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  1. It's great to finally see the completed version posted, and you have outdone yourself sir. Only the amount of dk green bricks is mind-blowing, but you used every single one of them to create a swampy atmosphere as only you can. The vegetation is great, and I really like your little vegetable garden Please keep up the good work!
  2. The fact that you thinks "it beats the original by a slim margin" prooves that you're evlving into the direction of a great builder! Keep it up! Also, a very cool MOC
  3. It's been too long we got a new chapter in your story, but this is excellent! I really like the courtyard-feeling you created, and though I feel the water could have a bit more life to it the sand green defenitely works well!
  4. A great presentation of a very nice MOC, I really enjoyed reading and watching the images. Good job Garmadon!
  5. this is so cool man! I'm glad that you didn't go too crazy, it makes your build more realistic, while still keeping your typical buildig style and beauty! A lovely MOC altogether, though my favored part must be the second floor!
  6. some Nice builds you've got there, though it's a pity almost all images are close-ups. Some images showing the complete build wouldn't hurt
  7. I was thinking that a tomb under ground where prisoners are sacrificed would fit as Ravaage's throneroom, but I think I missed the word "Mitgardia"
  8. Some cool builds here! My favoured must be Raavage's throne room. I also really like your figure combos, they have a very classsic feeling to them which I can really appreciate!
  9. Now that's a pretty impressive build! Especially the large surface covered makes my jaw drop Great job!
  10. Some very nice builds you've got there! My favoured part must be the Skeleton-trees, though it's hard to choose. The story is also very cool, I defenitely did not see that plot-twist coming! That being said, Avalonia will not bow to some Kaliphlin mummy
  11. Neat build Kai! Some intresting techniques here, especially these tiles work well I think!
  12. I really like how these little scene seems divided into two parts: the water and the land. I love both of them, and the "border" between them (the reeds) is great!
  13. Great to finally see you're story getting started, and with such a great first chapter! I really love the Mitgardian house, the boats look awesome! I'm already looking forward to the next chapter!
  14. Some nice (sig)fig combos man! I also really like the floor, good job