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  1. I thought of something right now, in TLM, Batman was working with the other characters. Like a team. That was the whole focus of TLBM, maybe that movie takes place before TLM?
  2. I don't have a copy. I really like animation, so I love to soak in every detail. I really like when characters in Lego movies change hair pieces to imitate motion, I think it's a first in Lego animation honestly. When I saw it, to me it was just some weird hair. But now I realized it's Kai and Lloyd's hair from the Lego movie, in the same moment! I'm wondering if that's coincidental.
  3. I just saw this movie. It was REALLY GOOD. I personally think The Lego Movie was better by the slightest of margins, but this is really close in my opinion. Does this allude or tie to the previous Lego Movie, or future movies? Anywhere in the movie?
  4. Apparently the UK premiere is in April? Is that the closest we'll get to potentially getting a good HoT recording?
  5. In the Lego Batman Movie, Joker flashes Lloyd AND Kai's hairpiece for a split second! It's when Joker surrenders and Barbra blasts her speaker in his face. Did anyone else notice this?
  6. By the way, didn't Hands of Time premiere in the UK yesterday? Did anyone get a clean recording? Or is it showing some other day?
  7. Oh, it was? Hmm... How did I even read that then?
  8. Dude please put spoiler tags on that. I didn't want that piece of info to get spoiled for me at least until we were closer to season 8, but I do know. I'd rather I didn't read that, and a couple of others will too.
  9. But a lot of people would rather associate crazy acrobatics and mystical powers with ninja instead of samurai. And there's also how "ninja" would appeal to kids more...
  10. I don't think there was ever a change. The theme itself dictates which of the two styles it will use. For example, the jungle theme in 2015 was very colorful, but the ghost theme later that year had dark blue, purple and pale green as the main colors. Then in the beginning of 2016, the pirate theme was very colorful. The Temple of Airjitzu is a very nice set when completed. But then again, it's the largest Ninjago set to date, so if you're asking for your kid that might not be a good idea Maybe try something from the 2015 jungle theme, like set 70749? Or something from summer 2016 like 70596?
  11. I like to think there are 2 styles with Ninjago. The bright and vibrant sets, or the more realistic and darker colored look. I'd guess the first style would catch a kid's eye faster than the second. The more dull (yet thematically fitting) palette would probably be found more appealing by older people (i'd say at the point where you'd consider how a set's build is designed over it's appearance (if that makes sense))..
  12. People are already making jokes about the game's title The Modern bit also looks pretty linear. This could be because this is just the opening act, and once you know how to play better you'll be given bigger spaces to run around in. I'm guessing we'll see Classic gameplay sometime in May, so then we can see the new third gameplay style at E3, the real kicker. It might even be playable.
  13. At the end of the day I didn't think it was necessary to see it in HD, so I just saw someone else stream the panel. Music tracks! Gameplay! Name reveal!
  14. They usually have more of a close-linking style when it comes to making connections. But they do also plan special plot things (usually) 1-2 seasons prior. Also, another audio ripped Hands of Time episode. Yay..
  15. So there's gonna be another livestream tomorrow, which will have (paraphrase) reveals for both Mania and Project 2017. By the end we should have (paraphrase) a decent chunk of information on 2017.