to achieve this with the Technic panels but you did a great job. Cool that's shared this build...well deserved!
  2. Did not got the chance yet to comment but I also want to state that this is a piece of art. Really love how you designed this model, how you improved it over and over again. Also are all the features so cool, you really added a lot of playability to it... Amazing. Yesterday I noticed the building instructions for the truck, man you are really fast... ;-) Looking good...!
  3. You've done this very quick my friend...well done! :-)
  4. This is a very cool build I love it!
  5. It is cool to see how you come up with such amazing details!
  6. These are awesome builds...really love them! Also very cool stickers...
  7. That is cool, we are all inspired by someone else... It's a good thing to be inspired and a good thing to share who you're inspired by Really looking forward to the progress on your build!
  8. Very cool builds as we're used from you... Really love the shapes and solutions on both models...very impressive...!
  9. It is massive! Really love those pipes...!
  10. Very cool design and functions!!!
  11. Love this build... The looks of v1 are better, but obviously v2 performs way better... Well done...!!!
  12. Very cool and totally agree with @Blakbird!!! Leaves me wondering though why you already took it apart...
  13. Very cool build...love it very much!
  14. Although I would not necessarily refer to it as a Suzuki Jimny I really love you've build...excellent!!! :-)