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  1. I concur on each point and it was exactly my reasoning when I picked up 6210 in mint condition for a good price last year. I already had the updated Jabba, several Gamorean Guards and Max Reebo so the fig's weren't a big issue for me.
  2. The "big green thing" is a Dewback.
  3. I'm not sure how your personal opinion on a set qualifies as "more on topic". Anyways, for those who are interested in what the official Lego S@H UCS Millennium Falcon search showed before it was pulled here it is...
  4. Yep. They've "fixed" it pretty quick. I did take a screenshot but I can't post more than a 32kb image on here.
  5. Weird thing is "Falcon" and "Millennium" returns the same message. Given that there is the TFA version of the Falcon currently available it should at least return that result. I suspect Lego are the ones trolling AFOLs who are searching for clues. Given the other Easter eggs (eg. Falcon/Exogorth in recent designer vid) it looks like they are having fun with this rumour.
  6. Yep. I plan it that way too. But with May the fourth my Lego budget for this month is already blown!
  7. Lucky you. Postage in Australia for a $7.99 AUD keyring is $25 AUD ie. more than triple! At $33 the R3 poly becomes prohibitively expensive here.
  8. Making it stand is the not-so-fun part. Once you get it right though it does hold up surprisingly well.
  9. You're lucky. I suspect I may have just missed your shipment. It's still saying "In warehouse". It always seems to take 2-3 weeks for me. I will call customer service in the morning.
  10. Happy May the fourth Eurobrickians! I ordered Rebel Combat Frigate, A-wing and Phantom II from S@H, mostly for the minifigs. Ordered on April 29th and its still listed as 'In Warehouse' five days later. I don't know of any other company that drags it feet on shipping like least to Australia.
  11. How soon before a set is released do they normally make a designer vid? That seems kinda early to have one in the can if the rumoured release timeframe is correct.
  12. Nice haul! It's good to see the Snowspeeder is available on the Aus S@H website now.
  13. Its now the 29th in Australia and its still not available to add to cart for VIPs. Despite this, May the fourth promotions have triggered here ie. R2-D2 polybag and 10% discount across the entire Star Wars range (except Snowspeeder).
  14. Unless it's blue milk. Then it's conclusive.
  15. There was talk several pages back about 2 x VIP points for the May the fourth promotional period. The S@H splashpage is now advertising that the May the Fourth promotional period begins on April 29, the date of VIP early access for the UCS Snowspeeder and the reported 40% discount on the resistance X-wing (at least in EU). Can anyone confirm if double VIP points also begin on this date? That would be a pretty sweet deal, especially if it included the R2-D2 promo polybag.