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  1. That's disappointing but I sort of figure that might be the way it will go as well...thanks for replying. Porsche isn't readily available in retail stores, like Toys R Us, here either and TRU is about the largest. Most other smaller independents wouldn't even consider stocking a $300 USD kit. From what I've heard and seen, its only available online or at Lego retail stores. I tried to get it several times at the closest Lego store about 3 hrs from me, and they would get some, sell out in a day or less, repeat, until now that the huge rush for them is over, they seem to keep stock on them. I've seen them at the Lego store last time I went there in early October, and Amazon has had them in stock for quite a while. Of course, then there's next week and Thanksgiving, then after that who knows with Christmas rush. On a side note, the most affordable Supercar now is the 8070. I think its a hot looking car. Maybe not as eclectic as the older supercars or the branded Porsche, but then again I don't like the 8880 supercar, the bricks and such don't appeal to me, the 8448 Super Street Sensation was much better. The 8070 may not have all the technical features these 2 predecessors had, mainly the working transmission, but its still tops in supercars and the motorized features are excellent. Btw, still haven't bought the Porsche. Needed to put money into other things, hopefully it goes on sale sometimes between Thanksgiving and Xmas.
  2. A bit off the topic but that front sweeper element is awesome! And, probably one of a kind, except maybe in some of car wash sets. I have been around Lego since 1978 when I was a young kid, but I never did get this set, wish I had... I am looking forward to the cancelled 42051 Airport Rescue Vehicle. Wonder why they changed the set# though. I realize they like to keep in line each year since they started 42000's in 2013, well actually 41999 if you count the 4x4 Crawler, but if they change the set# to follow this coming winter's sets then 42051 will not be assigned to any set. Is it a sure thing this set is coming out 1H2017? Seems like a nice complement to the 8454 from 2003. Sorry, been so busy w/ my Bricklink store, regular job and life haven't been on Eurobricks in some time, instead of browsing 35 pages relating to 2017 sets, decided I'd just ask about this set.
  3. Probably, most likely, a stupid question but is this list for 1H2017, or for both 1H and 2H? If the set list does encompass the entire year, sure is a LOT cheaper than this summer's sets. I would wager my guess, based on Lego's supersizing its sets (42055 comes to mind) and wanting to outdo each summer release, that this list is just 1H2017. What do we do with a boat? Float it in a bathtub? Doesn't sound too safe w/ PF, eh? I second a replacement for the 42029. Seems that pickup if I recall didn't have much time on the market at all before it was gone from Lego, TRU and the like. Look at the 42030 released about the same time, it is still available...I digress, sorry for getting off the track, but a new pickup w/ true 4x4 would be nice. Glad for that, Jim...not that I liked to spend what I did on 2H2016 sets lately, but if that was the whole list for '17, it wouldn't be too appealing...I love the big sets of summer...just maybe a bit less than this summer I hope...
  4. Alright Jim - thanks for the input, it is appreciated. @Balrog - if Jim's idea doesn't work, what is the download manager? The only option I can see is clicking on the file and it shows in the bottom left of my screen, or I can click the Downloads on the bottom right, and that just shows the actual kb/sec and a progress bar, and I can pause and resume, but I never know when to, is it when it stops downloading? Like I was saying this problem is twofold, it loads really slow and also sometimes just stops like its done and goes direct to the pdf, for example, 139mb file might stop at 11mb or 60mb and act like its done, then the pdf comes up and says 'Failed - Incomplete'. I am using Windows 10 OS and nothing else special, Adobe is the same as when I had Windows 7. Thanks to both of you.
  5. @Jim - When I right-click on the selected download, all I get is 'Save Link As'...not sure if I'm doing this correctly...I don't see an option for 'Download Link As'...maybe if you went to the building instructions section of the Lego website, you'd see what I'm talking about...
  6. Hmmm...I'm not sure what you mean by using a download manager that you pause and resume. I basically just click on the photo of the B model within the Building Instructions section of Lego's website and it starts a download. I can pause and resume the download, but it doesn't seem to matter. Jim - as far as what you are talking about I will try that and see how it goes, but when you are talking about the digital downloads that Lego has been using last couple years, they are huge files, some are 130mb or larger I would guess, especially with the 42055 that just released. Even the 42054 is going to be large I'm guessing. I tried a dry run with the 42052, and one time it made it to 57mb, then just stopped and tried opening the pdf file itself (without me selecting Open when Done). Of course a msg came up that said the download had failed. This part I really don't get. Going super slow and stopping many times is 1 thing, but having it just get so far, even at like 10mb it sometimes does this, going right to the pdf in Adobe and naturally saying failed. I tried this both on the main and alternate instructions on the 42052, and the alternate model for only coming from a set that has 1,042 pcs is a 139mb file. I wish they had kept the larger models split into 4 or more smaller chunks. I still wonder how long it takes Lego to put up the alternate pdf's on their website. I've never looked for 1 this quickly, but it seems to me as long as the product is released, they should also post the alternate instructions, just like it says on the back of the box. Also, not to bash Lego, but I can't imagine it costs that much to print alternate instructions like they used to prior to 2008, but it is what it is. Thanks, I'll try the Save As features and see what happens.
  7. I purchased all 3 new summer Technic sets. The 42053, 54 and 55. I realize they we're just released either yesterday or at midnight, but one would assume the alternate instructions would be available to download at the same time. Does anybody know how long it takes TLG to post them on their website? Secondly, a gripe of sorts. Now all larger releases, mainly would be the summer sets, have alternate model instructions that are only downloadable in one large pdf file instead of a few different segments. My issue is where I live I only can get DSL internet, so if I try to download a huge file, so many times a quarter of halfway through it fails, plus it crawls with these large files, sometimes many hours to download one file, unless it fails halfway through which irritates me. Is there a way to just have the pdf file e-mailed direct to me? Going to the local library, which does have cable internet, doesn't help because all they have is internet terminals, so no way to take a flash drive in and try to download them that way. Any ideas on the timeframe for the instructions to become available, or to get the entire pdf file sent to me would be most appreciated.
  8. Generally Canada and the US release dates are the exact same.
  9. I also thirdly am wondering the same thing, nerdsforprez..Kman860 is right there, all of a sudden S@H had them up a few days before release..what I don't get, unlike other websites, is why you can't place a pre-order with Lego, so you are guaranteed the sets on release day, Amazon.com lets you pre-order...and it seems like the UK S@H and Amazon.co.uk seems to list release dates long before the same US based S@H and Amazon ever show them...I realize they are produced mostly in Denmark, so it would only make sense that in Europe you would get them first, whereas the US is overseas and long ways for Lego sets to travel. I know with the 42056 the Coming Soon was put up 3 weeks or so before they released the Porsche online only, except why did Lego stores in Germany have it available? That was really odd. I missed the boat, I believe they sold out on June 1, I can recall checking on the 2nd I think...of course now they are fixing the box issues. But, I digress, I really want the 42053, 42054 and 42055, the Porsche is a bit high IMO. I know I'll end up getting it eventually as I collect nearly every Technic set released, but right now my money's going for the summer releases. It seems prior to 2014 the summer release was around July 1. So, being a bit nitpicky and waiting without patience, Lego ought to make it real even, 6 months between 1H and 2H releases. With all the members that are interested and post the pinned topic right after the last batch of Technic releases, so many people know, or are able to gather the images for the next batch release, so why not release dates. I did call Lego Cust Service yesterday and as usual, they are so secretive about release date of new sets coming up, in fact the woman I talked to said she didn't even know anything about the set#'s I gave her, and you know darn well all agents know about hot items coming up. As far as the Lego stores having stock vs S@H, I've often wondered that too. Do the stores put the sets on their shelves at same time S@H has them available? I've never been to a Lego store, but this year I could justify a day trip of about 340 miles round trip to the nearest Lego store, but will they sell all their available stock before I can get there? I wonder if they will hold items. Myself, I want 2 42053's, 2 42054's and a 42055 (can't justify getting another copy of that set cause of the high price). I like the B-models of all the sets this year, just like last year's 42042 and 42043. Toys R Us in the area I live in didn't ever stock the 42043, and only 2 had the 42042 and not until springtime, so like 7 months after release last summer. I live in a metro area with a population of 1.3 million people, so I can't understand why the 4 Toys R Us stores, farthest being about 30 minutes from where I live, don't carry the big summer sets. They might carry the 42053 I'm thinking, but maybe the other themes are a lot more popular, so they don't want to waste 'real estate' space with the monster 42043, and this year the 42055. The 42054 is a big question mark, but considering they are still stocking some 2014 and all of 2015 sets less the 42043, they probably don't have the space for the 42054, definitely not the 42055. And 2 stores are huge. Whereas the Toys R Us stores nearby the Lego store on the other side of the state seem to always carry the sets, probably a competition thing, but its a long drive on busy freeways, and naturally the nice construction season where I got majorly jammed up last summer when I traveled about 280 miles round trip to a TRU to attain the 42042 and 42043. Simply put, I really hope its not September 1, or even August 15. I am assuming August 1, and hope it is, that's only 3 wks away. Once I saw these sets in mid-May I've been waiting and saving...
  10. Ok, since it is 1/3 thru July, and I haven't even seen the sets show up on the S@H site with the 'Coming Soon on (insert date) like when they listed the Porsche and Coming Soon on 1 June 2016, does anybody the date for the US release of these sets? I have Googled it, and get so many varied opinions, July 15, August 1(which seems to be the standard the last few years), and also saw September 1. Concerning the Porsche, I think it was listed a full 3 weeks or more before the 1 June release. I'd like to buy it, I know it is on manufacturer backorder until the box issues are resolved. Anybody know? I'm like the non-patient type. I have saved for these 3 sets and I'm itchin' to get them. Thanks much for any info on release date.
  11. Claas box is same size as the sets you listed? Those sets all had between 1050 and 1400 pcs, and has been used extensively since 2008 or 9, whereas the Claas (esp the huge new tractor tires, FINALLY!) is coming in at 1977 pcs IIRC, seems like it would use a size larger, not as large as 42043 or 42030, but something in between. 42053 actually looks kinda small, but 42000 size box makes sense Bet the BWE has a LOT of pins of various types, and looks to have maybe 200 or more track pieces. Though I hate snapping track pcs together (chaps your fingers bad, esp w/ the amount on the BWE's base and on the conveyors itself), I can't wait for this set to be released. Its a set so unusual and fresh for Technic unlike all the wheeled vehicles (not criticizing at all, I love Technic) and the rash of tracked excavators in the past several years, almost like a mobile gravel pit. Back in the day when 8053 Mobile Crane came out and I built the harbour crane version, I modified the 4 'bases' and made the unit static instead of moveable. So, really the first the 'land-based' Technic model I had. I really like that version of the 8053 with my small modification, and it may fit in well with 42055. I wish the US would just go to the metric system like the rest of the world. Its tough to calculate centimeters into inches in your head. I know 2.54cm=1 inch, but still that's some heavy math to calculate. At least we have calculators and unit converters on cell phones nowadays.
  12. Well, it did sell out first day, who knows maybe earlier this morning. I live in the US, and it says out of stock, expected 30 days. Figured that would happen, never had a chance with working hours. I'm sure it will be available again at some point, but somewhere I read the set is limited to 10,000 production units... Typically, the US and Canada get stock at the same time and I believe it is all controlled from Enfield, Connecticut.
  13. I believe I asked this, but when are the 42053, 42054 and 42055 being released? I know usually its around first of August, but some years it has been much earlier, like end of June. Anybody know? I know the Porsche is slated for June 1, not interested in that, way too expensive and no PF elements. The other 3 I'm interested in immensely, especially like most, the BWE. I found out it is around $280 USD. Seems like since 2013 with the 42009, Lego has tried to keep making models larger and larger as far as piece count, 3900+ is almost obscene, but I'd love to have it. Seems like in a lot of cases in the past 4 summers, only the 'wealthiest' can afford to buy the large Technic sets. I imagined to get an Arocs and also the Crawler Crane last year. Those, in itself, and I had to drive 300 miles round trip to acquire them, broke the bank. Even the B-models which many times aren't that interesting, we're good on those 2 sets. Only issue I have since Lego stopped printing B-model instructions in late 2007, is that the printable instructions (no room to build by the PC) take a ton of ink and most times only include 1 step with 1 or 2 pieces on each page, but once a model is pretty big, just those 2 pcs or so waste ink cause of having to print the entire model on the same page, while the main models instructions generally have more than 1 step and more pieces per step in the in-box instruction manuals.
  14. Yes, the Arocs truck, sorry about that.