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  1. Sorry, didn't even think of wikipedia, it was late at night and I was blurry eyed
  2. One quick Q..i know members have talked about the 'jerry cans' on the top of 42069...what are jerry cans?
  3. I second that Jim, you spell out your reviews so carefully and precisely, I always enjoy reading your reviews w/ pics as you go...thank you from a fan I do still wonder if the 2H2017 sets are available in the US as of yet..I see that some Lego stores overseas already have them available..has anybody seen them in the US?
  4. True to that I didn't think of Bricklink, I wonder what the cost difference would be buying the individual parts..I saw this model on lego.com/technic a few months ago and do want to build it Can't recall offhand the mutiplier between the euro dollar compared to the US dollar but if you bought the kits alone to build the model in USD...$59.99 for 42063, $39.99 for 42061 and $19.99 for 42057...so $120 plus tax..not worth it that way for a model with IIRC ~600 pieces so possibly BL is a cheaper way to go Don't think the extra post merged with a couple I just posted, but if they did I apologize.. I am wondering if the 2H2017 sets are available in Lego stores in the US? I read that a couple members already have them from lego stores overseas...has anybody seen them in the US yet? Thanks...
  5. Thanks for the clarification. This is definitely one kit I'll be picking up this year. It just screams interesting build. Still don't understand why this no way to PF it out of the box though. So, that and 42068 seem to be the ones I would like once they are released 1 Aug. I am going to wait until 42070 comes considerably down in price, maybe around the holidays, then re-evaluate. Money is more of an issue this summer, and I'd really like to see some not only professional reviews, but also general AFOL reviews as well. However, last summer I made it work because all 3 kits we're hot, didn't pick up 42056 until after December. Wouldn't mind getting the 42064 as well, I realize many have criticized it as more City-ish, along with 42060 and 62, but I still got those along with 42066. Luckily, a few Amazon Marketplace sellers imported the rest of the sets to the US that weren't released here. I actually got 42066 for $135.90, and I see on Lego US S@H it is going to sell for $159.99, so that is a plus. To build it as it stands you would need 42063 BMW bike, 42057 Ultralight Helicopter and 42061 Telehandler. I just can't see myself buying 3 sets to build a rather small model that is IMO what has been called in some posts last few weeeks 'color puke'. If I could find more of the parts in same colour, I imagine I'd do it, it is cool.
  6. You are really lucky. I plan on calling the nearest Lego store to me today when they open, but betting they are not available for another 2 weeks...like I was saying too, Toys R Us sometimes puts out new sets early, but here in the US we haven't yet gotten many 1H sets, so there will be IIRC 7 new sets, and doubt TRU's will have room for that many. And they never carried any of the 2H2016 sets until just in the past month or so in select stores. No one store has them all in my area and I live very near a large metro area with 4 TRU's within close driving distance. Ok, now I'm confused about this vehicle...it shows 6 springs on the inventory sheet that Jim posted, 4 yellow hard springs and 2 gray soft springs, what are the springs used for then? I know 42038 had all independent suspension and is a watered down version of 42069...really quite curious where all those springs go. I did look at the pic of the bottom of the vehicle and I can't really tell where the springs are located, or maybe just tired eyes...
  7. According to US S@H website, the 2H kits aren't available until 1 Aug, but from some posts I read, members already are able to buy it, not just Jim and Sariel for reviewing. Are they available to buy, say in Lego brand stores? I live in the US, and wonder if other US members have found the kits already? I normally purchase from a Lego store about 3 hrs away, but I'd go TRU if they already selling there. I know in the past TRU occasionally puts kits out before Lego's release date, but also TRU tends to mark up also. They are selling 42056 for a whopping $369. It was MSRP $299 for a long time until recently it jumped $70, that's ridiculous. Oh, one other thing regarding 42068. I actually have purchased all 2H sets from 2003 on, not 2004, got mixed up as I do have 8454 Rescue Truck and 8455 Backhoe/Loader. I am very curious to see how 42068 and 8454 size up together. Regarding the 42069, I wonder why there is no option for adding PF? Whereas, there is for 42068, a much smaller kit. Kind of odd...normally almost every medium-large set has either PF already included or the ability to add via a 8293 kit.
  8. I have been mainly just reading posts on this topic for some time. Last 2 years (15 and 16) we're hot for 2H sets. I hear the for and against about 42070, not as much for 42068 & 69. Seems to me the flagship this summer has sort of been adopted as 42069, which with more than 500+ pcs more than 42070. i realize that 42070 has RC functions, but no servo? That's just strange, and how about no large cog wheel mounted on the IR transmitter? Had this for 41999, 9398, and 42030. And I also see not many functions are performed by RC. Kind of a disappointment IMO, and I really don't like the blue color. Like some have posted, there so many shades of blue now, but hardly models since 42042 are 'true' blue. The medium azure isn't bad, and I did buy 42066 (yes I'm in the US, but quite a few Amazon.com sellers had this available, importing it overseas from the UK I would imagine), but pics can sometimes be deceiving, it looked like it was more of a medium azure, but instead it was light, pale blue. I love the set, it has a few quirks but what Technic set doesn't? At first I was only interested in 42068, but I also wondered since the 42068 had an actual engine, if it was like most 1H models that may have an engine but instead of a diff, only had 1 axle and gear mating to another axle and gear turning only 1 wheel. Don't get me wrong, with the exception of 42064 and 65 I have all the 1H models, the larger kits of which for some reason weren't released in the US in January. After reading a lot of posts, 42069 has grown on me quite a bit. Since 2004, I have purchased every 2H set, but this year, not only because of the high price of 42070 and as many have pointed out, lack of design, complexity (even if it has 4 differentials, 2 that are old school ones in red, that's just odd) and from what I've seen of various pics, only pendulum type suspension (no shocks??) and finally low piece count, kind of turn me off, along with main color as mentioned above. So, this would be the first summer without purchasing the whole lineup. At $289.99 USD, that's nuts. Look at what you got with 42055 for $279.99 USD last year? Over 2K more pieces, and a monster of a machine, both A and B models. Now, if sets go like they did last year in the US, I may consider it more for curiosity and lots of spare parts for my collection, maybe build it once, see if I like it, then disassemble and bag. I was rather upset when all 3 2H2016 sets went on deep discount at for long periods of time on Amazon, seeing as how I could spent far less since I did buy 2 of each since the B models we're all excellent, well even if 42054 used the same tractor, just with a different implement. I looked very carefully at the pics of the inventory that Jim was so kind to post, that really does help a decision also, thank you Jim. Both 42068 and 42069, especially 42069 have a wide assortment of great parts. I had thought Lego was just rehashing 42038 with a bit extra added in, well a lot extra. I do have one question though...is it possible to put a regular wheel/tire setup on 42069 and take the track assemblies off? I see they are using the 3 pin hub that has become common in recent years on larger wheeled vehicles. If so, what size wheel would work. I was thinking maybe a large wheel that is common with the 81.6x38 balloon tires? Thanks, and I really did enjoy catching up on this discussion. I waited on 42039 and it is a great kit, both A and B models, but TRU had it on clearance for $99 when I purchased it, so that made it worth it. Plus, had a few Rewards coupons.
  9. JGW3000- thanks for the reply. So I know I built it right, but I've never come across a reel that had to be forcefully pulled out and reeled back in as tough as this one is, and the PF motor doesn't even touch it.
  10. What about 42051? That was supposed to be the original # for the 42068 Airport Fire Truck, to be released in 1H2016. That # was never used, numbering skipped from 42050 Drag Racer to 42052 Cargo Helicopter for 1H2016. Kind of odd they didn't use 42067 for the Airport Fire Truck, then 42068, 69, then 42070 should be the surprise, maybe...that's sort of what myself and my other AFOL buddies had speculated before info was released on set #'s in February. That's the way it went 2H2016, 42056 was the Porsche, oddly released June 1, then 42053-55 released Aug 1. 42056 surprised all of us and it went from speculation to known release date to release very quickly in April and May.
  11. Thanks for replying. I finished the model today and added the optional PF parts. I always make sure all gears and moving parts can spin freely and aren't too tight on axles, etc. However, out of the 4 power functions, the rotors will spin but erratically, sometimes getting stuck it seems. Gears just start jittering. The hook will not retract or come back up at all when that gear is engaged. The cargo bay door and the landing gear work fine. I took off the M-motor and all gears spin freely when both gear selectors are in neutral position. I am at a loss here. I checked batteries they are new, and have full charge, they are alkalines. Obviously this is one of those types of models, well really set that comes with PF or sets where they can be added to motorize the features, that is so much more fun with PF elements. I see I got a lot of views, but only 1 reply. I realize this model is from 2H2012, so nearly 5 yrs old, but I would guess other members have/do own this set and have motorized it. I just really don't know what else to do but tear down a good portion of the set and rebuild the gearing, but like I said if I pull the motor off everything spins freely, including the white clutch gear and the 8 tooth spur gear that actually spins the main shaft/axle. As far as the string/hook assembly, I have built plenty of smaller cranes, etc, where 2 blue axle/pins are inserted into a beam with 2 8-tooth spur gears on the axle end of the blue pins, giving the string output friction so the string doesn't pay out by itself, but this 3L pin w/ stopbush is impossible to turn. I have used the string reel to retract and pull up string, but its super tight even by hand, the M-motor won't even spin that axle when clutch is engaged, the gears just bounce up and down slightly. If anyone else has any good ideas, please let me know. Thanks very much.
  12. I am finally assembling the 9396 Rescue Heli and am quite confused with the string reel and hook, mainly how they are attached to the 13L black beam with a 3L friction pin w/ stopbush. This would be in Book 2, page 12, steps 3 to 5. Then again when the gearbox is mostly assembled on page 18, step 73. I always test all gearing to make sure nothing is too tight so gears turn freely on the axles, but I don't see how 16-tooth gear in step 73 can turn the 16-tooth dk grey clutch gear when the gear is engaged. I tried hand-turning the clutch gear and the grey gear and they are so tight because of that 3L pin w/ the stopbush. Am I doing something wrong here? I just don't see, even if I put PF into the heli that the string will go in and out of the pulley. Any input appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Sorry for the late reply, been really busy. Thanks to you both for the insight, much appreciated. I just happen to have 2 42050's. After I get tired of each model, I will disassemble and put these wheels/tires on my 42038.
  14. Except in the US we can't buy from that Amazon site, it has to be the amazon.com, and for some reason they don't list items until either exact release date (no pre-orders normally), or sometime thereafter. And it usually takes a little while for discounts to happen on Amazon, altho it is odd, 42054 and 42055 we're discounted towards Thanksgiving last year and have remained below MSRP ever since. Whereas 42053 and 42056 have not been discounted as of yet, except by Marketplace sellers. Jim - where did this model come from? I see it contains mostly 42038's parts, but with wheels/rims from somewhere. I thought both 42038 models we're brilliant, and if I could get my hands on some of these tires/rims, and some instructions I'd build it in a second. Been done again by 42029. That model was about as bad as 8416's B was IMO...in the case of 42029, steering with a 16-tooth non-bevel gear, looks goofy on top and probably hard on the fingers after a while. I hate the 8110 Plow model. Well, not entirely...I loved the plow attachment, but the rear portion of the chassis looked very unfinished. It needed something, but since they used all the grey panels for the blade, the back couldn't be enclosed. And, like it has been said about 8110, 42054, and 8436, same chassis and cab, just different attachments. Kind of feel cheated even though these B models we're excellent (withstanding the open back end of 8110). Same can be said of 8421 also. Same chassis and cab, just exchange the crane for the boom lift. Felt I wanted to reply to this as it was brought up and I've always hated what felt like building the same model again and again, also know this portion is off-topic and I won't say a word about it again.
  15. $270 for 42070? That's insane, RC or not. That's $10 shy of 42055 with more than twice the piece count and a lot more fun and functions. 42070 makes 8285 look bad. The only set I see as worth it this year is the long-awaited and 2016-cancelled 42068. I wonder if that model will have a engine/differential as it looks like a brother to 2003's 8454 Rescue Truck? Doing a Euro to US dollar conversion I came up with $85.85 USD, that is assuming these prices are set in stone? 42069 is just not growing on me and at that price. I liked the Arctic Truck a lot, it was interesting even if it had a crane that seemed more like an afterthought. I actually have been enjoying the sets of 1H2017, they are interesting and the combi-model of 42058/59 is really quite cool looking. I also ended up purchasing the 42066 Air Race Jet, both A and B models we're very good, at first the light blue color scheme didn't do it for me, but the plane itself did as I really enjoyed the 42025 from 2014. I agree with whole thing about the main model's wing span being too short, but overall it was a good build and fun with the PF, both A and B. I bought 2 so I could have both built at once. The 42062 is an interesting set. I wish the boom on the container truck had the same function as the 42061's boom has, and not just completely extended or retracted, but its still fun to play with and I really like the orange coloring, probably that and the azure blue colors from 42050 and 42059 are my favorites. Nice break from the standard 'outer shell' yellows, reds and blacks. The 42064 and 65 don't really interest me much, the boat, if $99 or so would be ok, but like many have said, it seems more like a City build, except with mostly Technic parts. The 42065 is the same, 270 pcs, full RC, but price is too high. Not a real techie build like other RC models have had. A few of the 1H models have been more like City or very, very simplified Technic, unlike past years' 1H offerings, but TRU had a good sale a few weeks ago so picked up the 42060 and 62. I do like the 42063 BMW bike as well, but the upper compartment seemed a bit much, so I took that one off. I really would like to build the Classic Car Chassis, but to sacrifice $120 on 3 sets and use only about half of the pieces is a tough call. Can always dismantle the 63, 61 and 57 to build it down the road.