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  1. Cool video, really has this 1991 Backdraft movie feel... Well done... Lights are cool too...
  2. Nice of you to share this with us... ...but there is no reason to quote the images as well...it only makes it more confusing to read this topic...
  3. If that only would be possible... ...seems not to work either... However, you do use an iOS device to controle your SBricks?
  4. I think we have to admit this would make builds much more realistic!!! This is an amazing scale, I already liked it, but I never liked the available wheels... So in a way you opened doors... Exactly!!! That's what I mentioned too... @jamesonk83: you didn't answer my question: In fact the original LEGO wheels are to wide as well... Having cooler rim and tire designs would add lots of possibilities!!! What about this?
  5. This is so huge, love it! All those details, you did well my friend...!!!
  6. Very cool, looks promising! Would not use these soon because I'm in another scale! Would you consider doing something similar for 62.4 wheels? Maybe I'm interested if that would be the case... :-)
  7. What also might cause you some difficulty is that the current iOS app has a slider issue. When the slider is at 100% instead of giving 100% power it just stops... The SBrick guys are aware of this and probably they will fix it... Do you think this might be what it makes difficult for you? For me it does, with previous version I learned how to control a model in a couple of minutes. With current app I can not control a vehicle decent...it is basically impossible!
  8. Very cool build and a great video of it! Love how you chase kids...O no, they chase you...haha... ;-)
  9. I understand why you added the reflective tape, but I do not like it that much...if that is okay with you... ;-)
  10. What is the need for an outside jail? Cool buddy, excellent work...as always!
  11. Cool so far, nice idea and as far as I can tell build sturdy and functional...!
  12. This bus is very crowded...with hoses and pneumatics... So far so good, indeed lets hope you have it finished in time!
  13. You're most welcome! Okay, makes sense... At first I thought it holds the battery box, but there are no Power Functions... That makes sense, you did some great engineering then...thanks for explaining!
  14. I did send a message indeed and did receive a decent reply. For now I am pretty excited about it after all it promotes my stuff. Currently I don't see anything happen that worries me, okay except for the order in which events took place...but hey nobody is perfect... Just send an email to the owner of Rebrickable.com to verify things with him, just to make sure. Does any of the moderators have thoughts on this matter?
  15. That is indeed a new definition of "tiny"... This is a cool build, massive, huge and so impressive... Personally I find the tiltrotors to square-ish, but other then that love it very much...!