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  1. I'm a big fan of the 'Universal' sets (not just Technic, but System as well) as I think it aids creativity, and gets folk experimenting to see just what exactly they can do and make.
  2. Nice to get some recognition for all your hard work.
  3. Its already on back order in the UK expected deliveries to start 15th June
  4. If you have carpet make sure it's a colour that doesn't clash to much with your Lego, cos you can be guaranteed that you will drop pieces on to it.
  5. Have just come across this on the BBC News website pity it too late to apply.
  6. Looks good Doug, now you need another project
  7. Outstanding, (again) Edwin
  8. Can I put in another request re Universal Sets, they were a great way to introduce children to engineering concepts, why do we not have them any more, you can still buy basic boxes of bricks in System. Also why do they no longer produce the ideas books (8889 & 8890) maybe they could take some of the ideas of their inspiration wall.
  9. You could also look as at Blakbird's Technicopedia as that shows year by year the new parts for the year.
  10. I dare say by the time the AFOL's have finished we will have at least one thread running on all the many and numerous ways it can be modded and we'll end up with an 'Ultimate' 42070 which has every single function motorised all controlled by an sbrick. Sometimes we need to step back and remember who Lego are marketing this at, and its the fact that at the end of the day it's a child's toy and having manual functions increases the playability and therefore the likelihood of parents buying it for their children (and grandchildren ).
  11. If it says 'Lego' on it then someone somewhere will want to buy it, have a look around on-line to see if you can see anything similar being sold
  12. Not sure if they ship to Australia but found this on Amazon UK, the manufacturer is based in China so may have an outlet in you neck of the woods
  13. I can remember being allowed to stay up and watch the moon landing but couldn't see what all the fuss was about (I was young ), remember the Apollo 13 incident a lot more, anyhow, all the grandchildren will be getting a copy of this and granny will be more than happy to help them assemble it.