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  1. Pretty cool figure to include, might actually get it since I really don't want the other sets.
  2. Recently picked up the Wonder Woman and Ares set and it totally deserves all the hype its given. Ares is so awesome and so are the figs. The plane is surprisingly really nice and more complete than i thought it would be! Should definitely be on everyone's want list in this thread.
  3. That series of numbers (306xx) has also been used for a pre-order fig like Stormtrooper Finn (even the exclusive dvd Nightwing) which, along with the fact that the game is only going to be released for PS4, XBOX ONE, and the Nintendo Switch, leads me to believe that Goliath will not only be a pre-order fig but also packaged with the game.
  4. For Shocker, how would this torso with the official printed yellow arms be? Maybe some dark brown legs with printing like Han Solo's? As for the face, I'll probably use the official one or erase the mouth off of a stern looking minifig using an obviously non-purist eraser.
  5. Dark red from the Ronin figure is a little jarring on the Vulture fig. But Frank Rock's legs are amazing, too bad I'm already using them on the Mandarin.
  6. The blue and yellow dual molded legs from the beach set would definitely help the Goliath figure but its still not enough for me. I'll probably see if they have extras at GameStop when they come out. Hope it isn't packaged with the game tho like Finn was.
  7. Ah I forgot about Goliath. It'll be a shame to have him as a promo and not have a Giant Man or Ares styled build alongside him like in a set.
  8. Awesome! I'm at the point where I don't even care about the game but just want the exclusive figure. If you're listening Lego... Zemo, Malekith, Ego, or Kaecillius would be nice seeing as how we missed out on them. But knowing TLG we're probably going to get another Iron Man suit or a variant of some character we already have. Stealth suit Cap would be a pretty cool one tho.
  9. Best pics of Batman and some other characters are on this guy's page. *sigh* Batman looks so damn good from the front... why?!
  10. Goliath might be from an Avengers Assemble set comic styled set maybe in early 2018 or winter 2017. The tv show's next season is revolving around the Secret Wars arc and will feature alternate versions of characters like Jane Foster Thor as a variant of Thor so I could see Goliath as an alternate for Ant Man in the new season.
  11. The review from where the pic is from is up on Youtube.
  12. Ah I knew it! That's awesome!
  13. Black is really the only problem, not regular colors even if they are darker.
  14. Honestly, Lego has not been kind to Marvel villains the last 2 years. I mean no Ego, no Zemo, no Kaecillius, no Dormammu - that last of which is understandable really because of the secrecy that came with Dormammu - but the others were big time antagonists that we will most likely only see once on screen given Marvel's previous villain track record. (Granted I haven't seen GOTG 2 yet so idk) There should be a special set with just these guys in it and a small build of Asgard because we're missing that major piece of the MCU as well.
  15. Secret... Wars ;) As for mine, I just thought it looked cool from the moment I saw the AoU poster.