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  1. 1969 Pieces - see what you did there Lego
  2. Just seen this, can't wait to get my hands on one
  3. Me too, spent hours trying to figure out what I'd missed before coming to the conclusion that it was a spare.
  4. Intriguing
  5. Similar, this was designed to be mountable on the back of a standard Bedford MK, I've search but can't find any photo's but then only 2 prototypes were ever made and destroyed when the project failed
  6. Starting to come together Doug, Reminds me of a trench digging machine we tested for the Army in the Mid 70's, never could get it to work as it would insist on dumping the spoil back into the trench.
  7. Have you tried 'No Starch Press' They print a few Lego books, and seem to specialise in short run books.
  8. I shall definitely look forward to an English print edition of this, as an 'old 'un' o much prefer to read from a book than a computer screen.
  9. I like to see a competition in which PF is banned and any functions are controlled by rod and levers (see the front bucket on 8862) or by gearing such as the crane in 8094, or even by using 'flex' if you have some sitting around doing nothing.
  10. I don't find any of them difficult to build, but like others here I find the build instructions over simplistic and much prefer the old style instructions from the 'studded' era. I tend to bulid slowly making sure everything works as it should before moving on to the next stage. Most pleasurable builds 8480 & 8880.
  11. I think we would get on very well
  12. What about when the spouse has an even larger collection that you.
  13. Hey I'm 60, female and a grandmother my family seem to think I should be sitting back and knitting jumpers, but after a working life spent around (very) heavy plant machines I like nothing more than a big box of Lego Technic to help me relax, my only problem as some have already alluded to is the lack of money for even more Lego.
  14. The title was correct, its just that the thread veered off to talk about other things