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  1. Um...maybe. But when a well informed Mod makes such a comment and multiple reliable sources have fuelled the rumor, setting aside a budget for it is wise.
  2. I'll take that as confirmation the rumor is true then.
  3. The new UCS Snowspeeder looks great! I have 10129 but will get this one too. I agree with the overall sentiment about the number of stickers though, particularly canopy stickers. If they go the trouble of creating a new canopy mold I can't see why they can't make it printed? Even the guy in the announcement video felt like he had to justify the number of stickers. Sometimes I feel like TLG cut production costs on Star Wars sets because they know they will sell well regardless. If Megabloks can make "collector" sets entirely sans stickers & with complex printed elements surely Lego can!
  4. I don't think it lends any more credibility to the rumor at all. It's a marketing person answering the question with spin. However, in the written article the author mentions that TLG could release UCS Falcon 2.0 to combat the flood of Lepin knock-off's. This, I believe, is more likely a valid reason we'll see it released sooner rather than later. The UCS Falcon is their hero model. It's literally being stolen by a dodgy company and Lego have no current way to combat the loss of IP and potential income due to weak IP laws in certain countries. The only reason the knock-off is viable is due to the huge price differential. Even if they copied a new version the price difference would be so much smaller that it would make the clone much less appealing.
  5. Each to their own I guess. I just think grey gets a bit boring after a while. And if I want specific parts I just bricklink them.
  6. It sure is. Its just a shame they didn't include him with a prototype B-wing from season 2 of Rebels, instead of the Freemaker set. That whole episode was a beautiful homage to Ralph McQuarrie.
  7. A detailed interior would either significantly increase the part count (& cost) or reduce the overall size and keep the part count relatively the same. Although a detailed interior would be cool, I wouldn't mind if they released a near replica of the orginal either, $500-$700 USD is better than $5000 USD. When it's on display who sees the interior anyway? And 10179 is not exactly a playset.
  8. Exactly this ^. Well said. It made me chuckle too.
  9. No. It looks awesome. I don't normally buy constraction figures either but I reckon this will move quickly from shelves.
  10. I don't know whether to laugh or be sad but "worth starving for I reckon" should be used by TLG for promotional purposes!
  11. They've improved the cockpit but other than that I'm not seeing the "much more detail than 10129" you speak of. Some more yes, but it's not too different to 10129 in that pic. Assuming there is ~500 pieces more (as suggested by earlier rumors) I suspect the majority of the extra pieces would be structural. Lego tend to concentrate on improving structural integrity these days and 10129 could certainty do with improvement in this area.
  12. I like your dedication.
  13. What!? Where? Vader's Tie vs. A-wing was not avail. in retail in Australia and Jabba's Palace and Barge have been retired for years. Nice pick-up.
  14. Do you mean Snowspeeder, not Landspeeder? The Snowspeeder is currently the only one with a set number (75144) on Brickset and was originally suppose to release last year. It is all but confirmed for an April release. The other two are still unsubstantiated rumours.
  15. This speculation is way past ridiculous. Have you even considered how much a 1:1 scale BB-8 would weigh considering TLG requirements for structural integrity?