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  1. I looked on Amazon.com US site and upon entering 42061 Telehandler, there was 1 seller, albeit asking too much for the set, indicating that the set would be released here on Jan. 5(tomorrow), and there was a Pre-Order option available to click on. I somehow have my doubts though. I was told Dec. 26 by a Lego store, then Jan. 1, then don't know, haven't heard about the new sets at all. I may call that store tomorrow and check just to see and maybe go to a local TRU store as well, I called a couple weeks ago there and they said street date was Jan. 1 as well, but went there on the 1st and nothing. Hoping for tomorrow, but I've heard so many different opinions now, I've kind of given up. Generally, one would think if a large release of 6 sets was due that the Lego USA site would have it up as Coming Soon On...but they still ahve to clean up their site of all the retired items too. One thing I considered is a majority of the sets on the US S@H are on backorder that when they get their next warehouse shipment of those backordered items that the final 6 1H sets would come with that shipment. Just guessing...
  2. Do you have the price of the 42065 in US dollars? I haven't seen it here in the US and local TRU's, the Lego store, and on S@H. I hope we get those sets soon, that is definitely one I want and I just wonder what the price will be on it considering it only has about 360-370 pcs. I'm looking for the Air Race Jet (42066) as well. That set just looks awesome.
  3. Off topic a bit, but I clicked on the links to your MOC bulldozer and forklift. They really are amazing models, I assume built out of the 42042 kit. The tracks instead wheels on the forklift I found particularly interesting.
  4. I agree, the 42060 and 42062 look very City-ish, I've been into Technic since 2003 or so, and have never seen so many of these pull-back racers (which are great, but should be in either Racers or Speed Champions themes like 1 poster had said, and these smaller sets this year, mainly the 42060 and 62 honestly belong in the City series, more and more in the past several years they have been using what was exclusive Technic parts. I'll likely eventually buy them if they go on sale somewhere, like Amazon, but just for play value. 42061,63,64 and 66 look great for display value and the 42065 would be a load of fun to play with being RC. @Sariel - just a note about your video reviews, they are superb and cover about everything. I was on the fence about a couple models but you sealed the deal whenever they are released to the US. I very much would enjoy buying the 42066, but really I'll probably wait until you do get the set and review it first. I like fighter planes a lot, but the next best thing was the 9394 kit from 2012. A great model by itself, but the 42066 is so much larger. Anyway, keep up the great work, I am really glad I found your video reviews on youtube. Now, I must go backwards to a few models from past couple years and check out your vid reviews of those kits.
  5. #1 If I mod a model, I don't share it on EB, mainly because my mods are very simple and not worth the time or effort to take pics of or post, not like the members who are superiorly talented in this forum. #2 where was I rude? I don't bash or come off this way. Yes, I replied to a vid that Sariel posted, all of his vids are excellent and have helped me decide if I really want a set or not. Many times, he has saved me money by watching them. I merely did ask if the bucket on the 42061 Telehandler reached the ground. Upon finding that Sariel had video reviewed it answered my question. #3 Superior complexity bs? This one I don't even understand where it came from. I have never come off being 'superior' cause I'm not. I just build 'em as instructed and occasionally find a way to improve on them. I don't even know if this was directed towards me or not honestly. If you happen to have an issue with me, I would really appreciate it if you would message me instead of quoting something I may have said (and btw the quote box was empty, that is why I question whether this was a mistake and was directed at me) and making me 'look bad' to all other members. I am mainly just a lurker, but when I do reply or ask a question, such as simply wondering if anybody knew when 1H2017 sets would be available in the US, I think it is a fair question or if I make a comment about a stock model, I have my rights as a long-standing member of this forum. Maybe, if you think a lot of members are very rude, why not just ignore them instead of wasting your time?? Just a suggestion. But, like I said, I don't think I was rude about any one thing. I do believe I left 1 message wondering about availability of 1H sets, and another about whether the 42061's bucket touched the ground. I would appreciate a moderator/regulator removing the quote you may or may not have meant for me, I do think it was an error. Thank you.
  6. Thanks, yes, I discovered Sariel's review late last night and watching him lower the boom, I did see it does touch the ground. But of course like you said, it can be modded. Having the 8283 Telehandler from 2006, I modified that model with forks instead of a shovel. Sorry about including the pic and vid link, for some reason I couldn't highlight and delete it. Real shame it seems Lego scrapped the 42051, that would have been a good seller. I definitely would have purchased it.
  7. A question about the 42061 Telehandler. It isn't released yet here in the US, but will be first of the month. Before I buy it and open the box, rendering it unable to return, I have a question about the lowering of the boom. From what I can tell in several pics of it, it looks like the boom when lowered fully doesn't seem to allow the shovel to touch the ground? In one viewpoint showing the mini-LA almost fully retracted as the boom is lowered down, it doesn't look like the shovel will reach the ground with said shovel flat on the ground. For anybody who has recently bought it overseas, is this the case? I really don't want to spend my money on a telehandler that doesn't fully lower the shovel flat. Appreciate any replies..thanks.
  8. I'll give it a shot, thank you.
  9. Have a question about uploading pics for some of my mods for existing sets and also MOCs I've built. I am mostly into tractor-trailer type models and wonder how to best do this. I am not all that computer-oriented. My wife took the pics with her camera and a short video for one goose-neck flatbed trailer for haulling construction equipment to job sites. She isn't sure either. They are all in either .gif or .jpg format. I would like to be able to put some descriptives above or below each pic or the 1 vid I have. Any help appreciated.
  10. I am wondering, is the US release date same as the UK? We have had 42057-60 available for a few weeks (sorry to the UK), but I really want the 42061-65 sets. Anybody have any info on US release dates for those sets? I called a Lego store a couple hours from me, but they didn't/wouldn't/couldn't give me any info, whereas they did for the 2H2016 release date (42053,54 and 55). I live in the land of ice and much snow and hate to drive across the state I live in esp around Christmas rush time to find they don't have the rest of the 1H sets. Also, haven't seen them at TRU's which can be notorious (in a good way to AFOLs) for putting out sets before S@H and the brand stores have them available. Thanks in advance.
  11. That's disappointing but I sort of figure that might be the way it will go as well...thanks for replying. Porsche isn't readily available in retail stores, like Toys R Us, here either and TRU is about the largest. Most other smaller independents wouldn't even consider stocking a $300 USD kit. From what I've heard and seen, its only available online or at Lego retail stores. I tried to get it several times at the closest Lego store about 3 hrs from me, and they would get some, sell out in a day or less, repeat, until now that the huge rush for them is over, they seem to keep stock on them. I've seen them at the Lego store last time I went there in early October, and Amazon has had them in stock for quite a while. Of course, then there's next week and Thanksgiving, then after that who knows with Christmas rush. On a side note, the most affordable Supercar now is the 8070. I think its a hot looking car. Maybe not as eclectic as the older supercars or the branded Porsche, but then again I don't like the 8880 supercar, the bricks and such don't appeal to me, the 8448 Super Street Sensation was much better. The 8070 may not have all the technical features these 2 predecessors had, mainly the working transmission, but its still tops in supercars and the motorized features are excellent. Btw, still haven't bought the Porsche. Needed to put money into other things, hopefully it goes on sale sometimes between Thanksgiving and Xmas.
  12. A bit off the topic but that front sweeper element is awesome! And, probably one of a kind, except maybe in some of car wash sets. I have been around Lego since 1978 when I was a young kid, but I never did get this set, wish I had... I am looking forward to the cancelled 42051 Airport Rescue Vehicle. Wonder why they changed the set# though. I realize they like to keep in line each year since they started 42000's in 2013, well actually 41999 if you count the 4x4 Crawler, but if they change the set# to follow this coming winter's sets then 42051 will not be assigned to any set. Is it a sure thing this set is coming out 1H2017? Seems like a nice complement to the 8454 from 2003. Sorry, been so busy w/ my Bricklink store, regular job and life haven't been on Eurobricks in some time, instead of browsing 35 pages relating to 2017 sets, decided I'd just ask about this set.
  13. Probably, most likely, a stupid question but is this list for 1H2017, or for both 1H and 2H? If the set list does encompass the entire year, sure is a LOT cheaper than this summer's sets. I would wager my guess, based on Lego's supersizing its sets (42055 comes to mind) and wanting to outdo each summer release, that this list is just 1H2017. What do we do with a boat? Float it in a bathtub? Doesn't sound too safe w/ PF, eh? I second a replacement for the 42029. Seems that pickup if I recall didn't have much time on the market at all before it was gone from Lego, TRU and the like. Look at the 42030 released about the same time, it is still available...I digress, sorry for getting off the track, but a new pickup w/ true 4x4 would be nice. Glad for that, Jim...not that I liked to spend what I did on 2H2016 sets lately, but if that was the whole list for '17, it wouldn't be too appealing...I love the big sets of summer...just maybe a bit less than this summer I hope...
  14. Alright Jim - thanks for the input, it is appreciated. @Balrog - if Jim's idea doesn't work, what is the download manager? The only option I can see is clicking on the file and it shows in the bottom left of my screen, or I can click the Downloads on the bottom right, and that just shows the actual kb/sec and a progress bar, and I can pause and resume, but I never know when to, is it when it stops downloading? Like I was saying this problem is twofold, it loads really slow and also sometimes just stops like its done and goes direct to the pdf, for example, 139mb file might stop at 11mb or 60mb and act like its done, then the pdf comes up and says 'Failed - Incomplete'. I am using Windows 10 OS and nothing else special, Adobe is the same as when I had Windows 7. Thanks to both of you.