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  1. What a lovely train MOC, looks more like model than Lego.
  2. It's one XL Motor.
  3. You are correct, I removed the casing because it interfere the valve-gear. In fact, I also see the version without casing just like follow picture The upper valve-gear also moved,here is the video In fact, the valve-gear system on MALLARD is a reduced version, the totally version is on my QJ
  4. Thank you very much, your information is much help for me. It's 20:12 acceleration speed. Thank you for your praise. Here is the topic of flying scotsman.
  5. After finished The Flying Scotsman, I began a new project, The fastest steam engine in the world, LNER Class A4 4468-MALLARD. Here is general view of my work Golden bell from 79111 BigBen Wheel Medal of honour for topest speed Tender nearly same with Flying Scotsman. Rear of tender is reference to this picture, who can tell me why tender has a door at rear and what that golden ring is? Connected with Coach Brothers of LNER Class A3 and A4 My train shelf It's drived by an XL motor Her is running video, speed is fast just like the real engine. Hope you like my work.
  6. I like all your amazing steam engines. Thank you for sharing LDD files.
  7. Yes,it's Oriental express. You could see this topic about it.
  8. Good work! Beautiful and neat. Very impressive you put the XL Motor into boiler, that is what I trying to do all the time in my work. And I also like the way you make the yellow line outside the coach. Hope to see the video for running.
  9. The Link is working well, I don't know why you can't see it. But I still add the pictures to topic for your reference. Thank your for your praise. The smoke generator is simply, just as I showing in this topic The board support 5V~12V input, so it can be drived by Lego battery box directly. The last thing is find a suitable water tank and you put all of them into your MOC.
  10. Thank you for concern my work. The question 1 & 2,please see following picture. The question 3, please see my brickshelf, Hope my answer is helpful.
  11. I just put them on shelf.
  12. As the prototype of Emerald Night, Flying Scotsman is very famous Steam engine in the world. After finished my QJ steam engine, I begine to make it, here is my work. The Light can be lighten. Have a guess what's this? It's water tank made by lego parts for smoking. Here is smoking effect. This is water inlets. Big Ben XL wheel painted to green $100 bricks just for fun. Drived by one L motor The whole train with coach video link Put together with QJ My shelf for showing the train Thank you for visiting. Add some picture of Coach.
  13. Normally it can running on ME track R104 curves. If want it running on lego R40 curves, the dark gray fence beside the bogie must be removed.
  14. Thanks for all your praise and I'm very glad that you like my MOC. Hope you know more about Chinese Train through my works.