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  1. The shark soldier figure from the $20 set with 5 figs also has a good torso for Ajax from Deadpool.
  2. Its times like these that I wish there was an upvote button on this forum Judging from the last two years my guesses are - Marvel - All New All Different Spider-Man DC - someone from CW, maybe Killer Frost or Firestorm to coincide with their alleged appearances next year TLBM - Fourth of July or St. Patrick's Day Batman suit variants Ninjago - some variant of Lloyd that probably comes in a future set as a preview fig
  3. As far as designs, the Vulture is really accurate to the concept art. I kind of wish they went with Iron Patriot to resolve what happened with his while shtick.
  4. For anyone seeking an alternative, Hoth Han from the May the 4th polybag has a pretty good and more accurate torso for Vulture.
  5. Reminds me of my own Shocker but way better. I was going to replace the arms with the official ones as well as adding the gauntlets. I think the news Lego City construction guys' torsos would fit best. Y'know, the ones with a hood printed on the back. * Bad pic is bad.
  6. Probably that high tech ship from the trailer that almost looks like the one from Thor Ragnarok with a color swap.
  7. That would be awesome. Would be really interesting to see the Falcone Construction Co. truck especially
  8. I use the Lego Movie Emmet Car radio 1x2 tile as Star Lord's Awesome Mix Tape and it works pretty well. Hope the official piece isn't randomly simplistic or cartoony looking like the HYDRA logo on Red Skull's MM. Its so hard to mess up lol
  9. Oh wow I didn't catch that. That actually made my day, I've been looking for a cheap yellow hip piece forever now.
  10. I wonder how they're going to make Reverse Flash since TLG seems opposed to having anymore yellow hip pieces (both with or without printing) as it could be used to make a nude fig. Probably a black hip with dual molded yellow and black parts (if we're even lucky enough to get dual molding). Lobo's set sounds cool, but I wish I knew about Krypto beforehand since I already picked up the Friends-styled polybag version. Also, while I'm glad to be getting Cheetah, I'm going to miss the days when we had to use the CMF Tiger Woman or Cave Woman as purist substitues. Killer Frost I'm excited about though since it was tough getting a good purist version of her.
  11. Pretty happy to be getting Captain Boomerang in a cheap set. Too bad the vehicle is the Bat Dune Buggy as it looks like a minor redesign and color swap of the one from the Ra's al Ghul set. CMF also seems to be confirmed almost overnight and I'm pretty excited to get official versions of Black Canary and Hugo Strange. Hopefully we get that Cyborg figure too.
  12. Pretty cool figure to include, might actually get it since I really don't want the other sets.
  13. Recently picked up the Wonder Woman and Ares set and it totally deserves all the hype its given. Ares is so awesome and so are the figs. The plane is surprisingly really nice and more complete than i thought it would be! Should definitely be on everyone's want list in this thread.
  14. That series of numbers (306xx) has also been used for a pre-order fig like Stormtrooper Finn (even the exclusive dvd Nightwing) which, along with the fact that the game is only going to be released for PS4, XBOX ONE, and the Nintendo Switch, leads me to believe that Goliath will not only be a pre-order fig but also packaged with the game.
  15. For Shocker, how would this torso with the official printed yellow arms be? Maybe some dark brown legs with printing like Han Solo's? As for the face, I'll probably use the official one or erase the mouth off of a stern looking minifig using an obviously non-purist eraser.