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  1. Could I Please get the tag?
  2. Nice build but are you already allowed to build air force?
  3. Well done!
  4. After the war declaration from Filace the Army of Balafih had gone to high alert. The 1th batallion has been ordered to set up an air defense network at the coast of Balafih. IMG_9538 IMG_9541 The Command platoon connects their SAM site with the RON Defense Satellite at A8 [Map of North Godta]
  5. what can i do in campaign 2? I am isolated On my island and i haven't unlocked naval forces yet.
  6. I like the story! And nice names too
  7. Good job
  8. Nice build!
  9. Very nice detailed table! looks great!
  10. This won`t be able to stop the tanks of RoN
  11. looks great! i really like this jeep!
  12. PVT Jack Kowalski, Balafih CP 2  -Balafih - Building an Air defense Network
  13. Hello,my name is Jack Kowalsky,and i will serve in the army of Balafih ,member of the RON.