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  1. A "better" (?) pic of the new Alfred fig coming out
  2. Does she still have the side arm vambrace printing?
  3. I think Mantis has a good more green torso for a comic version of Hela Also, if anybody wants to make a Madame Gao minifig from Marvel's Daredevil and Iron Fist I recommend: - Bridge Battle Aunt May's head with this hair: - Any random Asian inspired civillian torso and legs work for the body
  4. First couple episodes of Iron Fist blow. But the minute we get to episodes 4, 5, 6, etc. it gets so good. The fighting becomes more fluid and one single take and we get some familiar faces showing up which is always a plus.
  5. Now Hela, that's something I can get behind. Her fig looks great!
  6. Oh my god they look horrible. Thor is the only one I can sort of stomach. It looks like Loki has a generic Clone Trooper's head tacked onto Taskmaster's body and Banner looks like somebody's bad purist version. Even the head doesn't look that great.
  7. I know they are the real deal because Jerry confirmed it on his page and Sir Gareth is amazing with this kind of stuff, but the designs remind me so much of bootlegs and not the quality Lego is known for Maybe its just the lighting in the photo...
  8. Agreed. And I really don't want to ruin a piece by painting it, that's where I draw the line for myself as far as minifigure (or big fig) customization goes. Probably just going to use ultimate Green Goblin's arm with the metal armor nearing the shoulder like many have used in the past for a purist replacement.
  9. Gladiator Hulk via reddit:
  10. I did as well. Removing the 2x4 light gray pieces from a horizontal position to one in which they are parallel to the chassis right? EDIT: Ninja'd
  11. The mirror under trans pieces acting as water relection is honestly a revolutionary idea. Sick build man! :)
  12. For this very reason, there should be an upvote button.
  13. Got some ideas from some of the Toy Fair pics: - Spider-Man Homecoming Hulk thug's head could be used for a Goblin Nation thug figure - Spider-Man Homecoming Captain America thugs's head could be used for a Nomad Steve Rogers mask - Aayla Secura's head from the new Star Wars tank set could be used for the all time greatest Mystique head - Mentioned by another person, the new CMF figure of the old school futuristic sci-fi spaceman could be used for a Melter figure from Marvel - The gunmetal gray bad guy (idk his name) from the Rathar Escape set has a good head that could be used for Winter Soldier complete with the strained eyes look (would look best with a black Ninjago mask imo) - Star Wars Advent Calendar rebel soldier's torso would work well for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Ego the Living Planet
  14. In the second pic with the Tinkerer you can see the back of the white van we're getting in the Vulture set.
  15. I think this guy from Reddit wins the Spider-Verse competition. Like... by a thousand country miles. I mean look at that Jackal from the Clone Conspiracy arc! Those boots on iron Spider! The Inheritors! Merlin! All of them are absolute perfection Photo and link to original page below: