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  1. It's looking like the figure with the orange hair is the movie version of Misako. Kind of disappointed really, it doesn't look like her at all. I thought the one with the qipao was Miasko and I was okay with it...
  2. I judge CMFs based on how neat the minifugure is and not the applicability or rarity of the accessories. And with that, there's so many figures I like in this lineup, the only one I dislike is the guitar guy, since more effort is done on the figure than the guitar it looks like. He could have had a really cool guitar as well. My favorite is the volcanic shark, it looks too nice.
  3. It could also be Jay's house, since his sister is apparently being served tea in there, plus he is the one on the rooftop in the concept art. Also, nice to see them using Misako as the official name rather than Koko. I get it's a nickname, but it just didn't sit good with me. There are a lot more references to the regular Ninjago than I expected, let's hope they're not just for the sets and are actually seen in the movie. Also it just came to me, but Ninjago City in this movie is really expansive and has a unique look. If the game's exploration is done right, the open world will be amazing.
  4. I really like this theme. It took me a while to figure out what it really was, then I noticed one thing after another was looking a little... Flimsy. Then... Broken? Almost like a little story in a way. I like the way the cracked floor is done, near the tent thing all the way in the corner of the build The broken roof on the mushroom ride is cool also, it looks like a lot of bricks are hinging off one stud.
  5. It looks like Zane is pulling on the bowstring with one foot and is holding the handle with the other XD This poster is AMAZING. Because it not only looks cool and good, bla blah... But it captures the ninja's personalities perfectly. Zane is balanced, Kai is heroic, Cole is laid back, and Jay is freaking out I don't really know about Lloyd and Nya though...
  6. Yeah, TLBM had about 4 trailers, and trailers 3 & 4 were spaced pretty decently. They haven't even announced the Ninjago Movie game. I heard Comic-Con is next month... Maybe some stuff regarding both the movie and the game will be there?
  7. As I anticipated, i'm still set on getting that Ice Tank. It's build looks phenomenal and maybe even the most movie accurate. It is a little weird that Zane is the only ninja in there... I was expecting them to also throw Lloyd, Jay, or Nya in there as well... I'm not the biggest fan of having civilians taking precious minifigure slots... Also, I hope this set's variation of Zane is the one that has the factory-print style head piece + the hairpiece.
  8. Can't wait to see more. It's good to see that they're going all out with their own story just like the first game.
  9. It looks like there's gonna be 2 versions of Zane... One with double faces and the mask, and another with only one face, and the hairpiece (probably the set with his landmaster) I've gotta say, I really like the version of Zane's headpiece we see in the poster. It's like someone gave him a spray paint job through those metal sheets with circles in them, like a half-finished factory print.
  10. Cool! If Lego ever goes back to the more traditional Agents style, I can definitely see them making things like this.
  11. Anime usually tries to emphasize that there's a single lock in the middle, it looks like there's at least 3 for Jay. If we're talking about anime hair, i'd say that Kai in general is the all-time winner. I feel like that parallel with Jay is coincidental. If there was an attempt to mimic that kind of hairstyle, or an applicable hairstyle to anime in this wave, i'd say Lloyd or Kai come closer.
  12. Yeah, season 8 seems to be the season where we'll get a lot of answers and exposition on things. Wait... Does that mean the season after HoT is complete?
  13. Why does one version of Garmadon have a 12-pack while the other has an exposed ribcage? The trees aren't Lego... For some reason, looking at that, I feel... Uncomfortable. Also if the Ninjago Movie game has open world that looks like in the picture...
  14. The Switch isn't much bigger than your average handheld, but unlike them it carries the power of an entire home console. If there is handheld, it would be on the DS systems, not the Switch. The Switch's version of the game can become portable, and it will still look and play exactly like the docked version, negating the need for another (usually inferior) version of the game to appear for the system undocked. Why have two of the same game, when one is (usually) better? Your theory that it could be for both consoles and handhelds is pretty good, but it's definitely not for the reason following.
  15. A Ninjago Movie standalone game was pretty easy to see coming. We knew it'd get a game, we just didn't know if it would be a handheld or console. But once they said "full game" it was all but confirmed it was for consoles. Fingers crossed this doesn't turn out like every other Lego game.