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  1. That folder isn't mine as you can see I quoted it from someone else. Really? Hm, I didn't know that. It's so hard to find new things with a small backing like Ninjago episodes. I don't think discussing this stuff is particularly bad as I see a lot of people doing the same thing here. Speaking of episodes, a guy called Kai Fire Studio seems to have uploaded HoT to Youtube in good quality. You guys might want to access those before it's too late. Maybe they got the episodes from as well?
  2. yeah Also, 8 (I spaced the 8 out) is episode 71 in pretty good audio and in 720p. Someone might want to add this one to their collection before it's gone.
  3. It appears to be that way because Lloyd's hip piece is green printed and continues the torso design, while the other 2 are a plain color. This makes the hip piece and the torso blend in, and it gives the appearance that the hip piece is black and somewhere in the legs, while it is actually integrated in the torso. It's not an illusion, it's good minifigure design. All the other Ninjago outfits have the gi end below the hip piece. But this time it appears to end exactly at the hip.
  4. Thanks, that's much better than the other audio mixes around. I certainly wouldn't mind if you did more (how long is the process anyway?), but it seems taxing, like the HoT translations we got some months ago.
  5. Well in that case, the Ninjago Movie is definitely getting a game soon, and might be revealed at E3. But now the question is whether it's getting a HD console release or handheld release. But they did say this includes a full game based on a Lego movie title. So i'm leaning towards console release.
  6. What's a "joystick extra controller"? Do you mean just an extra controller? If so, I don't see why the PC version wouldn't support something like that. Maybe try going deeper into the options? Or plug in a USB controller if there's no option to wirelessly connect it?
  7. In a way i'd argue that these villains are even stranger than serpentine and stone warriors. At least the other Ninjago villains have something in common and fit the world's theme one way or another (even the nindroids fit in). These look like cheesy villains from a Japanese production back in the day (or a Power Rangers episode, which is equally as cheesy). It's not that they're human (Ninjago's had human villains), it's that they don't really represent the unique pandora's box, somewhat ornate, or ancient, design Ninjago usually has. Also I think the two piece masks look neat, and i've always wanted the actual technicality of the masks to be mentioned, but this does even more, it's a physical representation of the actual mask process. And besides, you can either wear the top part on the head piece, or the bottom part on the neck piece. If you don't have a ninja's hair but a kid wants to have them maskless, you can simply wear the top part instead of awkwardly leaving them "bald". It's a good placeholder.
  8. If you pause at the right moment in the trailer you can see a list of customizable options which are pretty in depth; there's upper, middle, and lower selections for just headgear... And there's a slider, meaning there's a few more options we haven't seen. Also at the top of the customization widget it says "dress up", which could mean the things like headgear are actually subsections of the overall dress up section, and there's even more categories to see, each with just as much options. Also you can choose from around 7 species which have different perks. There are "wispons" which go into your red tool and act as it's "ammo" in a way. We only saw the burst wispon in the Park Avenue gameplay clip. and whatever the flamethrower attack is. I'm guessing the HUD will have a wispon meter.
  9. I like how the entire scene is a storm solely because of the charged creeper also I like the alternate model on the left better than the original
  10. Kisscartoon would have posted the new episodes in HD if it wasn't down... It looks like no other websites are actively putting up the episodes, and it's been 2 days since the 16th (stuff is usually put up online about a day after). It looks like it's back to the month long wait once more...
  11. Loki was the "big bad" for LMSH but the real villain by the end of Loki's plans turned out to be someone totally different (though at the same time Loki remained the big villain because he was controlling him with his staff)
  12. The hardware wasn't really that good anyways. I essentially see the Wii U as a PS3.5 and not really "up to gen" in 2012. Honestly, the Switch's performance now is what the Wii U's should have been. That poster for LMSH 2 with all those new characters has Tony Stark's iconic head inside the Iron Man mask. Directly in the top center I believe. I can't see that being Kang like some are saying. I'm surprised to see Carnage of all characters in a list of iconic heroes and villans. But I like Carnage so Also, i'm assuming just like how LMSH's levels took place mostly in Manhattan with everyone fighting over cosmic bricks, then diverged later into places off the map, this story will take place mostly in Chronopolis, then shift to places like Egypt and whatnot halfway through the story. Also Chronopolis is a legitimate place in the Marvel Comics, though a bit obscure.
  13. Lego Marvel Superheroes was my first Lego game, and I LOVED it. It turns out many other people did too. This was pretty much the last Lego game I expected to see. It seems like this was the game being teased on Instagram and Twitter, and will probably be shown more at E3. Judging by how Green Goblin is attacking Groot, it looks like this will be an entirely original story once more, and not some sort of Infinity War game. I don't know if circumstances have changed in the past years, but Deadpool, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four were in the last game, since this isn't based off films and whatnot like Avengers, could they reappear in this game once more?
  14. Day of the Departed was on the CN app as well right? So i'd assume they don't allow for recording, since no one posted DoD in HD for a month and it was supposedly on the CN app.
  15. If Marvel Superheroes 2 was the game that was being teased, then it seems like it's back to square one If they were talking about Marvel Super Heroes 2 the entire time, then i'd expect to see a Lego Ninjago Movie 3DS game as that is the custom with Ninjago video games.