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  1. I asked the question a few pages back if anyone could confirm if it was Kylo in the hologram. No response. Kylo would seem most likely.
  2. Read the previous posts in this thread. But there are so many factors to consider it's pretty hard to give a true estimate, particularly as only a few people have made this MOC so far and the parts list is not available yet. Mirko had most of the parts in his inventory already. If any parts become rare then the costs will increase greatly, particularly if it's required in quantity, which I can tell from looking at the MOC there are several parts that require 100+ (albeit fairly common parts). That is the reason you see some people here requesting advance copies of the parts 'get in quickly' so to speak. Shipping will be one of your major costs which is largely determined by where you live. Jack from Brickvault said "<$500 USD" but he lives in USA which has the highest concentration of bricklink stores and therefore his shipping costs will be much less and his choices much greater than say me, living in Australia. The larger the MOC the more orders you will have to make which means higher shipping costs. You might get lucky and get 80-90% of the parts from one store but the last 10-20% of parts requires 10++ orders. Using a mixture of old with new parts will keep costs down but committing to a project like this requires a very flexible budget.
  3. I noticed Snoke comes with a holographic figure accessory. Do we assume that's Kylo Ren? It's hard to tell in low resolution.
  4. Thanks for the reply Mirko and congratulations again on an incredible project. I'm intrigued as to what the empire instalment might be. It looks like a 2018 release on your website so at least we have time to complete the U-wing first!
  5. Without knowing the full part list it's hard to know. Not restricting yourself to new parts will help keep the cost down and IMO a mix of old and new parts would actually help to capture the "weathered" look, typical of Rebel fleet ships. Mirko has said he deliberately made the MOC with relatively common parts. However, with MOCs of this size some parts usually become scarce if no longer in production. This significantly increase the complexity & cost of obtaining all the required parts. For example, the most obvious (& essential) canopy piece, of which you need two for the U-wing, is out of stock at Lego bricks n pieces. Thus bricklink is the only option there. The current quantity average price for that particular part (new) on Bricklink is ~$8.20 USD. And if Mirko's MOC is as popular as it would appear to be then expect the price of that part to increase significantly as stock becomes more scarce. I've seen it happen with other MOCs that became popular. BB-8 was a great example when Episode VII was round plates 6x6 plates (with 2x2 cutout) skyrocketed on Bricklink. Classic supply & demand economics are at play here.
  6. To the members complaining about the price of the manual consider this. Mirko has put an incredible amount of work into this. Not just the MOC but photography, graphics, sticker design, pre-press, production...the whole works. You are not only getting what Jack from Brickvault has described as "higher quality than Lego Ideas manuals" but essentially Mirko is licencing his talent/IP which is arguably worth much more than the physical manual itself. And if I had to guess, the production of a high quality manual in official Lego sets is likely one of their highest costs, particularly in limited run. I haven't seen anything like this shared with other AFOLs in the community previously. I understand the reactionary "sticker shock" at the price but all things considered I am just hoping I can get my hot little hands on a copy!
  7. As I said it was a rhetorical question. I know the answer. My actual opinion of what transpires on this forum of late would probably get me banned. My point was that shouting is considered rude and unnecessarily aggressive in most forums.
  8. And you are shouting because? It's a rhetorical question btw.
  9. The frame at 1.02 looks more likely given the "new" cockpit design. The frame at 0.53 looks like the original 10179 cockpit from that angle.
  10. Congrats! That's a nice pickup. You'll love it.
  11. I concur on each point and it was exactly my reasoning when I picked up 6210 in mint condition for a good price last year. I already had the updated Jabba, several Gamorean Guards and Max Reebo so the fig's weren't a big issue for me.
  12. The "big green thing" is a Dewback.
  13. I'm not sure how your personal opinion on a set qualifies as "more on topic". Anyways, for those who are interested in what the official Lego S@H UCS Millennium Falcon search showed before it was pulled here it is...
  14. Yep. They've "fixed" it pretty quick. I did take a screenshot but I can't post more than a 32kb image on here.
  15. Weird thing is "Falcon" and "Millennium" returns the same message. Given that there is the TFA version of the Falcon currently available it should at least return that result. I suspect Lego are the ones trolling AFOLs who are searching for clues. Given the other Easter eggs (eg. Falcon/Exogorth in recent designer vid) it looks like they are having fun with this rumour.