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    Favorite running Lego theme: Ninjago
    Honourable mentions: Elves, Nexo Knights, CMF
    MOC interests: medieval, fantasy, magic, oriental, GoH!

    Other interests: Anime matching my MOC interests (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Log Horizon, Sword art Online, A Certain Magical Index, just to name a few), scientific advancements, beautiful landscapes, sports cars and architecture (ancient and futuristic)


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  1. Added for convenience.
  2. @Jeebus Welcome to Eurobricks! I like the Black legion here, especially that wicked bowman!
  3. Already liking the humor there! Garmadon's going to be a great character!
  4. Oh man, something like that shouldn't be dropped so casually! Anyway, you're a good writer, but you haven't shown much of your building skills, so I'm interested to see what you're capable of!
  5. Asian IP's? I don't know any popular ones that are not from Japan, so I'd say they're looking at anime franchises. As far as space themes go, I think Mobile Suit Gundam would be one of the more viable ones. That'd be cool!
  6. Just saw the new DC Superheroes sets. There will be a whole set of new magic power blasts of some sort. Amazing, much needed!
  7. I don't see any problems with swapping out the arms for black ones, on an army-building scale. @Jurik thanks for sharing! Oddly satisfying to see them like this. Definitely going to customize Nya this way!
  8. Dear people, This is the SET discussion thread, not for the SHOW or the MOVIE. Please keep that in mind. Have a nice day. ( @Peppermint_M Sorry for mini-modding, but I don't feel like reporting all of these members individually)
  9. @Henjin_Quilones @soccerkid6 @Gunman @Blufiji Thanks guys for your feedback and compliments! I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about the base as well, so next time I will try to make it less 'rough', while still maintaining the sense of dynamic movement.
  10. Black and trans green villains? Sounds great to me! Interesting that they brought gold into the colour scheme of a knight's vehicle, or maybe it's a royal vehicle!
  11. Welcome, Cozei! I saw some neat builds of yours on Flickr. I advice you: build things that inspire and motivate you, otherwise you may lose interest. I'd also like to refer to the my comment in the Nocturnus guild thread, might help you get a better idea how to get started: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/85716-book-ii-nocturnus-guild-sign-up-and-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=2821731
  12. @TitusV Uh.. may I remind you what crawled out of my kitchen: ... "typical pumpkin-pie-baker"
  13. See? Archetypical tree hugger right here! Nice signature btw, just updated mine too (after eh.. a year and two months?).