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  1. That's awesome, SK! Especially the wall-texturing is spot-on
  2. Very Nice build The rockwork is defenitely spot-on, and though I am usually no big fan of dark medium flesh, I think the colour works well here! And of course, the antler detail tops things top perfectly
  3. A good idea to make a "facebook" I'll be switching from sigfig in the next book, so I don't think it'd be useful to have my fig represented. I could give you a (secret) image of my next fig, if you'd wish so?
  4. Great crew you've got there captain! A little detai that appealed to me was the use of the Nexo-knight bad guy armor. Nice to finally see these put to good use!
  5. @Captain Dee: that bell is looking so gorgeous!
  6. you have defenitely improved, Famadrin, and it is great to see the Tenotclacxans back! The builds are all very nice, especially the Vulcano scene. And I really love that pattern on the walls!
  7. O my, I defenitely need to check out all the chapters of your story I missed!
  8. Very nice build Garmadon! The explosion is great (excellent use of these antennes), as is the ship. I'm not completely sold on the base though. It looks fine and would defenitely work on a bigger base, but here... I think it may be a bit too large for a micro-scale build. Anyway, that's just a minor detail. Nice job!
  9. This is a very true comment Bregir. I concede that I don't do it always myself, but it's quite handy to receive a comment which not only points out the good things (which you could probably point out yourself. You'd need the community to point out the little things you missed, or could improve next time). Wait. When did Corrington get an army?
  10. Go Eslandola, go! Though I didn't do anything for the war (Elysabeth's still angry at me ), I can only like the outcome! Also, congratulations to @Maxim I for winning the title "prince of garvey", but also to all other contestants...
  11. @Henjin_Quilones: either you're crazy with too much free time, or too good for this world. In both cases: this is great!
  12. Eh, @Garmadon: I kinda feel like I don't deserve these DBs, since I didn't take part in the war. (I know, naughty-naughty of me, but I do feel bad about it). So I'd propose you either give them to Maestro (since they did help out), or to the Eslandolan Crown? (though the latter will surely upset @Maxim I)
  13. Great to hear you're still alive, and kicking! I can wait a little longer for the challenge results. In every case would I like to thank you for committing so much to the Guilds, while you still have such a busy real life. Thank you!
  14. Looking great John, you're making me curious... @Kai NRG I just noticed that knife-holder: really cool, great part usage!
  15. Congratulations to both @Henjin_Quilones and @Exetrius! I can barely believe you're already so long part of the guilds! Now I think about it, my joining date was last monday... Man, time flies if one's having fun! And have fun we did, defenitely!