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  1. Thanks! Glad you noticed the mouse. :) I lack tiles in dark orange, otherwise i would be covered up. Thank you. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the thorough, constructive feedback. Hoping to be able to scale-up and keep the detals. I will post more pictures next time. A big THANKS for the time, work and effort you put in to GBW!
  2. Haha! Yes they will! Erotema is a force to be reckon with. Thank you! Neither did I. :) Thanks!
  3. Great work! :)
  4. It's a powerfull MLRS and a good build. The bone detail adds to the feeling of beeing in the middle of a forrest. Good job!
  5. This is good! You put a lot of effort in to the build and story. I particulary like the remote controlled vehicle.
  6. Thanks! Good to be your teammate too. Erotema will be a great nation. Thanks!
  7. Studica C4, Camp Caesar PT-Hall. Today I learned that yes, I can throw up from to many push-ups and yes, I can continue doing push-ups after a pizza-pie. The drill sergeant immediately leaned over me and shouted: 'Don't stop! Keep doing push-ups! I can see you like it! Are you dizzy?! Are you high from my PT?! You wanna be Lucy in the sky!? I will send you and your pie to the sky! YOU ARE THE SKYPIE!' He then eloquently adressed the platoon of recruits: 'Before I'm done with you today you will all puke your guts out!' Only 61 days left of basic training...The only way out of basic trainig is through basic training.
  8. Studica C4, Camp Caesar. It has only been two days of basic training and I already feel the need to write a diary. Just to try and get it all out. All the things you go through in basic training. I have my cousins words fresh in the back of my head. 'You are crazy brave for enlisting now when things have gotten really hot'. Well, rigth now i just feel crazy. Today's highlight was when the platoon stood up for three hours straigth and constantly singing The Calling to Erothema. Over and over and over again: From the bottom of our hearts we answer our true call. With the spirit of Caesar in battle we give all. When the foe is stronger, like brothers and sisters, side by side we fall. In eternity watching over Erotema in Caesars heavenly hall. All give some, some give all. EROTEMA WE ANSWER YOUR CALL. I know they are breaking us to rebuild us, but I feel like I hit rock bottom and have continued to sink. All I can think of besides that €%£#@ song is the drill sergeants comforting reassurance: 'The only way out of basic training is through basic training'. Comments and critic are welcome.
  9. Erotema war man, Sven 'SkyPie' Nordskjold. Points: 3 Rank: mud crawler. CP2: [GBW] Supporting the war effort - Erotema - Dear diary. (3) CP3: [GBW] Supporting the war effort - Erotema - The SkyPie.
  10. Sven Nordskjold, signing up for Erotema (COAC). Growing up in the delta of Erotema, Sven went straight to college from highschool and earned himself a bachelors degree in industrial economics. Feeling confused and anxious after his graduation he found himself in a army recruiting office signing the paperworks. 'Welcome abord' the recruitment officer said. 'We will straighten your back and put some meat on your scrony arms'.
  11. Thanks! :) Thank you and don't mind if I do! Thanks, no not yet, but I will join (probably MCTC) when my character is a bit more settled.
  12. The ticket Lyells brothers gave him to Nova Terelli was a cheap one. The ship wasn't far from a barge and the arriving dock was in poor condition. However, Lyell got aquinted with a fellow passenger who was just a detemined as him to make it in the colony. Stedfast, a fisherman by trade now helped carry Lyells coffin around the dock. "Phew, what have got in there?" "My tools and a few lanterns. What i could grab from home" Lyell replied. They decided to take a break. "You travel quite light" Lyell said when they had put the coffin down. "Only that barrel. Whit did you bring?" "Not much, just food for the trip. Maybe there is some left." Stedfast removed the lid and searched deep in the barrel. He found a single apple. "Do you want to share it?" Lyell looked at him. His clothes were torn and he looked like he needed all the food he had. "For good luck", Stedfast insisted and Lyell agreed. "What is that stick you a carrying?" "It's for blowing glass. The most important part of a lantern is a clear, durable glass." "Aha, I see" "So, where are you off to now?" " I will find a fishing wessel to work on. How about you?" Lyell looked around, and said: "You wouldn't know were i might find a shovel?" Stedfast smiled: "I have no idea my friend. No idea..."
  13. Lyell in front of some finnished lanterns in his fathers workshop. Lyell Lucerna is one of three sons of a lantern maker. Buissness was good when Lyell was young and his father was abel to give him an basic education besides learning the family buisness. Lyell was also a sail match racer, representing his street in the annual regattas. But as he grew older things changed. When his father retired it was clear that Lyell and his two brothers wasn't going to manage on the family buissnes. They had to expand (or cut costs) and his brothers decided that Lyell is to sail to the colonies. They were getting rid of him, packing a sigle chest and giving him a one way ticket to Nova Terreli. Lyell had a raging fire inside of him being furious with his brothers. "I'm gonna make it and i will put you traitors out of buissnes. You will wittnes my inner predator!" "Don't bust a vane" his brother replied through a chuckle. "Get out of here before you miss your barge!"