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  1. I may post it as a freebuild sometime.
  2. Oh no... I didn't realize this until after I'd built and edited the photos of my entry... Looks like I won't be in Cat B.
  3. That is one big ballista... I like your technique with the frame for it.
  4. Woah Gideon... this is Awesome! Reminds me of some desert castles in Mount & Blade: Warband.
  5. Almost done working on my Cat B entry!
  6. Love this. The build is awesome, as well as the figures, and you've got a great story going on.
  7. Wow. This is amazing. I love that fire mage thing, and the pheonix.
  8. Wow. Amazing build! I love the architecture.
  9. Hilarious build! I'm not sure the Spire will be fooled, but let's hope!
  10. Very nice build! I like how the horse is struggling through the marsh.
  11. I really like the red door, and how you made the tower lean in different places.
  12. Quaint smithy you've got there! I really like the architecture used in it.
  13. The stone on the mill is very well done. And the mill fans themselves, amazing.
  14. Mass. HOW. This build is Perfect with a capital P.