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  1. And with this manual you have fulfilled the wishes of many AFOLs, will definitely be building this in the future!
  2. Love it!! I have one suggestion for the minifig statue, but it would require some painting. Perhaps you could take the Maz Kanata figure and paint it to match the color of the other bricks in order to get her as the statue. -Christian
  3. Wow! Just wow! Wonderful job here recreating the arena, love the technique on the wall, gives it the rocky texture you see in the film.
  4. Great work as always!
  5. So cool to see someone remake this MOC since it was rejected by Lego Ideas! Great work!
  6. Can't wait for these instructions to be finished, the model looks great!
  7. Can't wait to see progress with this build, great thing about it is with a quick color swap, one can create Poe's X-Wing too!
  8. Love the new stand designs created by the other users to more so "match" that of Lego released UCS sets. Also, nice Hammerhead!
  9. Very nicely done, great tribute.
  10. As I'm sure that many of you have seen The Last Jedi Teaser today, I have a special announcement that AFOLs will love to hear about. Last Fall, I attempted to make a Lego Rogue One Trailer in just under two months, but fell quite short of finishing the trailer for the Star Wars Go Rogue Contest. Now that Star Wars has released a trailer with MUCH fewer shots (51 fewer to be exact) I will be going full force (get it) into remaking the teaser trailer from The Last Jedi. I have already knocked out two shots so far, and have started planning out different techniques to make others easier to complete. I should note that my style of Lego animation is fully CG through 3D animation, oh and I should mention all at 4K resolution I will post updates in this thread as more shots become complete in bunches. As for now, here is one of the two shots I completed today as well as some screenshots from my Rogue One trailer to give everyone an idea as to the quality that shots will be completed at.
  11. The only sagging apparent on my model would be the black bars running along the side of the body. As for the engines, there is no sagging there they are in place just fine.
  12. Truly incredible! Makes me wonder if perhaps TLG will consider releasing a Cargo ship of this scale one day...
  13. Just a heads up to everyone that the parts list is now accessible on rebrickable! http://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-7593/cjd_223/dmarkngs-hammerhead-corvette/
  14. From the designer of fantastic UCS-scaled MOCs comes a Hammerhead Corvette. The MOC contains 3,606 pieces in total, and measures 35 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 14 inches tall. Take down Imperial Star Destroyers with a UCS-scaled Hammerhead Corvette from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Despite the fact that the scale of this model is unknown, the model itself does not disappoint in terms of both accuracy and detail. There is an instructions bundle available for this MOC which includes a 480 page pdf instruction manual, a parts list, and LDD files. All we ask is an exchange of 35 U.S Dollars ($35) for the entire bundle. For more details about purchasing the bundle, please either PM me or contact me at chrdvorak@hotmail.com via email. As for sticker, The manual includes a plate to where the sticker will go, but until more information is learned about the Hammerhead, a sticker will not officially be released. Here are some images from the manual that show the design and completed model: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUfjEMD Parts list: http://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-7593/cjd_223/dmarkngs-hammerhead-corvette/ Please use this topic to discuss anything about the MOC including the building process, questions, part substitutions, etc.
  15. This is incredible! The result when putting together the sections recreates several scenes from the trailer and movie. Very impressive! -Christian